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Struggle life-and-dead, tireless, fearless and determined not to back down before the violence of the communist government of Vietnam



Dozens of these petitioners were the Vietnamese Communist government arrested and then was transferred to the prison at the Center for the Protection of Society at 1 Dong Dau Village, Duc Tu commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi on the night of November 7, 201 while they are living miserable wander on path reclaim Justice, have come together to focus before the public authorities with expect to be reviewed, to be helped and resolved before glaring injustice that  were corrupt officials at the local and central conspired together to appropriate their property, their homes and land by the wrong way. According to information received, many of them had to wait for each subject for a long time in some cases extending to tens of years have not been the competent authorities for consideration and settlement. And now the answer and the only attention they get from the government that is to be arrested illegally and have a risk of both loss of property, loss of their homes and farms land but also maybe would have to receive the full judgment of injustice in the future!.

Corruption severe and prolonged land is a rather common phenomenon and is happening in Vietnamese society that the latest report of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam by the Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly Nguyen Van Rich presented in the National Assembly on November 7, 2012 has recently defined the phenomenon of corruption worse above. According to the report of the National Assembly, in addition to the limited capabilities and weaknesses in the management and treatment of the phenomenon of corruption negatively related to land area, it is irresponsible, and violent behavior, unscrupulous, unethical as the current communist government of Vietnam is the main reason leading to the collective land claims increased and prolonged. Not only that, it also added incentive for corruption increase in Vietnamese society today when the government officials violations still have carefree living outlaws, and to indulge in dissipation on blood of the people, and petitioners, the victims of illegally land coercive who lost homes, farms land to live in the streets, hard times, no place of refuge, no money, and even no job is to be treated badly just like an animal. Sometimes even less than an animal.

Mistakes from the corrupt government officials is clear. However, in stead of remedial, repair faults, errors and omission to return justice back to the people, the Vietnamese communist authorities to choose the way of remedial by unconscionable, immoral actions to deal with people as they carried out illegal arrest and detention of dozens of petitioners said above last night. Wrongdoing and irresponsible of Ha Noi government as add fuel to the fire, making the public more and more from outrage. At the same time, making the Vietnamese people are now skeptical of goodwill against corruption and against negative of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government of Vietnam. Confidence of people to the government are no longer available. Even those who had previously served as comrade with them, had devoted his youth, devote a part of body and even their precious life to serve the so-called: "Liberation of South , freed the slaves and poor people's blood, "now also understand and recognize the true nature of the communists, the true nature of the Communist regime and the only choice to them asking for justice, justice for themselves, their families, that is continue to carry out the life-and-dead struggle with the communist dictatorship in Vietnam, tireless, fearless and determined not to back down before the violence of the communist government of Vietnam.


Police carries out arrest the protest petitioners
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  VRNs (08/11/2012) - Saigon - From Hai Phong, the rights civil Pham Thanh Nghien, said: "I have just received news: Last night, the 29 Petitioners claim has been a large police force (estimated up to 200 people) coercion and taken away. This time 29 people were sent to TT Social Protection 1 (Dong Dau Village, Duc Tu Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi). One among those who were arrested told me that, this is where "detention" disability persons, the missed, wandering helpless. "

TT Social Protection 1, the path from the Sword Lake to Center about 15km, the road quite easily, passing Cau Duong turn left out Highway 3 about 2km.

Facebooker Aqua Pham said: "This morning at the garden flowers Mai Xuan Thuong (Ha Noi) that order and security forces, police unprecedented crowded, more than a dozen cars waiting, including 30 seats , both motorized police with whistle, powerful mobile cars. Do not know what happened? "

Known today (07/11/2012), farmers in many areas of the North took to the streets demanding justice for yourself. Ms. Le Hien Duc said: "The petitioners and invalid soldiers just sent the photos and asked me to post, they must continue to rally around the headquarters of the state agencies to solve the problem requirements their claims. The wounded soldiers also said: they also sent pictures to the newspapers but no newspapers published about their work, as the state is not interested in the fate of those who have shed blood for today's newspapers as headquarters for journalists sit. If so, the ingratitude of the press to be as difficult to accept. "

Civil defense provokes, force wounded soldiers to withdraw of banners

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