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Vote "no confidence" good start to the process of expanding real democracy or just a formal action ........ deal?




The Government of Vietnam has passed a resolution will vote "credibility" State leaders including important positions in the government machinery such as: Chairman and State Vice President, Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly, Ministers and other members of the Cabinet must be a sad news for them but still not good news for the people of Viet Nam, even if this be specified and published in the national Constitution matter. The reason why the above resolution is not good news for the people of Vietnam, because by works mentioned above only comes from the idea of ​​mutual struggle within the party and the government aims to limit the power each other that not based on real interest to people, society and the homeland and guarantee that, human rights will be fully respected authorities is still very far away from reality.

However, like some of the comments from the public that there's somehow is still better than nothing . And it can be seen that corruption will lose the opportunity raging if a resolution on the "removal" of the recently passed strictly enforced. Things that people are always concerned and worried that it is the phenomenon of collusion and cover each other irregularities in local government. Therefore, the government officials will be brought to the vote of no confidence is likely just a superficial move, and coping in the context of social order and safety and political turmoil and instability due to overflow corruption causing. In general, the state of the country's economic and social order and safety has been restored or not, can be saved or not or will continue to recession slipping on the path of integration with other countries in the region and around the world are completely dependent on the goodwill and correct view of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam.

We hope that this will be a good start to shore up confidence in the hearts of people to the country's leader. And hope that when the economy of the country changed in a positive way will help the leaders of the Party and the government sector quickly changed their outlook and behavior to people, especially for those who for so long did not have the same views or have different views with the authorities. Expansion and democratic approach, which is the only way that the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government must wisely choose to continue to exist or to avoid unwanted conflicts with people who have ever been longing inherited a democracy and true freedom most of in global democratization trend today. The current comprehensive change from Burma, a nation that had been ruled by the military dictator group, is a good example for the dictatorship and the other communist countries to follow.


VN will 'vote of confidence' leadership
Update: 16:56 GMT, Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From mid-2013 leaders may have to go if they are 'low confidence'

Vietnamese National Assembly passed a resolution to mid next year will take vote of confidence from the president to the prime minister and many important positions.

In the Vietnamese media events are posted on 21/11/2012 resolutions "the vote of confidence" be adopted to improve the oversight function of the National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels.

Resolution is the process of self-resignation or dismissal of officials, senior leaders, depending on their level of trust achieved in Congress.

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According to Tuoi Tre newspaper publishing day, "more than half of the total number of deputies rated 'low trust' you can resign."

Low removal

"The more than two-thirds of the National Assembly rated 'low trust' or two years in a row with more than half of Congress rated 'low trust', the Standing Committee of the National Congress the vote of confidence to dismiss. "

The positions will be votes of confidence, including the president, vice-president; President of the National Assembly, National Assembly vice president, chairman of the National Council, the Committee of the National Assembly, the members of National Assembly Standing Committee; Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and other members of the Government.

In addition, Congress could vote of confidence the position of the judiciary as a judge of the Supreme People's Court, Head of the Supreme People's Procuracy and another agency is the State Auditor General .

With the legislative level under the National Assembly of the People's Assembly, the resolution provides that "the vote of confidence procedure, the vote of confidence was also conducted similar".

Accordingly, holders of positions: chairman of the People's Council, vice president of the People's Council, the People's Council permanent members, the head of the People's Council; People's Committee Chairman, vice People's Committee, the other members of the People's Committee is the object of the vote of confidence.

Resolution bring Vietnam closer to the standard of more advanced nations in the world according to a parliamentary democracy even in Vietnam is still an institutional party leaders of both state and society.

The positions will be votes of confidence, including the president, vice-president; President of the National Assembly, National Assembly vice president, chairman of the National Council, the Committee of the National Assembly "

However, it is noticeable in the use of language because the article is not yet the concept of 'no confidence vote' (vote of no-confidence, or motion de censure) as in many Western countries.

The difference is that the mechanism of vote of confidence or no confidence to senior positions in many countries included in the constitution, while in Vietnam stated in a resolution of the National Assembly.

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