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Vietnam's communist government can not continue to look down on people's lives



While the people of Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam is falling into complete anarchy and insecurity about the risks facing with the phenomenon of Song Tranh 2 dam break  after the occurrence of a strong earthquake intensity magnitude 4.7 on the Richter scale, the Vietnamese communist government authorities remain deeply relaxed and vacuum jars before the people's lives are seriously threatened. To protect the government's argument, Vietnamese scientists and government has eloquently stated that the plant was safe and people do not need to worry, no need to evacuate .... However, the above worry of people from danger is a concern entirely logical. On governments and talented scientist prominent in Vietnam despite strong claims mouth but none of them dared to speak out will bear responsibility and pay compensation for any damage including human life if the dam break problem happens then?. 

Vietnamese people today can not be assured before any other event usually happens when it's always been always weighed in the thought of two things that make them uncomfortable: the increasingly severe corruption from government officials authorities at all levels and in all areas leading to the feasibility and safety of the national project not credible where people. Next, need to say more about the concerns of the people to the level and the actual capacity of Vietnamese scientists, especially in the field of hydro-meteorological predictions, predicted the phenomenon of earthquakes, tsunamis .. etc ... and in many other areas most of in current context of buy sale for rank and function, counterfeit sign and trading of academic that are brought up in Vietnam. Aforementioned anxiety of the people completely logical and justified. We must not forget the tragic events occurred in 1997 due to Typhoon No. 5 International named "Linda storms" caused the deaths of more than 4,500 Vietnamese fishermen and form a "widow" in the village of Khanh Hoi, U Minh District, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. 

Which event hurt in mourning pain that is due to the incompetence and immorality of some scientists in Vietnam, namely the staff of the meteorological station forecast weather and flood storms that year. When Typhoon No. 5 arrived, some storm information and information on the said motion of the storm is broadcast from two sources meteorological forecasts of the United States and Hong Kong. However, the staff of the meteorological station forecast Vietnam incompetent but appear opposite ideas and more dangerous is the attitude arrogant, irresponsible, immoral of Hydrology officials of Vietnam led to a serious wrong decision when they had instruction to all the boats in Vietnam at that time to go into the middle area of ​​the storm to avoid storm!!! there is just one painful tragic events, there are many cases of different sectors again led the Vietnamese people no longer trust in the ethical and professional capacity of Vietnamese scientists and government in generally and the current bad happenings at Song Tranh 2 Hydroelectric dam in particularly.


'Song Tranh 2 break down, who is responsible?' 

Huyện Bắc Trà My

District authorities said local people are panic 

Government leaders Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province, told the BBC the locals are "panic" after the latest earthquake of magnitude 4.7 on the Richter scale on Thursday. 

They also questioned who is responsible if the construction of Song Tranh 2 Hydropower is the main cause leading to a severe earthquake causing death in the future.

Talking to BBC Vietnamese on 15/11/2012, Huynh Tan Ginseng, Secretary of the District Party Committee, People's Council Chairman said the quake occurred at 14 hours 24 minutes in the afternoon on the same day is very strong:

"At this time I am talking about, the earthquake, explosions still occur. Residents panic.

"We're elected officials and the concerned department to find out, whether statistical loss of life and what's not."

When asked whether there is likely to evacuate people in the future or not, Sam said:

"The state government levels above and scientists still have direct, explain to the people peace of mind, do not evacuate."

However, local officials themselves also confirmed his family also affected by the earthquake

"My house is also affected, the door was cracked,

"The places where people most affected are near the hydropower construction area, also in the center of the district is less than, but people very nervous."

"People also asked like that" 

Nứt nhà

Many houses of people are cracked by the impact 
of the earthquake in this district 

When asked if the break occurs River Hydropower dams Painting serious earthquakes in the future as more people killed or wounded, assets, production of the affected people, ruin, who will be responsible, Sam said:

"The local people asked us the same thing, but now, on and scientists have confirmed that the plant is safe and people do not need to evacuate."

Head of Bac Tra My district officials said people believe that there is a relationship between the development of River Hydropower Project Painting 2 and a series of earthquakes, seismic tremors in the recent local:

"Local people and our observations also show that from the after Hydroelectric start to this, the vibration, earthquake occurred blizzard, making people very nervous, the general mood is restless.

"People are also closely monitoring the speech in the National Assembly a few days now, also heard the deputies to the National Assembly, as well as members of government speech on Hydropower and earthquakes, but we now also is not clear here, the earthquake will continue. "

On 15/11, many newspapers in the country to report on the earthquake in Bac Tra My district, in the newspaper VietnamNet said it was "unprecedented earthquake in Song Tranh 2."

Local people asked us the same thing, but now, on and scientists have confirmed that the plant is safe and people do not need to evacuate " 
Bac Tra My district officials

"An unprecedented earthquake of Song Tranh 2 Hydropower sector ... makes the ground shake, accompanied by large explosions in the ground," the newspaper wrote.

On Thursday, the Institute of Geophysics from Hanoi announced the latest earthquake in this district. Notice that:

"In the last 07 hours 24 minutes 00 seconds (GMT) on 14 hours 24 minutes 00 seconds (GMT) November 15, 2012 an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 on the Richter scale occurred at the position coordinates ( 15.35 North latitude, 108.10 east longitude), depth target of about 6 km. earthquake occurred in the geographical area of ​​Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province. "

According to the Institute, an earthquake causes vibrations on level VI (MSK-64 scale) in the Song Tranh dam area.

The notice further stated that the Centre informed the earthquake and tsunami and the Geophysics Institute continues to monitor earthquakes.


Severe earthquake in Song Tranh 2 

TT - An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 on the Richter scale - the most powerful ever to occur in the region River Hydropower Painting 2 (Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam) afternoon 15-11.

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Vibration of the earthquake is also spreading to Tam Ky, Quang Ngai, Da Nang ...

Many local people still gathered on the Song Tranh 2 dam body to hear about, discuss earthquake happened in 14g (photos at 18g on 15-11) - Photo: Dang Nam 

Vibration caused by the terrible earthquake occurred in the region Song Tranh 2 (Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam) at 14g24 days 15-11 has spread to take advantage of Da Nang, Quang Ngai city more than 150 kilometers away. Thousands of people were in great hurry as rumors dam breaks ...

To 20g on 15-11, many residents still lonely brink Song Tranh 2 dams after witnessing what had just happened.

Alarmed by rumors of break dam 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Suong (nearby right the dam base, village 4, Tra Tan commune) said in horror: "I was standing in the elbow down because of the terrible explosion and the ground shook. Ground shook as if to swallow me down ... ".

Vibration strength of this earthquake was swept out of Da Nang,, Ho Quang Ngai and Tam Ky City. A lot of people can feel this vibration. Le Thi Kim Ngoc (Ward Bac My An, District.Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang) said: "my three-story house was shaking, beds, tables and chairs are shaking turn". Meanwhile, the mainland more than 10 nautical miles, residents on the island of Cu Lao Cham a phen panic because earthquakes. Secretary Tan Hiep (Cham Island) Tran Minh Dung said terrible vibration affect this area.

Chairman of Bac Tra My district Dang Phong said immediately after the vibration occurs, the dam broke away rumors spread. However, the government has handled promptly by a news broadcast shortly after things calm back. "Many  houses of people are cracked and cracked home a lot less speed more because strong vibrations," Mr. Phong said.

The people of the town of Bac Tra My was still shocked, some people do not dare get home back after the earthquake (photos at 20g day 15-11) - Photo: Dang Nam 

The phenomenon 

Blur in clothes fishing boat just below the run ashore dam, fisherman Nguyen Van Thanh customs cut, said he had found in the Song Tranh 2 hydroelectric  white foam regional roll round and rising fitness of the ground . This is the first time he had seen in years when fishing in the lake.

"Before the earthquake struck about two hours, I have bad smell like sulfur. I think the trees decompose and decay and smell that. I got at home, the rumbling earthquake happened, "Thanh said. According to him, immediately after the earthquake, many rocks around the cliffs along the lake rolled right into the water. At the time of the earthquake, the water level in the reservoir at 140.3 m, than the MOL 3m.

Are present in Hanoi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Quang Nam Nguyen Duc Hai said today he will come Bac Tra My and look one more time around the earthquake zone. As chief of Quang Nam People's Committee Nguyen Ngoc Communications said the province has immediate dispatch sent to the Prime Minister, the central ministries to report on the earthquake. Neighboring provinces also requires districts to damage statistics, reassure people and report to the province.

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Construction Minister on inspection 

Immediately after the earthquake of 4.7 on the Richter scale occurred, in exchange for Youth at 15-11, the Minister of Construction Trinh Dinh Dung said light 16-11 in Quang Nam inspect the hydropower project Song Tranh 2. 

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Electricity Group has just announced the fold on the land of River Hydropower Painting 2 said River Hydropower Co., Painting 2, 3 hydropower project management unit has preliminary test status of the dam. Initial results showed no abnormal phenomenon, beating normal operation, seepage flow without mutations. 

Recognition of the Centre informed the earthquake and tsunami warning Institute of Geophysics shows earthquakes occurred in the area of ​​Bac Tra My district at 14g24 days 15-11 with a magnitude of 4.7 on the Richter scale, depth (where arising earthquake) about 6km. Data from the Institute of Geophysics shows earthquakes in Bac Tra My biggest ever recorded magnitude 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred on 25-7-1957 and another battle magnitude 4.7 in May 3-1715. 



    Not evaluate the possibility of an earthquake excitation 

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (Natural Resources and Environment) Nguyen Minh Quang has affirmed above in the text to answer questions of deputies Tran Xuan Vinh (National Assembly delegation of Quang Nam province) around report environmental impact statements of the Hydropower Song Tranh 2 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for approval does not mention the problem land stimulates the works of water. 

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment confirmed the assessment of earthquake excitation is the task of the project is to provide input information to carry out environmental impact assessment, not the task of the environmental impact assessment and is not the task of the evaluation of the environmental impact assessment report. 


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