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The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government will behave how the legitimate aspirations of the people of the country Petitioners. Especially after the death of that 76-year-old bag of petitioners, Ms. Ha Thi Nhung gardens Ly Tu Trong today 12 -11 - 2012?



Listen to the voice of the people, listen to the legitimate aspirations of the people and then proceed to resolve any issues and problems related to the field of land for disputes and claims between the government and the people and between Religion and authorities by sensibly way for both of love and law so that reached to no concentrated phenomenon crowded for collective claim action of the people. This is not only thing longed of fellow petitioners in whole country but  is also the most urgent needs of the whole society in the context of public order and security and social security in Vietnam is full of uncertainties and growing more and more worse. We believe that, any current desire of the petitioners of Thu Thiem in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, the petitioners of Van Giang, Hung Yen in particularly and the petitioners of whole Vietnam in generally is the legitimate aspirations and in accordance with Vietnamese law, in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan as well as in accordance with international law on human rights people.

Discussions related to the implementation of government policies on land his last State of Vietnam between former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment and the petitioners in Van Giang related to the recovery and delivery land for urban projects Van Giang (Ecopark) is a good start, is a beautiful picture deserves respect, has been public opinion and foreign sympathy and appreciation, as well as worthy of considered as a typical example should be replicated throughout the country. This is a unique opportunity for the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government take to build confidence and beautiful pictures of them in the soul of people as well as for the International Community. However, the irresponsible statement of a current senior ruling officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam, is the Deputy Minister Chu Pham Ngoc Hien has extinguished faith and hope just flashed in my heart petitioners Van Giang Hung Yen, petitioners Thu Thiem in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City in particularly and the petitioners in whole country in generally.

Still know that the direct dialogue with petitioners, as well as willingness to settle all issues related to the field of land for people petitioners a way through the reach is not easy for the communist government of Vietnam today. Because the consequences need to be overcome by the corruption of land from government officials and officials of the Vietnamese Communist cause in many years is too big and very serious, not to mention to a number of cases that relating to the life of the people as has happened in the cases of forcible land wrong and more violent in the past in Bac Giang province, in Con Dau parish in Da Nang, and in  Ly Tu Trong flower garden, Ha Noi today 12-11-2012 .... that despite receiving money generously or any other benifits is also can not be offset. However, the petitioners of country in particularly and Vietnamese people in generally still hope to see the sincere and good corrective recovery from the Party and government leaders at all levels in the structure of the the communist government of Vietnam today.

Bitterness, frustration and disorientation, which is the current feeling in the hearts of the vast majority of Vietnamese people. The two words " accept error", two words "correct the error", and two words "overcome" sounds is simple but why so hard to open their mouths? Our grandparents old often allegorical saying that: "beat person who get away, does not beat person who running back ever", well, the communist government of Vietnam in the eyes of people today is the persons who have " run away ", which is no one can deny. However, to truly become the "running back person" in the eyes of the people, this completely depends on the proper awareness of the Vietnamese communist state government as well as from actual willingness to correct from the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam today. In the meantime the back focal switch of the leaders and the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people we need to continue to further promote the campaign to demand justice, human rights claim, reclaim the rights and our legitimate interests which the Party and the Vietnamese Communist government has stripped illegally since they came to power in both the South and North.


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The police caused the death of a petitioner,76-year-old?

After the death of the petitioners Ha Thi Nhung, the police have been mobilized to measure, setting up the scene in the garden Ly Tu Trong (Photos: Blog Xuan Viet Nam)

Danlambao -  blog Xuân Việt Nam just emergency broadcast a statement about a case of the petitioners had died after police dragged, pushed in rally this morning, 12/11/2012 at garden Ly Tu Trong. The victim was Ms. Ha Thi Nhung, 76 years old, back in Thanh Hoa.

Those who witnessed accused security forces of the impact caused the death of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung. It is known that before the incident, her health, is still normal.

This morning's demonstration of the petitioners with the desire to be the National Assembly are meeting to listen to the aspirations of the people. However, only a few minutes to stretch banners against corruption, police, civil defense did not wear uniforms table names appear disbanded.

As described, the uniformed forces behave as 'thugs, gangsters', with very vulgar words for those good old parents. In the chaos, tension, Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung read aloud the questions on corruption folk. Immediately, a group of police, civil defense proceed to rip the banner then dragged her away. A few minutes later, it was found she fell down fainting. Everyone rushed to the aid but the victim did not survive.

After the Ms. Nhung fall, many people have asked, even pleaded with the police forces there quickly called an ambulance. However, in response to the alienation and indifference attitude of the uniformed forces.

Before his death, Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung only wish the state is addressing complaints about the state of grievances during his many years of complaints. Reportedly, she has devoted to this regime for 30 years, had been awarded the second-class resistance, but because of negative corruption of local officials pushed her to fall into this situation to go ' begging '.

Ms. Tran Thi Quynh Mai, petitioners Binh Duong said of the death of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung at garden Ly Tu Trong

Ms. Tran Thi Quynh Mai, petitioners Pacific laments said: Before he died, she said, " the State Just let me hold the book of pension for 2 days, I die is also alright."

Upon receiving the news, Mrs. Le Hien Duc - Citizens against corruption, was quickly on hand to support. At present, the bodies of the victims were taken to Saint Paul Hospital (Hanoi), German grandmother and some of the petitioners are outside waiting for the autopsy results.

Mrs. Le Hien Duc spoke after the death of the petitioners Ha Thi Nhung

Floating secret police force was mobilized, the aim is to dispel the petitioners and concealed information about the death of Mrs. Nhung. It is known that this morning the ward were sent to harass Mrs. Le Hien Duc, on the grounds that 'related to the people of the ward'. However, representatives of the ward then was chased by Mrs. Duc.

Currently, people have not been able to communicate with relatives, victims' Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung.

Le Hien Duc said earlier cases also a petitioner lit himself on fire before its base at Ha Dong.

Ms. Cuc, Thanh Hoa petitioners reported the propression this morning in the flower garden Ly Tu Trong

- At 16 o'clock this afternoon, Ms. Bùi Thị Minh Hằng update some information on facebook:

I  just called for some of the petitioners who were present when the old woman was pushed and led to the death of her.

The petitioners said there are a few of Mrs. Nhung's relatives come from Thanh Hoa but the police are looking for ways to isolate them not to contact witnesses for information about the death of their mother, their grant mother. ... . At the same time their for 1 police access to only 1 of the petitioners to take testimony ...

A lot of the shows are staged and falsifying information about the death to cover up the crimes "Murder" of hooligans tools.

Let us together to convey information and track all changes to promptly contribute to the crimes of all the animals

Expect many of the same communion!

Facebook Bùi Thị Minh Hằng



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Petitioners District 2 petition government dialogue
Gia Minh, editor RFA

Many people in three wards An Khanh, Binh An and Binh Khanh, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City government continues to propose dialogue on enforcement decisions that they said are illegal.


Ms. Nguyen Thuy Truc Ly before the house,
No. 23/16B, Tran Nao, one neighborhood, was ward
Binh An, Dist 2, police and militia
coercion on 31/07/2012.

Gia Minh questioning to Le Van Lung, a household of more than two thousand households in the complaint so long in that area. First of all this he raised a number of irrational decisions issued by the local government.

Mr. Le Van Lung: First, our regional planning is not in 1/5000 of the Prime Minister for approval and also not in the detailed planning of 1/2000 of the city approval; so we are not in land withdrawn.

Second in 2007, our local government - that party secretary and chairman of Binh An Ward had written to the party secretary and chairman of the district People's Committee asked to answer clearly is our neighborhood We are in the planning time and a map hanging somewhere for the people we know to comply. But the People's Committee of District 2 over two or three times still no answer. This shows that the People's Committees of wards also not know the planning.

Our people react much complaint and accused many times.

Gia Minh: the highest level that people see is whom, and how to answer?

Mr.. Le Van Lung: We appeal to the district People's Committee, but Ward and district did not respond to us. Over time we submitted to the City People's Committee, the city sent back to the county.

Time Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet as president, and the Congress district unit 2 of us. But two district governments also restrict contact us, only those selected veterans, veteran revolutionaries.

While we respect the law, respect the promise of Ms. parliament, is the People's Committee of District 2 to enhance the physical destruction. We thought, the boosting smashed the People's Committee of District 2 is to cancel the scene, and space.
Mr. Le Van Lung

Relative requirements for government inspectors on inspection. But also do not see. We recommend this project, they said the prime minister, not the president. Then some of our people to 'expressions' City People's Committee.

Gia Minh: This time of the petition, the level of trust?

Mr. Le Van Lung: On the level of trust, we saw this time was different. And we are a promise of her national parliament and chairman of the city People's Council, Ms. Nguyen Thi Determination, after years of futility.

While we respect the law, respect her promise parliament, the People's Committee of District 2 to enhance the physical destruction. We boosting smashed the People's Committee of District 2 is to cancel the scene, and space.

We make messages urging her mind, but she did not respond.

Now we come to the office lawyer Tran Vu Hai to legal support, hope as that status of a law office, the City People's Committee and Ms. Nguyen thi quyet Tam must to have respond.

Gia Minh: Thank you, Mr. Le Van Lung.

According to the time line:

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Deng Hung Vo: 'Van Giang no simpler'

Recognized competence allocation is "wrong" but Mr Dang Hung Vo said that, Van Giang service not only as simple as that. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said, dialogue of Mr. Vo not reflect the opinion of the Ministry.
> Dang Hung Vo Van Giang people sorry

Talking to VnExpress, Dang Hung Vo said that working with people Van Giang (Hung Yen) yesterday "entirely on an individual" because he "had to sign two documents" related to the project urban Van Giang. He said, after the dialogue, not leaders or officials having idea with him.

Dang Hung Vo in dialogues on 8/11. Photo: Nguyen Hung.

Dang Hung Vo, important issues, the key to this case is to determine the "authority of the Government or the Prime Minister" in the allocation decision. By authority which lasted from 15/10/1993 until 07/01/2004, when all documents are signed by the Prime Minister.

"The problem is must have any reasons in the past, must to clarify why, on the basis of any form of" practice "is not to this project just happen that thing," said Vo. The former Deputy Minister for know, bright 9/11, he has asked the Office of the Government and is known, the number of the Prime Minister's decision to land on the basis of the authority of the Government at this stage is on the 3000 text .

According to Vo, in-depth analysis of the law, this is "not normal". "The law must be very tight, not able to think laws like this style management agencies may perform differently and still considered. It was an experience when it comes to the Prime Minister decided all first to land in the authority of the Government. If government authorized the Prime Minister is also incompatible with the law. And of course violates land in Vietnam is about rice meal, "said Vo comment .

More about the dialogue on 8/11, Vo said he sincerely accept responsibility because not enough arguments to refute the views of citizens and lawyers. But he said, to see them all, but the story "not so simple". In a week, he would consider all matters to final conclusions before he send a written request to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In this dialogue, Mr Dang Hung Vo got the error before the Van Giang people because "what caused the loss of people". The conversation revolves around eight years ago, when he was in office, Mr. Vo has signed two documents submitted to the Prime Minister, proposed land acquisition to build a highway linking Hanoi and Hung Yen Thanh Tri bridge and urban market Van Giang (Van Giang Hung Yen province).

Talking to VnExpress this morning, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Chu Pham Ngoc Hien said he did not care and did not follow the conversation between Mr Dang Hung Vo and people Van Giang (Hung Yen) on 8 / 11, even if Mr. Vo is the former head of the Ministry and the dialogue was held in the former headquarters of the Ministry.

"Mr. Vo retired, his dialogue is not anything to do. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment gave their views and dialogue with people," Hien said. Deputy Minister Hien also dialogue with Van Giang people at the end of August.

Van Giang, urban projects was allow made by the Prime Minister, assigned Investment Company and urban development Viet Hung as investors. On 30/6/2004, the Prime Minister has decided to withdraw land to make. The project is approximately 500 hectares in 3 Xuan Quan, Phung Cong, Nine High in Van Giang district and 55 hectares for roads Hanoi - Hung Yen. This is the largest ecological urban North with a total initial investment of up to $ 6 billion.

                                                                                                                                                                   Nguyen Hung

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