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The entire Vietnamese people against China's development plan on the Paracel Islands of Vietnam



While the Chinese communist government is frantic to carry out activities to strengthen their claims to the Paracel Islands, an archipelago had illegally occupied by China since the war around violent conflict with the Navy of the South of Vietnam Republican government in 1974, the communist government of Vietnam is still struggling to find enough ways to suppress the patriotic people of Vietnam, who would like to express patriotism against aggression by the Chinese communist government peacefully and in orderly. Vietnam's sovereignty over Hoang Sa is an obvious thing can not be denied even the relevant historical documents also prove it. However, the attitudes and behavior of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government is still not clear and is becoming increasingly difficult to understand.

The first problem needed to be done in determining the legal sovereignty of the archipelago of us in the East Sea that is to show up the viewpoint sooner or later as same as of Vietnam regardless of the people or the government . So the people express wish to the streets focused protest China's illegal occupation of our islands is a proper and essential, not only should not be forbidden, but should be government encouraged and replicated throughout the country if the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government really still see ourselves as parts, the body can not be separated from the people and land of Vietnam. We just try to figure out, what will happen when more than 80 million Vietnam harmony heart beats, and unanimously voiced strong opposition to aggression and invasion of the enemy. Maybe all of us understand that, in the fight against the aggressor, to reclaim the island of the legal sovereignty of the country of Vietnam, we are not fighting alone, not alone on way to reclaim justice.

Our allied countries in ASEAN, our friends all over the world will always support the full justice views and stance of our Vietnam that the most recent expression of U.S. government when they appoint huge warships and aircraft carriers to a post the region are disputes in the East Sea, that is the image, the most clear and specific evidence in preventing China with great malice may use military violence in settling disputes with Vietnam in particularly and with other countries in the disputed area in generally. To reclaim our legitimate sovereignty of the disputed islands, especially the illegal occupation of China in the Paracel Islands of Vietnam today, we not only need the support of International Community, but also to promote the internal forces in the country which is voiced collective opposition of the people of Vietnam. The Communist Party and the State government Vietnam deliberately impede, prohibit people down to the streets to express patriotism against the aggressor, not only is the serious violations of the basic rights of the people, but also is despicable compromise of the group's leaders of the Party and Communist government of Vietnam with the aggressor, unacceptable and intolerable.


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China announced plans to develop on the Paracel Islands

In July, China announced the establishment of the Sansha to manage the administrative area of ​​more than 2 million square kilometers of the East Sea

China will spend more than 10 billion yuan to upgrade the infrastructure of civil and military on Phu Lam Island that belong to the Paracels Island which Vietnam claims, according to the South China Morning Post on 4/11.

Speaking Monday 2/11 at a press conference celebrating the 100th anniversary Sansha on Phu Lam Island, the city government spokesman, Mr. Tran Te Duong, has announced plans to turn the island into a high Center fisheries, tourism, and military supply.

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In July, China announced the establishment of the Sansha to manage the administrative area of ​​more than 2 million square kilometers of the East Sea and has established garrison division on Phu Lam Island.

Among the plans of China on the island of Phu Lam recently announced project to build a complex city government office, a military supply base, a center of fishing activities also support as the operation of the Chinese customs expertise, and expanding the airport.

In addition, Beijing is also building a new port, a desalination plant with a processing capacity of one thousand tons of water per day, a solar power stations, and the wastewater treatment plant waste- environmental protection.

The Chinese central government has spent 100 million yuan to resupply ship called Sansha 1 and is expected to add 160 million next year.

These are concrete actions to further strengthen Beijing's control over the island of Phu Lam Chinese called Vinh Hung Island, the largest island on the Paracel Islands, nearly 1,000 Chinese residents are living .

Mr. Li Jie, the Chinese military expert, emphasizes investment of 10 billion yuan for Phu Lam is not that big and most of the projects focus on long-term urban planning, not only for military purposes the.

Vietnam said, the Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam are illegally occupied by China. Hanoi has repeatedly asked Beijing to stop violations of Vietnam's sovereignty over the East Sea.

However, China's activities for sovereignty in the region have continued despite continuous Vietnam protest and call it 'illegal', 'worthless'.

Source: Xinhua, South China Morning Post

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