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Image contrast and painful between the trial of dissident teachers and Vietnamese Teacher's Day anniversary 20-11-2012

Joyfully celebrate Teacher's Day Vietnam 20-11-2012


                  Patriotism and noble dedication of teacher Dinh Dang Dinh

                  be brought to trial a day after the holiday to honor the teachers.




Even at the time of all Vietnamese citizens are eagerly celebrate Teacher's Day 20-11-2012, a historic event image contrast is also being held that an appellate court hearing for dissident teacher Dinh Dang Dinh, who was brave and strong to tell the truth about the wrongdoing of the Vietnamese communist authorities and the trial court had previously sentenced to six years in prison on charges of " propaganda against the State "under Article 88 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In recent years, the Vietnamese people in the country and the international community has witnessed a lot of trial dissident character including, Democratic activists, the Religious and Human Activity rights components Blogger, Journalist, writer, dissident teachers, the artists and even students, patriotic students .... and most of them were brought to trial same offense with vague allegations, unreasonable.

For years, under the rule harsh, autocratic and authoritarian of Communist regime, the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam almost completely under control, paralysis, loss of objectivity, lack of equity in the criminal justice and awareness of the case. Most cases, especially in the case of politics, the judgment of the Chief Justice of the court session was the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam presets that people literally called the "pocket penalty ". At first glance, the trial seems to be taking place sequentially and valid as any other trial. Initially also announced charges and impeachment from the Judge, then the advocacy and debate between the defense attorney and the prosecutor represents the Procuracy. And finally as part of his discourse judge with the jury trial before making a decision. In general, the trial was taking place an order, although sometimes the defense of the accused and the argument of counsel is not permitted by the Court. But in terms of the possible forms still can be accepted such a trial.

However, if you look closely and delve into the details of the trial, then all happenings in the courtroom only take the form of sham democracy. Lawyers, Defendants allowed to debate, to be allowed to defend or justify but only superficial, sometimes to have run out of arguments in the debate and before the obvious truth can not be denied from the physical evidence of Witness lawyer immediately expose the presiding judges suspended does not allow further interpretation or argument again, and finally, even if the debate win or lose, gain or loss, his final judgment Judge has not changed. In other words, the judgment for the defendants was the Court preset before and the end of the trial. Correctly as identified by lawyer Nguyen Thanh Luong today when it comes to the defendant's wife, Ms. Dang Thi Dinh that: he could help her appeal to the cassation, but experience tells him that will not bring the effect anything. Well, that's the painful truth of the current Judiciary Vietnam in particularly, and the Vietnamese legal system in generally when the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government continues to sit on the national law and the Constitution . Photos joyfully celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher's Day took place next to the  image those teachers who have been brought to trial because of patriotism, because of the tremendous dedication and sincerity of them for all the young generation of Vietnam today and tomorrow.


Dinh Dang Dinh 'cognitive limitations'

Update: 10:00 GMT, Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ông Đinh Đăng Định

Mr. Dinh has the views which the government dissatisfied

Ding Dang Dinh, Chemistry teacher in Dak Nong province, was the court keep the first instance to six years in prison on appeal just ended this morning, Wednesday 21/11.

Which he is accused of 'propaganda against the State' under Article 88 of the Penal Code.

'Just wanted to contribute'

From Dak Nong, his wife Dinh Dang Thi Dinh, who attended the hearing with her two children and sister specified, told the BBC that he has told the court that he is not guilty.

"He is not guilty of anything, and the court must release him," Ms. Dang recount his words, "It's human rights under international conventions and no one has the right to prohibit."

However, the court did not accept the defense argument of which he is, she said, because the court said that 'he limited The Cognitive'.

"Those who are not aware of the court still sentenced as old as the judgment roll. Those against the State, they will be punished according to the laws propaganda against the State, "she recounts word presiding judges.

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Prior to that Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong, attorney of Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh, has told the BBC that his client could only be reduced if he admit the crime.

His wife said the family will continue to appeal the judgment of cassation.

"My husband is a teacher dedicated to his career. He did not think anything against the country that just want to contribute to the State, "she replied when asked about the cause of his actions.

She said that after the trial ended and he was sent back to prison, the car 'police pushed him into the trunk, pushed him down and for baton beating at the beginning'.

"My child screamed the police beat, police beat my father," she said, and said court this morning there is a large presence of hundreds of police floating and sinking.

Those who are not aware of the court still sentenced as old as the judgment roll. Those against the State, they will be punished according to the law of propaganda against the State. "
Dang Thi Dinh, his wife, recounts his presiding judges

According to her, the trial ended quickly in just over 45 '.

Thinking 'not appropriate'

Talking to the BBC after the trial, lawyer Nguyen Thanh Luong also confirmed that the trial took place from 7h30 to 8h15 the end.

The reason for such trial promptly, according to Mr. Luong, the principle of Appeal, the court only considers the problems posed by the defendant.

"Council hearing that he had behavior. The admitted himself act of making a document and circulate them but he said that it does not violate the law, "lawyer Luong said.

Mr. Luong said the defendant's defense of international conventions have been court interrupted, saying 'it is thought his own Dinh and inappropriate'.

"Mr. Dinh minded pluralist multi-party, asking them for fix 4 of the Constitution, non-political, educational, social uphold democracy," Mr. Luong explained, "the Trial that inappropriate and contrary to the ways of the State and the law. "

"The Court decided that the Court of First Instance legal regulations should stick to six years in prison," he added.

However Mr.  Luong also said there is a conflict between the current law of Vietnam capital see his thought is not more consistent with international conventions which it is normal.

Proceedings, lawyers said 'sure than the trial of former bloggers when the defense attorney is limited and the defendant did not say a word at the end.'

He said he has 15 minutes to present arguments which he is defending.
On appeal to the cassation, he said he had explained to the family is doing, but 'no effect'.

International response

After the verdict was announced, said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch organization has voiced that 'the prosecution thus raises fundamental concerns about the intention of Vietnam to freedom of expression on the Internet '.

"If tell the truth, the reason Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh was taken to the court today because he dared to use the Internet to express the opinion that the government does not want people to hear," Robertson said in a statement.

"He could not be arrested because everything he does is perform basic rights as freedom of expression," he says, "Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh likes dominoes was thrown in a systematic campaign by the Vietnamese government to silence those who dare to criticize by sealing them in prison for a long time. "

If tell the truth, the reason Mr. Dinh Dang Dinh was taken to the court today because he dared to use the Internet to express the opinion that the government does not want people to hear. "
Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch organization

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