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What to say ...... with the teachers, with parents and students on celebrate Teacher's Day of Vietnam 20-11-2012.... this year....?


Between the Rose and Jasmine, should choose which flowers that  to match for donation of Teachers on 20-11-2012 Teachers' Day .... this year ....!!!



Teachers, students, parents and the people are being feeling, thoughts or concern to what on the occasion of Teacher's Day Vietnam 20-11-2012 this year? As usual every year, on this day, a series of visit words, the wishes and many bunch of flowers interspersed gifts that were the parents, the students prepared a thoughtful and decent to look hopes to bring joy and gratitude for their precious teacher. In terms of material, it seems that not too many people do not think even less, even more, although lucxury or not , everyone has the full show full. However, in the present material life, people seem to have forgotten a noble thing to be shown in the anniversary of this great divine gift that is the spirit of the Vietnamese people, Ethnicity Vietnam bags life remains constant cherish through generations, through all time, and these services of teachers have already been recorded by such folk proverb: "When drinking water, remember its source, or eat fruit, remember who planted the tree ... " or as the folk adage that still often whispered to each other: "No teacher, to bet you do everything ...".

Well, enjoy material life and the inevitable demand of Vietnamese society today, makes people gradually forgotten the traditional education and moral goodness of the previous five months old . Same is a teacher, I feel pity and really bored reflect on what has and is happening in environmental education today under the roof of Socialism. Most of the teacher are only hope this day is coming fast to be received generous gifts, precious from the parents and the students and really have forgotten the most precious thing they need is the knowledge precious grace merits, fervent gratitude to the education with good moral achievement, by the study results need to .... I also remember the days of the years before 1975, the feeling of excitement of teacher that I accidentally read  through his look when he heard that I was one of the few students of the class, of the school who was achievement in studying. That look, that smile, have given me the feeling that the gift that Teacher need and wish to be received truely from the students, from the parents is invaluable spiritual gift like that.

Unfortunately, today is the loss of the beautiful images that noble spiritual and replaced by luxury gifts with empty wishes. Sometimes, I gush thinking, do not know the current school roof of Socialism, teacher taught the students something? and where students, what they have learned? I heard brief, it appears the teacher in each class, instead of reminding students ethically, teach them diligently, you see only remind students Please study by Ho Chi Minh's moral example ...!!! Do not know the current students have learned what, understand and be aware of what the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh's beloved? but the phenomenon of moral decadence among young people today is undeniable. Perhaps we should consider this aspect than inadequate and need to help students understand how the "At first of school study moral, then study-literacy" a slogan standards but now it no longer exists in the classroom and in educational environment under the direction of the current socialist ways.

In addition, the negative impact to the students before action suppress patriotism of the Vietnamese communist authorities to young students and Vietnamese students in the country at present is difficult to avoid from. The bad image and contradictory above not only made the students mistake understand about the patriotism that sometimes a misperception that, patriotic is guilty, patriotism is betraying the people, betray Nation and reverse these is blindly obeyed all The arrangement of the Party and government .... accepting all circumstances as well as grateful and loyal to the aggressor .. major new .. like that just is patriotism, love country and Ethnicity ...!!!. Think of the real situation of the country of Vietnam today and think of dark gloomy outlook of the younger generation in Vietnam in the future, we could not help shaking our head and bored. Teachers' Day in Vietnam 20-11-2012 this year, What we need to talk with students, with parents and Teachers? In addition to equipping for students the basic knowledge needed, moral thinking, the Vietnamese education sector also need to be brave to help students understanding of patriotism and have minimum knowledge of the the basic rights of human which are being in society, in the country of Vietnam in particular and in other countries around the world in general.


Write about teachers on Teachers' Day
Posted by cheoreo lúc 1:41 Sáng 20/11/12

   VRNs (20/11/2012) - Saigon - Presentation of the ceremony is complete, I visit specific anoint him in Catholic neighbors, the Priory was dinner time. Choose boiled vegetable dishes, fried dried fish chips to eat in a hurry for dinner. As I sat at the table, rolling his eyes toward the opposite, teacher and father image trembling hand slowly put the soup spoon to look hard, suddenly feel irritated gas, choked. Dinner is hard to swallow.

The master of our brother! The teacher has gentle eyes with a pair of thick glasses, he looked kindly, wise and beautiful homes, this is how people then comment on him not only for what we do. Yet after only a few seasons moon, hour meet saw shabby, pale wrinkled. Advanced age to more serious illness that his body adulterated with time.

Low down, quiet monastery. Monastic wandering along the corridor watching the moon through the trees, his old teacher still images from haunting my mind. Knowing how his students have now is superior, his teachers, the order of his spiritual master ... our priests. That each teacher up and down here from Asia to Europe to attend the General Assembly. Teachers pass on to you my thoughts of the Fathers, updated most heated theological ideas. The tireless teacher drunk when talking about new wind, new life of the Second Vatican Council. The teacher with the ability to receptors literature to art expert. Teacher where to go and hugged by thick stack of books. Teacher with many profound ideas, experience spirituality, deep in each preaching. Teacher of hundreds of articles filled with time to make up the figure and your own style of his teaching excellence. Who was still silently silently appeared beside you blow ke, drugs, AIDS, poor children wandering the streets, spicy bitter split with the girls worry about that ...

Him, father, night sitting quietly in a small room away. The teacher was walking on a hard, insomnia and more difficult to eat, but it seems that he was never alone by how many people besides, how the games are going the way he was going through. Remembering her smile and eyes late autumn of him tonight I feel relieved.

Charter teachers, listen to the song The Master Nhat Huy: "Even counting all the stars tonight, even count the autumn leaves fall, but how can I count all the thanks the teacher" is worth the who's felt through the acknowledgment of the priests, spiritual beings that God sent to us in the religious life.
It's great when people who he patterned his life following the example of the divine Master Jesus. Respectful and care for the teacher to follow the path Christ has come, live the spirit of Christ.

Know what to gift him? Perhaps the most precious gift he in the days of fast-flowing stream of life still to live in the spirit of "Sequela Christi" (in Christ) that anyone that gives teachers, lifelong gift every teacher wishes.

Dom Nguyen

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