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The Editorial of the Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No 159 (15-11-2012)




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- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 159 release dated 15 -11-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
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 Really closely connected with people???
The Editorial of the Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No 159 (15-11-2012)

            Vietnamnet website dated 06-11-2012 has an article entitled: «Fix the Constitution to the people to decide '. This article begins as follows: «... the draft agreement remain in Article 4 of the Constitution of the Party's leadership role, additional to deepen. Accordingly, the Article 4 identified: "The Communist Party of Vietnam, the vanguard of the working class, at the same time as the vanguard of the working people and of the people of Vietnam, the faithful representative of the interests of the class working class, the working people and the whole nation, according to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh City, is the force leading the State and society. closely connected with the people, serve people, under the supervision of the people, the people responsible for such decisions. Party organizations and Party members operate within the framework of the Constitution and the law. "

            Compared with the old written in 1992, this time the two clusters from really pathetic smell introspection: «... the same time as the vanguard of the working people and of the people of Vietnam ... Party closely connected with the people, serve the people, under the supervision of the people, responsible to the people on their decisions ». It is no political party in the world and even from the press alloy brought such noble nature!?! The appearance of fine phrases and sentimental words makes people recall the expression «civilized democratic society» appeared for several years on the documents and media of the party, after the people murmur status, and indignant at increasing the injustice immense sun, fierce and barbaric dictator forests caused right by the  party. The party now ascribed to themselves the «shining virtues, glorious peak 'in the new Constitution so that we have to look at actual fact most recently to see if the« party closely with the people, serve the people, under the supervision of the people, responsible to the people on their decisions »?

            The first case is the new Central Conference 6. It is thought more than two weeks 'retreat, retreat, repent' (say the name of religion), the Central Committee and the Politburo will be a true act fixes to the people on victims of political tyranny, economic mistakes, financial corruption, social violence, loose defense, diplomatic cowardice caused by the party. But in the end, it is a cold water ladle thrown in the face of the whole of society. All of them is only lip-service apologies, arrogant, patronizing; types which means, cancel each other despite the role of the law; economic policy, land, education style worn, continue cause harm to the country and people; obscure foreign policy and defense, did not dare mention and traced the risk of invasion; way responsibility is ridiculous: the political responsibility before the party instead of charge administrative responsibility, criminal responsibility even before the people ... Ultimately the decision of the party in the past, present and future are real to the supervision of the people, let alone to serve the people for the people closely attached to them!

            About these things, the report of the Commission for Justice Peace of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam on 01-11 were identified (Section 3 of: Corruption the national disaster): "The evolution and mixing in recent months demonstrates the current economic model is to enrich the privileged group, especially the banks, rather than the whole population. Inflation also increases poverty, not only making it more difficult for people's lives, but also for businesses. From the beginning of the year more than 40,000 businesses have dissolved. Vietnam is located in the national team of the world's lack of transparency. Corruption has become a disaster, but the main reason is because the operating mechanism, the leader. Therefore, it not only dangerous to the progress of the country virtually impossible to exclude in the context of the current political-economic ". And (the 4: Sovereignty country): "In the last decade of the twentieth century, the East Sea a few times the waves. But in recent years, tension has risen to dangerous levels. The Chinese government on the one hand to use flowery words, the message is very mellow, but on the other hand, the actions of their sovereignty in the East Sea more clearly reflect the policy great of han. Meanwhile the reaction of the Vietnamese government is too weak, a pretext for hostile forces advances. Equivocal attitude, lack of consistent leadership in problem delimitation of territorial borders and defend its sovereignty in the East Sea are causing further upset in the public. Difficultly to understand is that the government has a strong hand persecution of organizations and individuals patriotic protest blatant invasion of China. "

            Indeed, the second case is the court trial opened heavy citizens warned the risk of invasion of the Chinese community. Voiced by the articles, speeches, songs, websites, leaflets or rallies ... The sentence of 10 to 12 years in prison for two members of the Free Journalists Club and 4 and 6 years in prison for two members of the Patriotic Youth Group proves that Hanoi closely connected with Beijing, Ba Dinh dedicated service Zhongnanhai, the VC is just the vanguard for the Chinese community. The trial is completely trampled all the rules of the Criminal Procedure Code, such as waiver of the accused the right to legal assistance of a lawyer, the encouragement of the family; waiver of lawyer full debate, the right to require evidence, the right to be the judge to consider listening; waiver of the press and human rights bodies to follow the trial in the courtroom, the right to publicly discuss the multi-dimensional on social media, even the right to protest the detention or sentencing for unfair (as opposed to only silence the accused, the lawyer interrupted, obstructing mass, detention kept friends and family), the trial demonstrates that the party and the state did not subject to the supervision of the people, did not operate within the framework of the Constitution and the law.

            Recently, the arrest of two college students Saigon Food Industry, Nguyen Phuong Uyen and Dinh Nguyen Kha as spitting on the words of self-flattery of the party. Subject to supervision by people that when family abduction not know (7 days), searched confiscated belongings did not need anyone to witness and record the, slovenly conference statement is made in accordance with procedures criminal ... And still not yet, even said that the two leaflets student against corruption, public protest Communist of China, denounced the policy of religious repression, condemned the party to land policy, suggested people to the streets demanding regime change (which is the best natural rights in civilized democratic world) is "distorted, fabricated religious policy, land policy of the State as well as the skewed perspective of School Sa-Hoang Sa and land border between Vietnam with China, called for people to stand up protests against the Communist Party and State of Vietnam ". Then assign charges of terrorism Dinh Nguyen Kha just for looking at them 2.45 kg of fireworks (serious by calling it the explosives to tear down the statue of Ho Chi Minh in Can Tho), and then use enough corner despicable to force two students "confessions and ask for leniency" ... In short, find ways to destroy patriotism civilians where college students increasingly capital disclosure and suppression of consciousness where critics protest youth growing capital, is not that "faithful representative of the interests of the nation"?

            Last year, the Communist sentenced to a total of 95.5 years in the 10 to 21 cases of activist social activists, democracy, human rights and religion. This year, so far, 18 people in 9 cases was sentenced to a total of 118.5 years in prison; then if the end of the year, 13 young Catholics arrested since the middle of last year and 22 of Council Paint laws Beer Project was started this year to be brought to trial, convicted will be up to 50 with a total of at least 200 years in prison. In addition, the human body, three of the 39 people sentenced a former Communist Party member. Except for a high school teacher, all freelancers, are not subject to civil servants or state wage workers. 8 people living in the northern provinces, eight people in the central region, especially focusing in Nghe An, and many in the South: 23. In 2011, the youngest person sentenced to 25 years old, the oldest 71 years old, average age 48. In 2012, the youngest 23, the oldest 63 years old, mean age 41. (Summary of the writer Pham Thi Hoai). Most of these people were convicted under article 88 of the penal code (against the state) and they all age class, caste, religion, social occupation, is not that like the party has attached closely with people?

            Typical case follows same is decree 71/CP by the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed on 19-09-2012, at the request of the Ministry of Transport Dinh La Thang mainstream. According to this decree, all those who ride its not (primary) will be fined close to the minimum wage of workers normally, namely 1 million for motorcycles and 10 million for cars. Traffic means that those involved have to prove yourself as the owner of the vehicle is used, if the car purchase, a paper to the name change. For car loan case must demonstrate the relationship with the car owners. It is noteworthy that the above provisions is less than 3 weeks (10-11) were carried out applying make many people do not respond. This bizarre decision to do the right thing tens of millions of people, which sparked a wave of criticism from all world of artisanal ridiculous policy, cad and cruelty of the Communist authorities. This again demonstrates the new sentence added in Article 4 of the Constitution is a humiliation for the people.

            As with all fine words, starting with "Independence-Freedom-Happiness", the new sentence in Article 4 of the Constitution (renewing old) of the purely Communist deception brazenly and without integrity wholesale, blatant and cruel. Throughout its history, the Communist Party has never been attached to people (only suppression), to serve the people (only exploited), has never been under the supervision of the people (only passed over ), responsible to the people on their decisions (as often). That's like that!


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