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Miserable situation and the tragic death of the Vietnamese petitioners protesters, to ever truly end?

Exist Party, exist us which is the confidential that police officers of uncle Ho must be learned by heart when on duty



The heartbreaking death of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung, a petitioner 76 years old living in Xuan Thanh, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa province of Vietnam with sticking time and dedication to the communist regime up to 30 years and also who had been the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam awarded medals resistance runner but due to rampant corruption have been turned the poor people become a civil rights protesters and government died shortly in collective protests at garden Ly Tu Trong in Hanoi on 12-11-2012 morning that public opinion in the country is extremely urgent. After the painful death of her stuff Ha Thi Nhung, some of the mixed information from the reporting of  functions organizations of government and the individual network pages often called the press "Left side" has launched differing conclusion about the death of Mrs. petitioners Thanh Hoa, 76, said above.

According to reports from government agencies Hanoi, Mrs. Nhung died because large age has led to exhaustion, health impairment and even to catch cold, while the information received from a number of witnesses present at the scene of the protests that day, said her health status before the incident with the police force function remains normal. The witness also said that, at the same time as pulling the chaos, Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung read aloud on the popular sentences anti-corruption before was function forces who being in uniform wearing but behave rudely as thugs to wrench the banner and dragged her away. Before the mixed information on and although not officially identify the main causes leading to her death. However, despite the death of Mrs. Nhung by any cause, but while she was unconscious, people in the field call for emergency help from the the function police force and get insensitivity, irresponsibility and even alienation is true completely abhorrent.

Vietnam is becoming more social unrest and chaos before the corruption and rampant increase in the government at all levels, from local to central, from the judicial bodies to the Executive Committee, from low-level party members to senior party members, everywhere that appeared two from "Corruption". More serious is when the class action status of people increased, the leaders of governments at all levels, instead of listen the voice of the people, dissecting the problem, find out the cause and explained alternating right and wrong things lead to complaints, but the government authorities choose how to handle the case by performing violent repression, a thoughtless action, a lack of wisdom choice good and very dangerous for the people and for the whole society. Images of the elderly, the lonely misery, the children with innocent eyes gentle, who suffer from illiteracy, living in the streets, wander along with their parents, grandparents or aunts uncles of them, on the roadside, in gardens park or in the slums to go through the days, months of waiting to reclaim justice, is the images that reflect honestly about the situation worse in Vietnamese society today Today, the phenomenon of serious moral decadence in the ranks of government officials and the Vietnamese Communist authorities.

Vietnamese people, Nationalism of Vietnam, which has a glorious tradition of tolerance, patience, good endurance and the ability sensitive in how to solve every problem, everything. However, all the features and capabilities that despite the remarkable superiority to where there are also limitations and its own tolerance level. Painful death of the a petitioners weak grandmother next to the officials, aggressive and violent picture, not only expose the weaknesses, the errors and the evil nature of Communist Vietnam, the Vietnamese communist regime and the so-called Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with a fair and civilized society! that picture above, heartbreaking events mentioned above is a wake-up call for our society, for people and for the country of Vietnam. The bad opinion of the government must be changed, evil and cruel actions of the government must be stopped. This is the desire, the only expectation of the people of Vietnam. If the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist state government does not want, or can not themselves change their wicked nature, can not themselves to stop cruelty, heartless immoral sins of them, is we, the people, take the initiative to help them implement it. We refused to Vietnamese people continue to endure the days of suffering under the violence of the communist government, communist regime. We can not continue to turn a blind eye to the tragic death as in the case of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung continue to occur on the land of our beloved country Vietnam. Focus down the road, effort down the road, let collective down the road, our people Oh! this is the way and the only way to help the Vietnamese people we demand justice, to reclaim the sacred human rights, legitimacy and legality of us.


* Newsletter on Vietnamplus of Vietnam News Agency:

* Testimony of witnesses at the scene rally
    on 12-11-2012 at garden Ly Tu Trong, Hanoi:

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Ms. Tran Thi Quynh Mai, petitioners Binh Duong said of the death of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung at garden Ly Tu Trong

Mrs. Lê Hiền Đức
Nghe (02:24)

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Mrs. Le Hien Duc spoke after the death of the petitioners Ha Thi Nhung

Photos of the protest and the tragic death of petitioner Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung at the flower garden Ly Tu Trong on morning 12-11-2012

Police mobilized to the scene in the garden Ly Tu Trong (Photo: Danlambao)

The scene before the rally clashed with police

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