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Self-discipline and self-resignation, think about it has enough to really change the face of Vietnam country and meet the legitimate aspirations of the people?





A national parliament Duong Trung Quoc, a former National Assembly Nguyen Minh Thuyet and ....... asked incumbent Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung should discipline himself, and just break with the vain apology, with mere words responsibility, should instead express determination to repair startup by for a new struggle of the government with practices consistent with modern society is "Culture resigned". Well at first heard of this, it seems meaningful and appropriate to the social situation, the situation of the country of Vietnam today, as well as to meet the legitimate expectations and aspirations of the people and the International Community. But in fact, the above suggestions are just fire way temporary nature cope alone but still can not bring real change and meaningful as the people of Vietnam and abroad has ever desired.

Everyone of us knows that something wrong is wrong because the mechanism of one-party system, by a policy of strict authoritarian dictatorship of the communist regime. Change a crew of leaders, resignation from a Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, is what useful when the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam continues to exist, continue to sit on the national law and the Constitution of State. When the prime minister of corruption, while President of the violation and when he was general secretary of the Party to fulfill their duties, still with pirated jar mechanism mentioned above, whether the new prime minister, the new President or the new General Secretary of the Party  after being replaced is what to be sure brought the change better for society, for the people and for the country of Vietnam. Only change the root of the problem just all legitimate aspirations of the people shall be able to be responded, every desire dreams about a society civilized, prosperous and prosperity can become reality.

Start a new government with practices consistent with stylish modern society by "resignation Culture" is a matter of course  and always necessary. However, if only stop there is still not enough. But also need to thoroughly destroy all obstacles, gaps and the paradox still exists in Vietnam. For example: Vietnam has always claimed to be a jurisdiction state, but the law enforcement to disregard the law, disregard the fundamental rights of the people, trampled on the truth and justice. For example, the declaration of the National Assembly is the highest authority, but in fact this most powerful bodies has always been dominant and is run by the real power lies in the Party Central Committee, the Politburo Committee .... and the highest power of the National Assembly of Vietnam is really just the virtual power and the delegates in Congress are just puppets, the puppets in the whirlpool of political power.

Therefore, if really want to change the country of Vietnam to become better, then the need to do first is the powerful core party members in the Politburo of the Party Central Committee to invite voluntary abdication her. To quickly access and expand democracy in Vietnam. To really make a general election fair and proper, with the participation of all political parties, all individuals eligible and meet the criteria when directly participating candidates, including the current ruling Communist Party, to meet the legitimate aspirations and choices of the people. If so, the power and forces just will not sit above the law, like the new look of the new law enforcement agencies operate in an independent and fair, including the legislature, agencies and Justice and Law Enforcement in Vietnam. And really, if the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government to do so, then the implementation of practices "resignation Culture" at the request of the delegates of the National Assembly of Vietnam today truly totally makes sense.


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Prime Minister of Vietnam was called for resignation by National Assembly 

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung was called on to resign because of the flaws and weaknesses in leadership

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is difficult the first time the Vietnamese National Assembly was called on to resign because of the errors and weaknesses in leadership has pushed the country's economic predicament.

Bulletin of the AFP news agency today said that this is the first time a prime minister of Vietnam was a delegate of the National Assembly consists of 500 seats of the state-party calls to resign.


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In question in the National Assembly on Wednesday morning, November 14, the  delegate Duong Trung Quoc said:

"It is time to promote legal responsibility, not just an apology. Does the prime minister should take this opportunity to express determination to fix his boot by a struggle of the government, aiming to break with the apology, replaced by social practices in accordance with a modern - a resigned cultural organization with a roadmap as our officials to do the things that the advanced countries did. "

Delegate Duong Trung Quoc said more:

"A reminder that, our ancient ancestors have also considered the report of repatriation is to keep the moral integrity. But we also had a party general secretary, who greatly during the Revolution August 45, after the political responsibility for mistakes in land reform in 1956, has resigned and continues to chalk auction, then the following three decades back in the position of general secretary and in contributing to the launch of "Doi Moi", before his death. "

Mr. Duong Trung Quoc concluded his questioning by two main questions:

"A prime minister think about the idea that, you have heavy responsibilities to the party, but lighter responsible to people? And two, does the prime minister agree that will be the start of a government's progress toward a culture of resignation, to gradually break with an apology? "

According to AFP news, delegate Nguyen Ba Thuyen said, the errors of the Prime Minister Dung to Vietnamese economic plan to overcome difficulties caused loss of confidence in the public domain for the leadership of the Communist Party .

Rare public response to the attack, Prime Minister Dung, proud with his party 51 years old, said:

"To take the direct management of the Party leadership over the past 51 years that I did not have the party for me, for me to take on a position or a position khac.Va the other hand, I do not deny , there is no turning back whatever task the Party, the State entrusted to me. "

Dung affirmed that he will continue as prime minister as party trust assigned:

"The party has decided to assign my candidature for the Prime Minister's task, continue on duty the Prime Minister, the Central division. And Congress vote on duty the Prime Minister, I am willing to accept, ready to respond seriously to all the decisions of the Party, the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly ".

National Assembly of Vietnam is currently considering a resolution may be required for senior leaders need to win the vote of confidence to continue in office, but it is not clear whether such a vote of confidence really bring change practical change, or just a perfunctory form.

Source: AFP, basamvietnam


Prime Minister should 'self-discipline'

Thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng tại phiên chất vấn 14/11

The prime minister said, the party entrust, he will do

Former National Assembly Nguyen Minh theory says if present during the questioning session Prime Minister am 14/11 he will ask the Prime Minister himself launched disciplinary action for himself.

He said the question of the delegate Duong Trung Quoc about termination mere apology and started from the culture "or ... just straightforward and also delicate enough" but he wants to access his responsibility Nguyen Tan Dung in the lead role of corporations.

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"I see that Vietnamese law, the law here understand both the law and a decree of the Government, they are assigned to direct the Prime Minister to direct the management corporations.

"Then the responsibility of the Prime Minister here, I want to ask just a political liability or responsibility of the person assigned to direct the economic groups.

"And when the Prime Minister accountable to the National Assembly and the Prime Minister suggested the discipline to look like."

Professor Thuyet also said he "did not agree to the words of the Prime Minister" Nguyen Tan Dung about his work and he did not ask for their party in his job assignment.

The former National Assembly said: "[The reply of the Prime Minister] will make people understand about the assignment of the party in the wrong.

"Party activities within the framework of the Constitution and the law, and when a person assigned by the Party that sees its full capacity and quality to perform tasks that they receive.

"And when we do we see our capacity does not meet the requirements of the job, voluntarily reported to the Party to withdraw from the position that I think there is no party in the world it prevents the thing like that.

"If we said everything we push the responsibility of the Party and of the world, will make people one sees what is apparently caught in all things it is in the party.

"There's person were  mistakes should be responsible before the law, the party say it is not responsible.

"And there's person should have resigned, the party re-assigned and then say that I just do the responsible party assignment, I did not resign even if I do not complete their duties.

"I'm not saying the specific case of Mr Prime Minister, I can not comment specifically how this case is right and wrong.

"I'm just talking about the principle of speaking, the Vietnamese Communist Party is the ruling party may assign its members to take on the job of the government but the people themselves realize they do right or wrong and as the Prime Minister said in a meeting with the staff and students of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City 'self-esteem'.

"If you feel you could not do anything, then we should stop."

'Not convinced'

Professor Thuyet also said he found the questioning in Congress that government officials still do not properly understand or do not admit they are wrong.

He cites the case of State Bank Governor Nguyen Van Binh.

"For example, the management of gold by taking a company's brand, the company Saigon Jewelry SJC, to exclusive brands, to ban all others brand improper trading gold, I for it is an expression of group interests.

"But he was the Governor of the explanation is not so. According to me, the explanation is not convincing.

"Unfortunately, the delegates did not argue to the end, perhaps because of any difficult.

"We need to be clear, if the need for the commission of the National Assembly to clarify whether group here and benefit from the new treatment."

Professor Thuyet also said he doubted the resolution on the vote of confidence titles including the Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly are discussing will change the current situation.

Congress will vote on this resolution on 21/11.

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