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The entire country of Vietnam strongly condemns acts of provocation and malice invasion of the Chinese communist government.




Recent escalation unilateral actions of the Chinese communist government for sovereignty disputes in the East Sea through the U-shaped in map shape up the new electronic passports for their citizens is an act of non- legal and extremely unruly communist government of China is not acceptable. Actions suggest that malice and hegemonic ambitions of the Chinese government in the East Sea, and also exposed the true face, the true nature of the so-called friendship and mutual respect, as well as the commitment of the Chinese communist government to negotiate and resolve conflicts in sovereignty disputes in the East Sea area with other countries in the region peacefully. Most of the countries in the area of ​​sovereignty disputes including Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, India ..... strongly oppose new provocative acts of the government of Communist China .

The response from countries like India, Vietnam's communist government should be expressed in a clear and more rigid in asserting indisputable sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracel and Changsha. In addition to protests in the form of Foreign Affairs, the Vietnamese State officials should also flatly refused entry to Vietnam by any citizen of China to use the new electronic passports above. Although the spirit of resolve disputes over territorial sovereignty and national Sea island of peace, but that does not mean that we just have to continue to keep quiet and remain humble about how to deal with unruly, with a irrational and provocative escalation of the enemy. Besides, the Vietnamese communist government should allow people to be free to the streets to express their patriotism protest the illegal invasion of China.

We do not encourage the spirit of nationalism extreme behavior like the Chinese communist regime for their citizens. However, allowing people to the streets to express their patriotism in a peaceful and orderly way to support the State government claims legitimacy of Vietnam in the disputed area is completely correct and appropriate. That action not only speak up our righteousness reason of, but also highly promote patriotism of the people in the context of the country on the day to face the risk of dehydration and aggression enemy's brutal invasion of China. Through unilateral escalation of a recent brazen way of the communist government of China and what they have done with the countries in the region in recent years, people hope the leaders of the Party and government Communist Vietnam will change the outlook to China, a warlike nation, a country of extremes, a former enemy and also a Communist friend that Party and State of Vietnam government has always believed in and keep loyal blindly during past several decades by16 gold letters and 4 good.


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Passport-shaped in form of U - "A big challenge"
Quynh Chi, RFA reporter

Chinese media reported that began in May, Beijing has issued new passports including U-shaped printed map - a map that most experts say there is no legal basis.

A female Chinese police in Jiangsu compare the former 
Chinese passport (left) and the new electronic passports 
(right) on 14-05-2012.

Eternal ambition

Talking to Quynh Chi, researchers Sea Dinh Kim Phuc though not surprised by this action but that this is "a huge challenge". First he says:

Dinh Kim Phuc: This problem has been known but not very strange. Recently a workshop on the East Sea was held in the Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnamese scholars make a general comment that the Chinese scholars softly, and was more moderate. I think such comments are mistaken.

In the opening speech of the 18th CCP Congress last, Hu stressed that China is determined to become a sea power. Obviously China is a rising power; them less capable of reaching out to four sea. So the East Sea is the number 1 key, the East China Sea is the number 2 key. These waters are seen as a key to opening China to the world.

If China decided in a map called "U-shaped line" on passports, this is a huge challenge for all those interested.
Dinh Kim Phuc

China's actions on the East China Sea and the East Sea in recent times is a continuation from the thought of Mao Zedong to Deng Xiaoping's theory, through Hu Jintao and now Xi Binh. It is the ambition of thousands of lives of the Chinese leadership. China wants peace and friendship but their words are never associated with acts. If China decided in a U-shaped graph consists of more than 80% of the area of ​​the East Sea, it is the last action to awaken those who have illusions about China's peaceful development.

Quynh Chi: Comparison with China's moves in recent times such as the development tour Hoang Sa, strengthen propaganda and support scholars Taiwan - China combined to find a legal basis shaped line ... then he saw the print map shaped up how important on passports?

Dinh Kim Phuc: China and Taiwan came together to claims that they view national interests above all else, not ideology. It's one of the ones we think. If China decided in a map called "U-shaped line" on passports, this is a huge challenge for all those who care, those who have a voice, those who have a vested interest in painting claims in the East Sea.

Vietnam will lose all

Quynh Chi: China is often referred to as a country with a great nationalist. He thought this action has any relation to evoke nationalism in China?

Dinh Kim Phuc: Any national spirit, extreme nationalism or nation, any nation has, at one time or another.


U-shaped map of the East Sea by China 
unilaterally announced. AFP photo.

But that spirit to serve the intentions, tasks? Short or long term, you need to consider. Currently, we could see the state of China has lulled their citizens with propaganda, fabricated evidence. They have to convince citizens of their sovereignty in the East China Sea, East Sea. Even coming here, I think China will be convinced that their sovereignty in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and even the Caribbean.

Quynh Chi: One answer is very interesting and witty. Sir, the Chinese in the map on the passports to action in response to the Philippines invited three other countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei to attend a conference on the East Sea in the next month Philiipines (proposed of this workshop was launched last year)?

Dinh Kim Phuc: I do not think this is a temporary action in response to the initiative of the Philippines is called four countries cooperation in the East Sea.

Once China looks the East Sea as the core interests. And Vietnam look a friendship between Vietnam and China is the core benefit, Vietnam will lose everything.
Dinh Kim Phuc

In recent ASEAN summit, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said that this is not the time is ripe to discuss the Rules of Conduct on Sea - COC. All the claims of China in the past 18 University is an indication of the path of China due to the Chinese, the Chinese government decided; others not interfere no matter who it is.

Quynh Chi: The last question sir, Mr. Luong Thanh Nghi, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has protested the action in U-shaped route map China passports. Vietnam in the past often protest against the action for a violation of Vietnam's sovereignty. But China still has the action is considered escalated. How do you assess the relationship between Vietnam and China today?

Dinh Kim Phuc: In a nutshell, "Once China looks the East Sea as the core interests. And Vietnam looks a friendship between Vietnam and China is the core benefit, Vietnam will lose all. " It's not just my own ideas but also the attention of many scholars at the last conference on East Sea.

Quynh Chi: Thank you sir.

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