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Anti-Corruption, means Anti-Party , against the government ...!!! ... This incredibly rare but completely true in Vietnam




Corruption lasting and develop, Petitioners long and growing. Two events, two problems, two aspects seemed to be completely different but have the same common denominator development in proportion. Well it comes to the word "corruption" or refer to any flowery language such as: "Anti-Corruption, Anti-Corruption ... etc ..." Vietnamese people in particular and the International Community in general no one can not help shaking his head clam bored. Official Anti-Corruption Law was born in Vietnam since 2005 in the context of the country was rife corruption. However up to now has over 7 years of corruption prevention and elimination of corruption and that corruption did not see the decline that left even rise to the level of dizziness leading to the country's economy fell into severe recession and the worst in the history of Vietnam.

Just heard through the anti-corruption in Vietnam means against the Party, against the authorities, strange and funny as listening to fairy tale, fable, or listen to gossip bluff someone's mouth who lives in idleness. However, this is a true story a hundred percent in Vietnam. After all, the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam have their own arguments when accused to those who anti-corruption (Petitioners), or those who love the country took to the streets to protest against China on charges of "anti- Party, against the State and against the government ... " In terms of human moral conscience, the anti-corruption (Petitioners) actually been unjustly accordance with the name "Petitioners". However, in terms of the law of Vietnam, the accused (petitioners) anti-corruption charges of "anti-regime, anti-party or anti-government ..." is completely founded.

The reason why? not perhaps Vietnamese law has certain provisions that: anti-corruption is anti-party or anti-government? Yes, I would like that everyone knows in Vietnam, the Communist Party is the highest power and especially not dominated and not bound by the law or the Constitution of Vietnam . And everyone knows the Communist Party agency directors, chaired Corruption ...!!! that current government officials, state officials and officials of corruption and negative, of which one is not member of the Communist Party of Vietnam. They are the people on behalf of the party, on behalf of the government, the case against them is not different as anti-party, anti-state or anti-government!!!. Vietnamese law allows only against corruption but did not allow to against the Party , against government officials by so if someone corruption who is normal citizen that are not public officials or not party members or officials, let people  be comfortable on anti ... that not fear to be convicted under article 88 of the CrPC the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In short, corruption was really deep into the flesh and blood of State officials, government officials, and if longer existing in party, the location how much higher the position, the serious corruption as much. Magic of "Corruption" is extremely formidable, it has turned people from being honest become criminals, from the place of native peoples, love their country and their fellow became traitors national, reactionary .... There're many people ever had a good home and happy family, each property live, dream ambition life so that in a moment crumble just because the word " corruption ". Corruption is present at all times, everywhere in Vietnam, there are at rampant corruption so heavy and serious that the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist state government must embrace their faces to utter "Oh! the God" and followed by a series of urgent summons from the Politburo, the Party Central Committee, from Congress ...... but finally gave up the word "corruption" because by it deep into the flesh and blood of a member of the Communist Party and government officials at all levels.

Corruption just does not really exist, there is no place to seek shelter if Vietnam really have a proper civil society, where private power no longer dominate and trample justice, no longer reigns on governing law and trampled human moral conscience. The real change, real reform in the political machinations, the government machinery, parts Party and government leaders present not only in the form of "self-criticism" or "form criticism "as was done in the Congress Party and the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam has made in the past. It is truly the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist government only needs to be done that is not allow anyone to sit on the law and the State Constitution. If so, the country of Vietnam, home of  Vietnam and the Vietnam Fatherland even though are ruled or operated by leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam or any other political party also no problems and will have no land to live, no environment and no chance for corruption, development, morbidity and survival in human life in Vietnam.

A British reporter, Mr. Bill Hayton only because write and post his honesty and objectivity book about Vietnam, which recently rejected by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. Journalists in the country to write the truth is not good for the party and government immediately arrested and prosecuted on charges of "propaganda against the State" under Article 88 of the Criminal Code, while foreign journalists if Similar behavior is immediately blocked the door and do not look forward to the opportunity to come to Vietnam again. Vietnamese Communist Party and the government is only allow to write anything that journalists have never seen, never heard or never known at the discretion of the government alone and never to be allowed to write or publish the wrongs of the Party and the government. Blogger Dieu Cay, The journalist Hoang Khuong, Journalist Viet Chien, Viet Khang Musicians, Musician Tran Vu Anh Binh, young female student Phuong Uyen is the mirror that the communist government of Vietnam has undertaken to deter people in the country and ... recent case of British journalist Bill Hayton is the typical recommendation for foreign reporters and journalists.



British author was police banned entry

Sent to the BBC from London
Update: 15:02 GMT, Friday, November 16, 2012

Vietnam is country shut the authors for what they write.

Phóng viên Bill Hayton tại Bảo tàng Cách mạng ở Hà Nội khi còn là phóng viên BBC

Reporter Bill Hayton at the Revolution Museum in Hanoi as a 

I know this because it happened to me.

Two months ago the Diplomatic Academy invited me to attend the annual conference of the South China Sea (expected opening of 19/11 in Ho Chi Minh City).

Now I have given up completely trying to attend.

This is a big disappointment because the conferences are very attractive and it's supposed to be an opportunity to properly understand the views of Vietnam in the South China Sea dispute.

But now the book I wrote about the dispute with the interview in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand as well as in China and the United States in the near future, will not have to look in Vietnamese.

All because the Ministry of Public Security.

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I and some others in the past two months has sent a lot of e-mail and phone calls about visas but the result is still the beginning.

In the latest week, the Institute of Foreign Affairs tried to find solutions and for the past few days the British Embassy in Hanoi is also trying to help.

And today confirmed that the Ministry of Public Security has denied a visa.

Just because the book?

The only reason that the Ministry of Public Security may have to ban me they did not like the book I wrote two years ago about Vietnam,'' Vietnam: Rising Dragon'' (Vietnam: rising dragon).

This is the only reason.

Since I do not have contact with dissident organizations, I never had the plot to overthrow the State or the Communist Party of Vietnam and I would never violate entry and exit regulations

Of course when I was a correspondent in Hanoi six years ago, I regularly violating the Press Law - but all foreign correspondent in Vietnam are in violation of the Press Law almost daily.

No foreign journalists can operate in Vietnam under the draconian restrictions of the Press Law.

This law requires all foreign journalists to the authorities five days in advance before any action for journalism, every interview, telephone, all mail for information.

Of course that is not possible, the deadline is also impossible. Therefore, any natural foreign journalists themselves have to 'illegal' and authorities turn a blind eye until the foreign correspondents write something that the Ministry of Public Security are not satisfied.

Journalist Bill Hayton activities in Vietnam

This is one of the reasons why Vietnam is at the bottom of the ranking list of press freedom.

But other foreign journalists should not be allowed entry despite violating the Press Law.

So why am I a threat to the police? Will the police think that my book may corrupt the leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam?

It is the book reflects modern Vietnam in an honest, fair and moderation.

It includes both positive and negative, tells the true operation of the political system, the party maintained their power and relations with the outside world?

There is little new in the book can be considered as the Vietnamese because they know most of the things I write.

I think my sin is to publicize this in English to foreign governments and donors can read.

Been adopted by many people read books. At least one university in the United States recommends the study of Southeast Asian students read this book.

No one told me about any errors or inaccuracies and no one said policy is unfair or biased.

Perhaps this is why the books are not allowed in Vietnam.

Perhaps this is also why I was banned in Vietnam.

It seems that the Ministry of Public Security as write the truth about contemporary Vietnam is a crime.

And what I write will only make the vision of the Ministry of Public Security to me more and more unfriendly.

But it is important that people know to act to prevent free speech and prevent the publication of the views of Vietnam in the East Sea issue of the Ministry of Public Security.

This article represents the personal views of Bill Hayton in the role of authors and researchers in Vietnam. BBC English has contacted the Embassy of Vietnam in London and received a comment that the article content "prejudiced" and "not good for the relationship


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