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Increasing pressure from the outside and strong resistance from people in the country would certainly change the situation of Human Rights which bad so long in Vietnam




Increased pressure of the International Community to Vietnam including the criticism from the U.S. government and the European Community after the communist government of Vietnam despite opposition of public opinion and outside the country heavy sentenced to two patriotic musicians, Viet Khang and composer Tran Vu Anh Binh on last 30 Oct, 2012. The communist government of Vietnam continues to condemn the above two musicians just because they have composed songs show patriotism against the invading Chinese expansion has sparked outrage in the hearts of the public and especially unforgettable created bad impression among young students, especially after the arrest is unlawful, scandalous for a female student of the University of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Uyen also accused her crimes: "conducting propaganda against the State" under Article 88 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In recent years, the Vietnamese communist government abuse of Article 88, an unreasonably vague terms in the Criminal Code to make a series of arrests and convictions wrong for character dissidents, religious activities and patriotic youth of many different components including: the Democrats, dissident bloggers, journalists, Writers ..... and now, the artists continue to be targeted to the communist government of Vietnam. In the context of the economic situation the country is severely degraded because of corruption and phenomena fighting each other to a power struggle between the "partisan interests" in the common system of government, the leaders Vietnamese Communist Party and government have expressed fears of potential threats to power and their current leadership position. In the eyes of the leaders, anywhere is also to see the word "Reactionary", from a priest, monk, a blogger, a journalist, writers, social charity activists , the young students, artists and even the veteran revolution, retired or are still in office, who previously served time as their comrades in the resistance, but if today no longer share the same opinion or ideological differences, can be seen as part of "reactionary" in the eyes of the Vietnamese communist authorities today.

Before stubborn attitude and behavior of the Vietnamese communist authorities, before the increase in serious crackdown on human rights in Vietnam, is the calls and empty criticized of the International Community as now did not work effectively in the force Hanoi government to comply with their international commitments on human rights. What Vietnamese people need now is the attitude and definitive stance from the International Community to pressure Vietnam to comply with the aforementioned human rights commitments by the sanctions, and sanctions a specific enough, enough power in diplomatic and in economic in order to force them to respect the basic human rights of the people. The United States government, national governments of the European Community should be binding and impose specific standards relating to human rights in relations with Vietnam, in economic cooperation with Vietnam and especially in funding projects and international aid (in the field of non-refundable aid) to Vietnam in the future and present. If so, the new look really limited to cases of human rights violations in Vietnam. Besides, the increasing pressure from the local people against the communist government of Vietnam is now vital. We hope that, with tremendous pressure from the outside and strong resistance from the people in country will to change the situation of Human Rights which bad so long in Vietnam.


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EU urged Vietnam to promote human rights reforms

Mr Van Rompuy said, adding that he still keep faith in "the future of Vietnam"


Vietnam, international pressure on human rights issues rise on Wednesday, when the EU raised this issue after two musician jailed for allegedly spreading propaganda against the communist state.

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy was visiting Vietnam said in a press conference with President Truong Tan Sang in Hanoi that it was "very critical" for Vietnam reaffirmed "the commitment to reform, including management of public good, the rule of law and human rights. "

Mr Van Rompuy, a Belgian normally does not cause controversy, adding that he still keep faith in "the future of Vietnam."

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U.S. Embassy in Hanoi on Tuesday condemned Vietnam stifle free speech, a few hours after the two musicians imprisoned, to join the ranks of dozens of dissidents imprisoned other.

On Tuesday, a court in Ho Chi Minh City sentenced to four years in prison for Vietnamese artist Viet Khang, 34, and musician Tran Vu Anh Binh, 37 years old 6 years in prison for "propaganda against the state."

U.S. embassy spokesman Christopher Hodges said:

"The Vietnamese government should release these musicians, along with all the prisoners of conscience, and immediate compliance with its international obligations."

On Tuesday, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Watch, based in New York called on Mr Van Rompuy to public pressure on Vietnam to release all political prisoners and detainees, during His visit Vietnam for three days.

Brad Adams, Asia director of Human Rights Watch said:

"Vietnam frequent imprisonment of citizen democracy and the freedom that Europeans considered normal. Mr Van Rompuy has the moral obligation to say what the Vietnamese government is unable to use dictatorship repression to rule. "

Source: AFP, South China Morning Post

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