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Violent confrontation with people, the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam are digging holes to bury myself ......




Photos rehearsal "riot to conspiracy to overthrow the government" of authorities Soc Trang Vietnam on last Saturday morning 24-11-2012 said anything or  aims want to send what message to the Vietnamese people in the country? In social status and country Vietnam are being volatile and disturbed by the rampant corruption and spread more and more serious in all parts of the country. Everyone knows that the only real goodwill in handling cases related to negative, related to corruption of the communist government of Vietnam just  helped stabilize truly the society and the economy recession and stagnation for so long in Vietnam. Government action above the State Soc Trang province in particular and Vietnam in general to see that the Party and the communist state government has selected measures violent confrontation instead of willingness to listen and solve all the complaints of the people in the spirit of fair play and respect for the law.

Although aware that the current economic downturn and serious social volatile due to rampant corruption, that the extraordinary meeting of the Politburo, the Party Central Executive Committee convened joint repeatedly in the past time have proven that. However, the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government continues obstinate and find ways to cover their misconduct include measures  by repeatedly said that people took to the streets to focus complaints conditions due to the reactionary forces behind inducing, inciting and provoking ....! Errors from the authorities is obvious, from local to central government they conspired together at all times and cover for each other when mistakes are the people, the media and the media and foreign in detection and denunciations. Even right himself prime minister Nguyen Tan Dung also been the leader of the State and the Party Central Committee called Mr. "X" who should have direct responsibility to the Party and the government and before the people of the serious economic consequences of the country that his administration and himself direct management and supervision.

In general, everything that happened in the past, black and white, right and wrong are clear, and those who directly bear the responsibility, to suffer the judgment of conscience and judgment of the law. However, right from the beginning, the leaders of the State, the party leader and government unknown because of too cowardly, too weak or because of some subtle reason! has handled everything on the spirit "a short answer turns away wrath" by the move as "to slap on the wrist ...." with the arguments irresponsible, unethical .... because, because, because, at .... etc. ... Numerous examples from the collapse of the dictatorship in the past seem not enough to warn the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist State? or because of the lavish life full of temptations to corruption have been really absorbed into the blood, the bones, the skin so that they now like a "leper no longer fear sores" not ways to withdrawal. And despite knowing that the action against the people is not feasible, worse solution that only makes people be angry more and led to a rapid collapse mode, quickly lose the government, but maybe it is only and the most possible measures for the Party and the Vietnam's communist government at present.


Soc Trang maneuvers against 'violence'

Tình huống con tin bị đưa xuống ghe

The exercise hostage situations take down the boat. (Photo: VnExpress)

Soc Trang Province, South Vietnam recently held an exercise to prepare the ability to deal with acts of violence aimed at overthrowing the government may have in the future, local media reported.
The exercise took place on the morning of Saturday 24/11 and attracts the power agencies such as the police, military and local border forces.

The exercise took place on the morning of Saturday 24/11 and attracts the power agencies such as the police, military and local border forces.

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The official name of the exercise, according to the Vietnam News Agency, the 'prevention plan gatherings, disturbing the peace, riot, terrorism provincial' with code KB-ST 12.

Thus, it is possible that the goal of this exercise is 'crowded' that Vietnamese officials are very concerned that there may be action to overthrow the government.

Script rehearsals, first appeared protests in a number of districts and the capital of the province with a large number of people gather in front of the provincial People's Committee headquarters.

Then Soc Trang Provincial Standing Committee hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the book deal while the provincial authorities to call and ask people to return home.

The protest later escalated into an attack to seize the provincial radio and television and arrested officials hostage. This is the key situations of the exercise.

The police surrounded the provincial radio and television to rescue the hostages. After meeting the requirements to visit for the hostage to escape by river, police conduct hostage rescue on the river, captured 'terrorists' and the ultimate dissolution of the protests.

Photos posted on website VnExpress showed the hostage took place with the cooperation of the police running canoeing waterways and a river the trapeze wires police on the attack from the air.

Under this scenario, the 'the reactionary enemy forces' stand out 'support means a weapon' for the protesters.

Also in the image on VnExpress this is a scale exercises with the participation of the majority of the police and the people.

This exercise close to the actual situation may occur locally as well as the intention of the enemy forces. "
Nguyen Trung Hieu, chairman of Soc Trang

In which police used batons, tear gas and water cannon to quell protesters.

'Reality can happen'

Local press quoted Nguyen Trung Hieu, chairman of Soc Trang province, commented that this maneuver close to the 'real situation can occur locally' as well as' the intention of the enemy forces '.

Hieu said that the exercise has advanced 'combat readiness spirit', 'combat capability' and 'synergistic' of the body happen.

Soc Trang province is located at the door to the sea of ​​the Hau River, one of the two main branches of the Mekong River into Vietnam territory. This is a poor province and the majority of Khmer people live.

The exercise in Soc Trang have also witnessed and monitoring of police leaders of the provinces around the Mekong Delta region to learn from experience.

More than two months ago, the Ministry of Public Security held a similar exercise aimed at 'crowd gathered illegally, against protesters rioting' in the northern province of Dien Bien, with the participation of 3,500 people.

Northwest, Central Highlands and the South West are authorities of Vietnam considered critical areas need to be wary of the 'risk of violence, subversion'.

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