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Response to aggression and invasion of the enemy with a blind loyalty .... The leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist authorities will how interpret and respond to people in the country?




While the whole world indignant before unruly and aggressive behavior of the Chinese communist government, the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government continued ignorance of darkness when the statement continued maintain their loyalty to the enemy invasion of China in a spirit of 16 letters of gold and 4 good!!!. Vietnamese people really do not know now whether the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government is serving whom? serve the national interest and the nation, or are serving for aggressor China? it's hard to believe that in the present time, a military war could be triggered by acts of extremism and ambition sovereignty of the Chinese communist government in the South China Sea that the government Vietnam has announced further appreciate his enemies in the spirit of 16 gold letters and 4 good, an irresponsible statement, a move that is extremely difficult to understand of the Vietnamese communist authorities as they 'm thinking that Vietnam is a small-town or city directly under the Holy Dynasty China, but is no longer a sovereign independent nation like any other nation ...!!!

So they calmly as if nothing happened apart from a few perfunctory reaction dynamics. In the past, painful lesson and still there when hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have to sacrifice perished in the war of aggression and invasion of the Chinese government. Tragic war in the Paracels in 1974, followed by a catastrophic war in Vietnam-China border in 1979 and then the aggression in the rocky Reef in the Spratly Islands from Vietnam in 1988 and the history of slave to China enemy for 1000 years is still there, with many mourning, with many sacrifices, bloodshed and loss .... not perhaps all has been erased in the minds of the leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam? We do not need to respond immediately their aggressive actions. However, the words declared irresponsible and extremely difficult to understand of the leaders of the State of Vietnam in the hot phase is now totally unacceptable. Why continue to maintain loyalty to the aggressor? Why do while they are looking for ways to hijack our territory and territorial waters by military power and force but the leaders of the State of Vietnam still humble and loyal confusing!!!???

There is no reason to wait until the Vietnamese country entirely in the hands of the aggressor, the people just enlightened to his need to do what? The fate of the Vietnamese people and the destiny of the nation can not continue to entrust in the hands of irresponsible state leaders anymore. Let fate for ourselves, as well as stand up initiatively to regain the right to decide the destiny of nations and peoples. Focus to the streets, calling for a total nationwide protests with continuous time and strong intensity with determination to eliminate dictatorial communist regime cowardly with invaders but evil with people. Determined not to group leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam continues to sell country again. Avoid violence, to avoid bloodshed, but does not mean forever to be subjugated and trampled roughly and even before the risk of dehydration that still not have the right to speak up. Better pain once than to continue to be slaves to them the China invading enemy forever. Be strong dear fellow. We have no fighting alone, and we have been not alone on the path to reclaim human rights and protect our homeland. When everyone Vietnam rise, international friends will not be standing to cross arms for seeing people be oppressed, and especially can not remain silent about the risk of a legal sovereign country with a national others attack and invasion as a threat from the current Chinese communist government.


News / Việt Nam

Vietnam-China to strengthen defense ties between the South China Sea dispute

Vietnamese Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh in a press conference in Hanoi.

Trà Mi-VOA

Vietnam appreciated the solidarity, traditional friendship and strategic cooperative partnership with China comprehensive. That is confirmed by the Vietnamese Defense Minister Phung Quang Thanh, at the reception Deputy Principal Chinese National Defense University, United Western Han, in Hanoi on 28/11.

General Thanh said Vietnam-China defense ties grow and gratitude the support of China to Vietnam in previous wars. Mr Thanh said Vietnam always attaches importance to relations with China under the motto of 16 gold letters and 4 good spiritual.


Chinese patrol-Boat will search, expelled foreign ships 'intrusions' in East Sea 

Following of Vietnam, the Philippines is not stamped on the new Chinese passport

Feedback on the proposal Vietnamese prime minister to resign 

'East Sea at risk of becoming Palestinian issues of Asia'

Vietnamese defense minister for defense industry that the two countries should strengthen exchanges and exchange of learning and mutual trust more to ensure peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region.

In response, Mr. Wang Western Han expressed his hope that the Vietnamese Defense Ministry will send more staff to research and study at the National Defense University.

Vietnam-China relations recently became strained because the East Sea dispute before a series of actions of China asserted sovereignty over the resource-rich waters, despite the protests of Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, and the United States voiced concerns before Beijing issued passports in map form U-shaped. To protest, Vietnam and the Philippines decided to leave instead of visa stamp visas in passports of China.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese intellectuals at home and abroad are transmitted hands signing of the Declaration express solidarity against passport in China's cow tongue maps and ask the Beijing authorities to respect importance of international law. The statement said that the Vietnamese people respect friendship with the Chinese people and the Chinese people's desire not to be deceived by the expansionist policies of the Beijing government violates the sovereignty of neighboring countries.

Teacher Pham Toan from Hanoi, one of the signers of the Declaration, tells VOA English Language:

"Declaration for Chinese is objection nature, for the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government is prompted. Previously only against China, but now there is the sense to remind Vietnam that why from May but now just respond. Now we're talking up a group to bring to take place in two points: the Chinese Embassy and the government, parliament, the Communist Party of Vietnam. In fact, the need for the public but knew that gave them, they did not bother to answer anything. But it is necessary for people to raise awareness. That's the key. Just wind contribution to storm gradually only, but how!? "

U.S. Department of State on 28/11 that is raised concerns with the Chinese embassy in the United States on the action that the United States called 'stress' and 'not useful' for the atmosphere in the region are have overlapping sovereignty disputes.

Source: VOA Interview, Xinhua, VNA, US State Department

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