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Bring flavor "Jasmine" to Vietnam by the non-violent protests struggle, the only thing to help reform political and change Democratic in Vietnam




Take the name of a State "Republic" that dictatorship rule with only one party is like the Qing dynasty domination, and more monarchical than any Kingship regime. That is the comment of Mr. Ho Duc Binh, the son of the late General Secretary cum Chinese Premier Hu Yaobang, one of the leaders of the Chinese State by reformers and were extremist faction Li deposed in 1987, launched with a call to limit the power of the Chinese Communist Party on the occasion of Chinese Communist Party Congress takes place 18th since November 8, 2012 in China. Strong statement said from Mr. Ho Duc Binh makes many of us wonder ourselves that: do not know to ever the Vietnamese State leaders who truly patriotic, loved Ethnicity, who are keeping inside the ideas to desire of democratic approach, to real political reform in Vietnam, will also sound the same call for the country's prosperity, happiness and confidence of the people of Vietnam .

China and Vietnam, the two communist countries have many similarities and are close to each other in many aspects, from the policy rule harsh, authoritarian dictatorship, only the Communist Party-dominated, to skin color , culture, traditions, habits and customs ... etc .... It was attached to the history of the two countries together and maybe that's why even though the China enemy domination throughout thousand years, but the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government still remains open and keep absolute loyalty to China, the enemy now continued aggression and eyeing to Vietnam rather than closer to the United States , a Western country, a country that has many differences with Vietnam, particularly in the field of human rights, freedom and democracy. We really can not know for sure what will happen and where country of Vietnam will go to, when Chinese traditional enemies, the country that Vietnam was always loyal, and always put on their heads with 16 gold letters and 4 good, will not think of the communist comradeship, not thinking of the favor and all the Vietnamese Communist Party has offered to them for so long, including the sacrifice of territory (extraction Ban Gioc land and some northern border) and the territorial sea (the Paracel Islands, through the sale of country content of the former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong in 1958), not to mention other special priority that Vietnam's communist government was in favor for China as: Bauxite mining privileges in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, priority in bidding for projects in many different areas, establish the Chinatown, markets right in the heart middle of the city in Vietnam ..... and it is important that people always worry that is open to the public for the Chinese in Vietnam without visa report or check only symbolically, sketchy formal

It is time for all of us, of all people, regardless of class of intellectuals or are not intellectuals, regardless of the working class or peasant, religion or no religion, irrespective of the political or party, and joined the action. Must be feasible in political change and reform in Vietnam. Democratization of the country and move to a truly civilized society, justice and prosperity is the only goal that people will set out to ask the leaders of the Communist Party and the state apparatus of communist government of Vietnam to implement. Let bring the flavor "Jasmine" in Viet Nam over nonviolent the protests struggle. Raise the contribution from he current petitioners community, and especially the call aimed at the student, students, young people enthusiastic energetic with extreme patriotism. Besides, the very need to pilot and to lead from the patriotic intellectuals, spiritual leaders Religion to keep the fighting spirit of the people, especially in the current context when the government Communist Vietnam has always liked to use force to suppress and destroy the will and patriotism of the people. Another equally important and necessary, is to enlist the sympathy and support from the government officials still in office at all levels, who brought the reform ideas, and thoughts peaceful for so long still see themselves as parts which can not be separated with the people, with the National and Ethnic.


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Reformers called for limits the power of the Chinese Communist Party

Tác giả lời kêu gọi là ông Hồ Đức Bình, con trai của cố tổng bí thư Hồ Diệu Bang (DR)

Authors call Mr. Ho Duc Binh, the son of the late
General Secretary Hu Yaobang (DR)

Tú Anh

Totalitarian dictatorship both human rights abuses and harm to the leadership role of the Communist Party. With this judgment, the Economic Observer weekly calls to limit the power of the Chinese Communist Party is considered equally bad pirated Qing court. The author requests is Mr. Ho Duc Binh, the son of the late General Secretary Hu Yaobang who was dead in 1989 have caused the Tiananmen movement.

At the world are attracted to the U.S. presidential election, in China, a dictatorship is preparing to change leadership. The difference is that if in the U.S., all the important political events from small to have been made public, in China, the so-called Party Congress held in secret.

However, the Chinese people are in the 21st century and they do not accept the role of 'audience' in a passive way. On the threshold of the 18th Communist Party Congress opened on 08/11/2012, last week at the prestigious Beijing, Economic Observer, published a lengthy assessment of Mr. Ho Duc Binh, son of the late general secretary cum premier Hu Yaobang of radical reforms versus Li Peng deposed in 1987.

Mr. Ho Duc Binh said the Chinese Communist Party should throw away old fashioned colors of the Qing to reform a regime that respects the law. China's current status is ' government sitting on the law, the power of the party and government interference in the field of competence of the judiciary'.

Mr. Ho Duc Binh urged the Communist Party to accept the «challenge set a constitutional socio mode» instead of embracing the lawlessness as outdated monarchy. The author argues that the Chinese Communist regime is no different home Manchu domination: «Emperor absolute power and ruled without law ... open mouth in the name of heaven» Communist Party is no different 100 years later refuses to accept a proper constitution, resulted in the Communist Party to sit on the law and cause disaster for social and civil rights abuses.

Spokesman of the reform movement to prove his argument by example namely the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). How many crimes have been derived from the rulers' constitutional view is sheet of paper ». This attitude not only trampled on human rights, but also the collapse of the prestige of the Communist Party.

At the Cultural Revolution, millions of students, intellectuals, writers, artists were sent to a right-wing crimes. The number of people starving to tens of millions of independent historians. Famine as many rural areas to eat children especially girls. When Hu Yaobang to power, he had an emergency to save the Communist Party out of the chaos, restore honor to the exiled tens of thousands of officials and enact reforms. However, in 1987, Hu Yaobang was sacked after he allowed students demonstrating for democracy. In 1989, the protest movement broke up with Beijing Spring when Hu Yaobang died.

Calls for reform of his son, Ho Duc Binh at this time not alone. He is the spokesman for the reform trend in the United consultation mechanism, the role equivalent to the Senate. According to Hong Kong media, Ho Duc Binh and future president of China Xi Jinping had a discussion about political reform and Xi have agreed need to 'forward'.

According to AFP, determined to democratization in China has been actively discussed in intellectual circles for years. Straight lines journalist former editor of the official Xinhua news agency analysis: if there is no counterweight, how to control the government?

Chinese reformers emphasized that self-proclaimed republic, the leader must be elected by the people. Violent dissidents, former political secretary of the late General Secretary Zhao Ziyang stressed «China is now known as the Republic but in fact the military than any royalty regime».

Policy «market economy socialist orientation has now allowed from conservative leaders such as Bo Xilai to 'reform' as Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao have become millionaires and billionaires dollars. Only people is damaged: school, hospital market turned into detention and prison is where the struggle for democracy.


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