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Patriotism of the young generation in Vietnam boiled after the crackdown, arrests and convictions wrong of communist government of Vietnam



Illegal arrests and court condemns two patriotic musicians of Vietnam is  artist Viet Khang and composer Tran Vu Anh Binh only because writing to express patriotism of the Vietnamese citizens before aggression and invasion of the Chinese communist government over the illegal occupation of the Paracels and the Spratlys of Vietnam as well as expose the social injustice in Vietnam today, faced angry wave data and extensive opposition from local people and the International Community. Especially, the hearing with wrongs and full of injustice above has attracted the attention of deep and wide across the country from the youth and students today, that the interview of the Voice of the United States (VOA) recently for four young youth who represent the younger generation of both area: South, and North is a testament to the most specific.

The purpose of the arrest and conviction of badly wrong for the case of dissident blogger Dieu Cay, dissident Blogger Ta Phong Tan, patriotic musician Viet Khang, patriotic artist Tran Vu Anh Binh, and recent especially the abduction nature of terrorism to young female students of the University of Food Industry, Ho Chi Minh City is aimed at deterrence, aimed at threatening the spirit of patriotism, love Freedom and Democracy of Vietnamese Youths and students, young people, active with extreme zeal and patriotism who certainly will not be standing pondering with their arms folded looking at the fate of the country tilted off before the aggression and invasion of government Communist China, as well as can continue standing arms crossed looking patriotic people time and time again writhing under the brutal repression, under the brutal beaten of Vietnamese police when they down the streets to express patriotism against aggressor China. Please see: Historic kich into the face of Nationalism of Vietnam by People's public Police  

Immoral actions of the communist government of Vietnam and their vile evil purposes was calculated, arranged in more Storage and carefully plan carefully. But the results that they receive as a result of counter-productive not as they desire. It's not only non-threatening, not imposed nor terror patriotism of the Vietnamese people in generally and young students in particularly, but also indirectly encouraging the spirit of Nationalism and increase enthusiasm of their highly patriotic. Yes, it's true, no one can hold back the tears when seeing patriotic Vietnamese people against the aggressor were police kicked straight in the face without any mercy, or the scene they were Communist government arrested and to tie up as tying an animal .... and then this in turn patriotic artists, the young Catholic patriot, patriotic students ..... continued become the sacrifice, the next target for the mental act of terrorism, beatings, torture, and arrests detention because of patriotism and love Nationalism. Oh, What's tired of!, And What's unhappy! when Vietnamese patriotic hearts, love hearts Ethnic of Vietnam are day and day were communist tyranny Vietnam raged and trampled mercilessly. Vietnamese society, the country of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people will go to where if still persist the wrongs policies and powerful persons but cruel and sinister now???


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P / V young people in the country on 'Music' and 'Sentences' of Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh

Two Vietnamese artists Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh

Trà Mi-VOA

Tra Mi welcome you and you to the Youth Magazine's weekly VOA.

List of Vietnamese who were imprisoned on charges of 'propaganda against the state' continues to increase. Following the human rights activists who advocate democracy, dissidents, journalists, and bloggers, most recently, two young musicians recently sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison after producing the song that the government said is 'reactionary', 'anti-state'.

Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh, the author of the songs to be more loving people, especially the youth, on 30/10 were sentenced respectively 4 and 6 years in prison for the lyrics as' misery hungry poor, the powerful rich to lie ',' against invaders, against spineless persons who sell Vietnam country ', or' ethnic groups where stars are interested do minions for China for thousand later to record which hands stained with blood of people? '


. U.S. concerned the prison sentences of Vietnamese artists Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh 
. FIDH: the prison sentences for Viet Khang, Anh Binh violation of international human rights law 
. International reaction to the judgment of Viet Khang, Anh Binh 
. Freedom of speech muffled in Vietnam 
. The victory of the weak 
. Việt Nam jailed two young musicians who write songs against China  
. UN accused Vietnam of violating international law

Hanoi prison sentences for two musicians met with strong opposition from the French government, the United States, the protection of human rights organizations in the world, and democracy-loving people at home and abroad. Young people interested in this event how feedback about the music and the judgment of Viet Khang and Anh Binh?

Journal of Youth today have a talk with four young people in countries from North and South- is Viet, Le, Trang and Vu.

Musician Viet Khang

Le Saigon: I'm starting to know to Viet Khang musicians from songs of  where is Vietnam ? and  Who are you?. I knew to musician Anh Binh from when he wrote the song of shine of Vietnam  . These are songs that went to the heart. I'm impressed with their songs about love country, love of country, the oppression and injustice of the police crackdown on the patriotism of the times down the road against Chinese aggression strategy.

Vu Ha Noi: I pay attention to the songs that bold love  country starting from the protests in 2011, especially the song Who are you that I also participated in anti-China protests. Vietnam where I and Who must admit that is unforgettable songs because at least I used to be a witness of those days.

Viet Saigon: I know two songs of Viet Khang since the Vietnamese refugee program in the United States on a petition calling for freedom for Viet Khang. A British musician Binh I know after he was arrested, the Redemptorists have posted his songs. He was arrested and then know that many famous songs that singer Dan Truong singing formerly is belong to Anh Binh.

Musician Tran Vu Anh Binh

Trang Saigon : Listen to the songs of Anh Binh, I feel he is a patriot, urged people to retain the culture of Vietnam.

Tra Mi: However, the two musicians we are talking about are the center of attention of international public opinion sentences totaling 10 years on charges of 'propaganda against the state' directly related to the song of which they are authors. Their judgment met opposition from international. And you, who are young in the country interested in these two musicians, your response?

Listen to the interview

Vu Ha Noi: I'm very surprised and sorry for them.

Le Saigon: 4 years in prison for Khang and six years in prison for Mr. Binh is extremely heavy and inhuman. The government relies on its rules to make out really harsh sentences for artists in particular and those who express patriotism in general.

Viet Saigon : In Vietnam, the sentences is considered as normal in the communist country. Being attributed to the 88 or 79 not minor sentences ever. At least 3 years.

Tra Mi: You say this sentence is 'normal' in Vietnam. If it is 'normal', why are you still surprised? Why more people are interested and many surprises?

Viet Saigon: Everything review their work is nothing to be so far. Two songs of Viet Khang which leads to four years in prison. For those who have conscience, they have to resist, is not acceptable, either 1 day or 1 hour in jail, that not say till a few years in prison.

Le Saigon: Actually I was shocked about this judgment. On the civil side, the songs reflect the passionate patriotism, singing about the country, about the aggressive invasion of China. Yet the authorities determined to apply Article 88 to see that the work was 'propaganda against State'. This is a cut neck and showed people, no respect for the love of their native country, the people.

Tra Mi: Listen to the song, you feel any of the elements 'anti-state' to waft in it?

Viet Saigon: The reality is not the state that is anti-authoritarian, one-party, anti very harsh rule. The song of Viet Khang along with the image of (police) arrested, beaten, and trample into the face of protesters against China is significant.

Vu Ha Noi: There something really sensitive here. Two songs against China can see clearly no offense to the people of Vietnam, which star two musicians was arrested? We note in its content and its neighbors to be powerful as well as a regime like us, see pity for the two musicians.

Le Saigon: The songs of these two musicians totally not relate in 'anti-government', which only express the passionate love of country 'against invaders, against spineless persons sell Vietnam country' . If based on two lines of the song that the Vietnamese communist authorities transplant them into the 88 'propaganda against the state', it is clear that they identify themselves part of  'spineless persons sell Vietnam country'.

Tra Mi: lyrics such as 'Why is the heart minions for China' to the authorities 'anti-state'. What about comments from your audience, the young audience as you feel how the words to this song?

Trang Saigon: Every time I hear these songs do not understand why my tears comes out. I feel what is going on in his native Vietnam. The police must protect the people, on the contrary, they suppress the Vietnamese people. Very painful to see such scenes.

Viet Saigon: If the Communist Party of Vietnam and the current government that works just like the Philippines, the songs of Viet Khang not make sense. Philippine Government voiced strong support and people opposed the invasion of China is very small on the island of Philipppines. What about the Vietnamese government arrested, beaten, threatened, people should the songs of Viet Khang just music sense.

Tra Mi: A party that tracks government expresses its discontent, opposition. One side advocates and interested two musicians say that the song reflects the social reality, realistic warning the country ...

Vu Ha Noi: Myself as directly present in the protests against China, I saw the reality in each of the lyrics Who are you of Viet Khang. We have recorded many scenes footage in both Saigon and Hanoi was arrested on a bus, suppressed. The lyrics in the UK who is very honest. Vietnam where I no longer reflects reality, which raises real problems festering in the hearts of people, and pressing concerns of people for this country when Chinese vessels roaming off while the Vietnamese government suppressed the protesters. The song speaks to the fact that we seem to see a cowardice of the higher ones in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee.

Tra Mi: Have you heard this song a little feel in my heart that it also expresses the discontent and opposition?

Le Saigon: The song is very close to the reality of this society at the time.

Tra Mi: Songs that you think reflects reality has resulted in prison sentences. This reflects what? How significant judgments in the eyes of young people?

Viet Saigon: Even in the case of this song disgruntled content, anti-matter, their prison sentences, although a date, a time, not because they have a right to express their . Speaking of songs two musicians is opposed, compound 88 to imprison them is very unjust and inhumane actions.

Le Saigon: It shows no respect for the law and bring retaliation. Ruling power of deterrence, intimidation or patriotism, especially among artists and intellectuals.

Trang Saigon: The song is a call from the heart to the authorities look at the suffering of the people to be fair.

Tra Mi: About affect and effect of the song and the following sentence, you recognize?

Viet Saigon: Listen to their song I'm more aware of the responsibilities and duties of a child for the fate of his people before the invasion of China.

Le Saigon: Listen to this song, I'm in love with the country, the country, the people and feel the pain of aggression (of China) and the atrocities of the Vietnamese police force to patriots.

Tra Mi: What about the impact of the judgment that they are on the take?

Le Saigon: On judgment, I feel hurt and shame for the law of Vietnam and the Vietnamese government.

Trang Saigon: The song is young love and you hear more and more.
The young people have found to these two songs then you must find for themselves the truth of how this society, you will understand how the country situation. You must stand up to fight for the truth, for the country of Vietnam.

Viet Saigon: The sentence is true is counterproductive. For no matter how heavy it is not a deterrent for young people and Vietnamese people have a sense of ethnic Vietnamese. Such as myself and my friends are also not afraid of anything, they can hear and proclaim the normal song.

Tra Mi: When musicians write down thoughts sobbing, pressing, they look forward to the government, the person in charge, listen to their feelings, listen to how feel in the heart of Vietnamese people at what is happening in Vietnamese society. But the sobbing had not listened to the contrary is punishable by a jail term. Reasonable expectations of the authors Viet Khang and Anh Binh major adverse effects such as state judgments made for them?

Viet Saigon: A dictator shall never listen to the opinions of others? What is right or wrong they would not listen.

Tra Mi: Before the reaction that, should express his feelings through the work whether in the form of matter has only have the opposite effect, the procession shows the body only?

Vu Ha Noi: Through their work, we see their enthusiasm for the country. There will be a Viet Khang Tran Vu Anh Binh Monday? It is also my concern about this country.

Saigon: Author of Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh, the authorities have heard or not, it does not matter. It is important that people listen, which is a good thing. Now hear a lot of people. So, they fear and try to catch, jailed two musicians.

Tra Mi: two musicians immediately following the preliminary hearing has decided not to appeal. A judgment that people are unfair but people in the back did not appeal, appeal. Feedback How are you doing before this?

Le Saigon: They appeal not reflect that they accept the verdict. For the current Vietnamese society, its things like this should be the opposite. Two musicians write songs speak of love water, love the people, but the heavy sentence like this, I feel very shameful for the country's judiciary.

Tra Mi: As the people sympathetic to the Viet Khang and Anh Binh, you share their message in any way and how?

Le Saigon: Vietnamese living in society at the moment, I feel the deep meaning of the song when still abound that injustice and oppression. To follow these two musicians, young people in Vietnam need more training efforts patriotism, more interested in the people and the country to improve the social situation of Vietnam today.

Tra Mi just send you comments and opinions of four young people in the country related to a 10-year prison sentence on charges of 'propaganda against the state' for Tran Vu Anh Binh and Viet Khang, the author of the song song aggressive anti-China protest government's behavior and injustice in society.

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