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Solve the root problem, petitioners claim, is one of the problem that Vietnamese Communist Party and the government needs to be done in parallel with the implementation of the resolution vote of confidence that they themselves have set.




Corruption is rampant, Petitioners claim increasingly crowded and the use of state violence and repression from the government at all levels to increase, which is the evolution of concern and is popular in society of Vietnam today. The sad events above is major cause social and political instability as well as lead to severe national economic downturn and the most serious in the history of Vietnam so far. Corruption was rife and in all areas leading to the civil rights protesters governments in many different areas from the government seizing land assets to the local government conspired together to eat the block save money poor support of the people, the flood disaster relief funds, pension funds, money ..... and policy even robbed always opportunities lawfully living of the people, push people to misery , no shelter, no stable job, no job, and young children being uneducated to live in the streets, wander along with their parents, grandparents, or relative on the path uphill struggle hoping to reclaim justice.

Recently, the Vietnamese communist state government just passed the Resolution "vote of confidence" to the Vietnamese State leader and other key positions in the government apparatus, in the judicial system ..... with criteria of elimination negative phenomena and corruption in public office, in the government and state leaders, including heads of state, heads of government and holding important positions in ministries such as the courts, procuracy .... the spirit is like that, but people in the country and the International Community still skeptical about the feasibility of the resolution above with true goodwill wishes of the leaders of the Party and the government of Vietnam. To really change the look from the people in the country and the International Community, the Party and government leaders at all levels not only attempt to strictly implement their own policies that set out in the future, but also to quickly resolve to overcome the consequences of corruption from government officials caused to people over the years through to reach.

If do like that, the adoption of the resolution "vote of confidence" of the Communist Party and government leaders to Vietnam this time truly just meaningful, and created confidence in the people and community true international effort to eliminate the negative and anti-corruption that the government has set. Once the State constitutional law and be thoroughly respected, corruption and negative words will minimize or loses. This is the appropriate time for the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government thinking and choice of policies and guidelines govern their match. The expectation of people in country and from the International Community is probably the Vietnamese State leader who understands more clearly. And in the context of the country is now China's enemy aggression and invasion, the creation of images and beliefs in people's hearts as well as in the eyes of your friends all over the world is essential that the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government must place in top priority on the agenda of their work. Must be clearly identified between patriotism and reactionary, as well as must distinguish sharply between enemies and friends to no longer the situation continues to blindly loyal to enemies, to those who are day and night aggression, conspiracy to invade the territory of Vietnam with the desire to make the people of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people once again become slaves to the foreign country.


Nearly 200 small businesses Saigon Dong Nai to claim
Posted by pleikly lúc 12:04 Sáng 23/11/12

VRNs (11.23.2012) - Saigon - Yesterday morning, 22.11.2012, nearly 200 small businesses of the Tan Hiep Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai and stretch banners at the headquarters of the old people in Vo Thi Sau.

Told reporters VRNs, a sister holding banners said: "We had complaints from the commune to the city and province. Has someone filed a lawsuit in court, but the last four years, no one solved based on the interests of the people. All negotiations are aimed secure benefits for investors and for the government. "

The work started four years ago. Government made meeting small business of the Tan Hiep to address the old market, building new markets. Known as the old, but also was built solid ten and fifteen years only. The governments convince that the new market will develop in the direction of modern, but maintain traditional markets, and never build a supermarket.

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The Dong Nai small business stretch banners at line Vo Thi Sau - VRNs [/ caption]

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Nearly 200 small businesses with multiple expressions content types - VRNs [/ caption]

Many small business did not agree, because they have invested so much in the old market. There are many people who sell their houses and land to buy kiosks and stalls. Now break down it how they will live? Modern and traditional market model was, the government is not clearly presented. Some small business  know, so rely on the decision number 429/QD-TTg, dated 20.05.1998 to decisively reject the new project, because the Prime Minister's decision to allocate land for construction markets.

The government says that people are stubborn, persistent and obscure, because a new project to make the city more clean and beautiful, worthy of an advanced urban. The authorities arrest those who obstruct this project at least three times.

On 21.07.2008, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, deputy chief of the People's Committee of Dong Nai Province, orders president answered claims of 500/700 which said Tan Hiep. In it, Mr Hung said that the clearance and new build commercial combines traditional markets are in accordance with the law, especially the small business is not the owner of the property of Tan Hiep market, should not have investors claiming to be negotiated.

Mr. Hung (VRNs renamed) said: "The conclusion is inhuman. When calling our contributions to markets, the management contract with each of us on the shelf for each stall and kiosks. That is four years, the 10-year and the 25 years the nature of each type of item. Management Board stated, after the expiration of the lease term will continue to be contracted. So far so many people over 10 years to the end of the lease that we do not have the right is how? "

When see people Dong Nai focus in the Vo Thi Sau overcrowded, police fear, should have three buses to bring people to the new point of people in the 35 Ho Hoc Lam, Binh Tan, but people of small Trade only sent 10 representatives to meet alone, while people continue to stretch banners.

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Big C Tan Hiep market was built on land where the government is 
committed to the people is not the supermarket [/ caption]

Ms. Mai said, over the past four years precarious trade, income halved. And Mr. Nghia says, the government is committed to the people is not build the supermarket, which is now Big C went to the headquarters to prepare business.

One can not verifiable information is spread to the people that the government of Bien Hoa and Dong Nai province has long-term sale or rent something this ground clearance with the amount of around $ 700 billion, and the first Big C construction of approximately 500 billion.

Ms. Huyen says: 'They compensate us one, two hundred million is what to do? Where we stay, and the place where to day we trade?



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Plight of petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh
Thanh Quang, RFA reporter

Petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh was born in Ba Ria-Vung Tau come in the North for grievances and was severe illness from police assault, to be treated at Saint Paul Hospital, Hanoi, continue to experience difficulties.

Citizen photo
Tran Ngoc Anh at Saint Paul Hospital on 19-11-2012.

Police continue to harass

At Saint Paul Hospital, Hanoi, at 1 pm yesterday, Monday November 19, petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh said that she was a fit tired, very tired, it's time the police in her hometown of Ba Ria Vung Tau police and the Ministry of the hospital said the words made her "memory" - but tired too should not answer. Petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh explained:

At that time, I have to say that I was injured, they said " no, she was mild." I replied that it was the police beat me led to this plight.
Tran Ngoc Anh

"As a police crackdown, brutally beat me like that while at the hospital, they said I talk to the doctor about my health situation. At that time, I have to say that I was injured, they said "no, she was mild." I replied that it was the police beat me led to this plight; should light, weighing not need to know, but I was injured was true. Now, whether you want to control how doctors go again, for the first 3 days I was in a coma, today may help. I also did not expect the doctor told me a quote that "she felt okay about health". I know now I'm tired, vomiting should not be about. Police say that cost money or something will charge after. I said that if the waiting cost him money, now I'm dead. And I did not expect in Vietnam such hospitals. When I was in a critical situation, they not treated.

But when the petitioners sisters pay a million just treatment for me. It is a moral tragedy of Vietnam today. If not have petitioners sisters maybe this time I'm not alive! "

In particular, petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh, Ms. Le Hien Duc, who is the international anti-corruption in Vietnam, to visit Saint Paul Hospital. The presence of her, final and then, making her situation Ngoc Anh better while  another from the South now in charge of the case, the hospital of the petitioners. Tran Ngoc Anh said:

Specifically visit Le Hien Duc Tran Ngoc Anh 
at Saint Paul Hospital on 19-11-2012. 
Citizen photo.

"Ms. Le Hien Duc here, shouting that why people have medical Ngoc Anh no medical records? The doctor replied, "Because she was not a relative of Tran Ngoc Anh, should not be allowed to view medical records." This morning, Ms. Hai from the South, made signature sponsor took me from Dong Anh district hospital to Saint Paul Hospital, Hanoi and take responsibility, she just have the right to view medical records. After working with the doctor, she asked, "the health of my sister?". My doctor just recognized injury, so for three days they were actively treated me. We think that by Ms. Le Hien Duc so doctors can look a little different. "

 People help

Petitioners Nguyen Thi Kim Lieng from Binh Duong also was present at the hospital, said:

Since Le Hien Duc being here, so the hospital yesterday to today that behave with Ngoc Anh better.
Nguyen Thi Kim Lieng

"These days also by the petitioners come in a large number. Ms. Le Hien Duc is here, photography, film making so here at first demanding arrest her, and did kick up a row. But from Le Hien Duc detail here, so the hospital yesterday to today that behave with Ngoc Anh better. But a few days ago, they look like without worry. Now they look as Tran Ngoc Anh brain injury. In this afternoon, Ngoc Anh fatigue, blood pressure natural ominous slide down, so we run called the doctor for medicine injection. "

Petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh recalled that she was a people not join any political party, nor this propaganda against the Vietnamese government. But she did not understand why they always "favor", beatings, behave for her "violent". Petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh said:

"They are people petitioning for their resistance, should always be ready use to cope sinister attacks. They always in the name of a member of the Communist Party of study and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral example. But I think I'm too ashamed to live in a country called independence, freedom, happiness; a country called glorious party that anarchist leaders like this. I too was suffering with his two martyrs who died for the Vietnamese communist authorities (crying). But in the end, to this hour, they suppress, beat me like that (crying). They also rumored misrepresent that I'm reactionary. "

Relative petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh care 
hospital in Saint Paul on 19-11-2012. 
Citizen photo.

According to the petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh, the police did not show his face, but watch 24/24. Ngoc Anh said it was sad that the police - she said - "false, fake", while on one hand, they went to the hospital to encourage and said they would give land back to her, but on the other hand , they put her in my country that the she is reactionary elements, politician, was detained by police. And she Tran Ngoc Anh speak with the public:

"By the way I would like to say to radio, to audience, after I recovered, I never give way before this communist authorities. I never give way, despite the brutal actions of the Communist government for treat petitioners us. That was a mistake. We have high will, very strong. The more they persecuted, the more we hate and resentment that much. Once upon a time, I think our forefathers ever sacrifice acceptable sacrifice in exchange for so-called freedom, happiness is wrong. But now we accept to sacrifice themselves, including life and life, we do not need. Thus, nothing can interfere with the way our struggle for justice and human rights, to reclaim the source of life that the communist government of VN deprived. "

Ladies and gentlemen, right in the time that the petitioners Tran Ngoc Anh, and other petitioners come in the North for land claim grievances and distress so, Blogger Nguyen Anh Dung, teachers, veterans in the country "Please light a incense "he looked the picture of old woman Ha Thi Nhung 76 years old, native of Thanh Hoa province," lying dead on the ground that her eyes still not closed is by unjustly, in gardens Ly Tu Trong, which is considered to be the center power of the communist regime. "

Still according to blogger Nguyen Anh Dung, "ordinary people is difficult to control themselves, compassion for a person who has service with the regime, has suffered a sudden death of one of the petitioners."

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