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Corruption right in the anti-corruption force of the Communist government of Vietnam?




Corruption, a matter of urgency in the existing public capital decades in Vietnamese society, and is increasingly tend to develop strong, a systematic, organized and carried administrative forms, increasingly sophisticated tactics, more serious level. Especially in the field of land makes the collective claim status of people from across the country to increase and extends in Vietnam. The most heartbreaking thing is the corruption occurred right in the anti-corruption force of the communist government of Vietnam. This makes the people of Vietnam and the International Community not find it difficult to understand why the anti-corruption in Vietnam did not bring the expected results while the Vietnamese Communist Party and government always exhorted that the anti-corruption is a top priority in the government agenda.

People in Vietnam maybe still not forgotten the anti-corruption rare cases have occurred in the decade of 2008, when two well-known journalists fight against corruption and negative was Vietnamese police arrested and prosecuted under 281 of the Criminal Code offense of "Abusing positions and powers while on duty" while they inform the corruption news of case PMU18, a scandalous corruption case related to more senior government at that time. Besides another corruption case related to the bribery of father and child of the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam with a foreign object Australian company Securency in print polymer banknotes in 2006 made public all pressing in country. As well as willingness to believe in exhorted spirit against corruption by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at the time that many of Vietnam's major newspapers including Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre newspaper Saigon Marketing ... . was fined and some of the newspaper pages suspended publication for a time as well as some the editor full zeal of the newspaper were also suspended working, dismissal or transferred to another location with the reason as disclosing confidential information of Nation!!!.

It's just a number of prominent anti-corruption event memorable, there are many other scandalous corruption case that laugh till one cries as in the case of anti-corruption of journalist Hoang Khuong, Tuoi Tre newspaper's reporter, who have made contributions to detect bribery of a police officer police traffic through two survey articles posted with the title "Money clean the record" and the article "Traffic police rescued illegal racing" but then he was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison on charges of alleged: "At the same offenses in the bribery". Thrilling combat corruption cases constantly occur when participants who against corruption was drastically suppressed a mercilessly and sometimes become victims of the cases against corruption and negative above, have really eroded the positive in the hearts of the people and sometimes they feel like they seem to be cheated and doubt true goodwill on anti-corruption from the leaders of the Party and the Communist government of Vietnam today. The most effective anti-corruption now, that is the true respect of the Vietnamese communist authorities for "the right to freedom of the press", and the right to "freedom of expression" of the people . In addition, the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive of the Vietnam must also be an independent activity, to ensure that anyone who can not have the right to sit on the law, on the national constitution as well as they have ever been the Vietnamese Communist Party led and dominant throughout the decades.


Corruption right in the anti-corruption force?

SGTT.VN - That is the question of the deputy head of the Justice Committee Le Thi Nga speaking before the National Assembly on the prevention of crime pm 1:11

  That led to the example Duong Chi Dung (pictured) fled, Ms. Nga agreed with proposed measure secret investigation of corruption offenses Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang.

Ms. Nga said, the case order and security as long, as more extensive investigation, multiple object detection, evidence is strengthened stronger graft but just the opposite: the more prolonged processing time, the more narrow the objects, documents and evidence lost or changed in favor of the criminals, then could not handle. Typical example was alleged supposed by Ms. Nga is the case of Vo Nhat Duy (rubber companies Son is) accused of taking bribes 300 million, but due to the negligence of the investigator should record flagrant offenses is not sufficient legal grounds. According to her, this is "not acceptable" for rudimentary error is that the district immediately to the investigators also less likely to have to say nothing of the central investigating agency. "This situation say anything, it is a sign of corruption in the anti-corruption force? Proposal of the Minister of Public Security, Supreme Court Judge, Head of the Supreme Procuratorate to answer, ", Ms. Nga pressing.

That led back to the example Duong Chi Dung fled, Ms. Nga agreed with  proposed measure secret investigation of corruption offenses Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang. Because according to her, if the investigation is conducted as usual the likelihood of object corruption inherent authority - will take advantage of that to remove traces of destruction of evidence, even disappeared after being detect offenses. However, "if that is a lack of empowerment to control the likelihood of abuse may occur should be determined in principle, strict conditions, subject to the application,", Ms. Nga noted.

For inspection forces, Ms. Nga said that, in order to ensure the effectiveness of inspection in the fight against corruption and overcome the sector's dependence inspection management on the subject, in 2010, Congress modified the Inspector change the law in the direction necessary to ensure the independence of the inspection, but the fact that many cases of serious non-compliance inspection, as the inspections conducted by the Government Inspectorate in Vinashin and banks development. Specific violations, according to participants, is the time limit for conclusion of the inspection (with violations tenfold time allows); inspection results tend to depend subject of management; inspection team shall not make their recommendations, contributed to a competent job transfer subject to inspection (as in the case of Vinalines); content inspection results do not determine the full charge responsibilities of organizations and individuals in violation shall lead to business leaders, not only not the responsibility of state authorities.

To light the formula that was internationally recognized: (corruption = monopoly + withheld information - accountability) on the reality of Vietnam in the public inspection conclusions, Ms. Nga said: There are four forms of publication conclusion of the inspection, but often the decision makers chose the inspection form with the narrowest range, resulting in Congress like her want to reach the conclusion is hard to say more public. "The regulation of public access to inspection results have a huge impact on the fight against corruption", Ms. Nga expressed. Or as the State Auditor's role in fighting corruption, she is not enhanced, even halfway position, Ms. Nga said; audit is a tool for monitoring Congress government but this is not the Congressional offices nor government agencies, audit of Congress to vote would be with the agreement of the Prime Minister. Audit Conclusion no enforcement value, never the total audit report on the annual budget to Congress ... reduce corruption effectively detect, especially in investment spending and public.

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