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Vietnamese police violations of human rights and trample the dignity of the people





Read through the questions communist state government of Vietnam that has been proposed by the Vietnamese Redemptorist Communications on November 3, 2012, no one could not out of shock, poignant and full of disappointed before the human rights violation, trampled on the dignity of people rudely and blatantly from the Vietnamese public security. With nominally on behalf of the law, maintain order and protect the social safety network assets for nationals. But ironically! instead of performing the responsibilities and fulfill their duty, is the police with that lofty responsibility are those who specialize in disrupting security, disturbing public order, causing disunity among the people, make social unrest, harassment of civilians, assault, stealing personal property of citizens in an illegal and even life-threatening honest people.

As noted by the International Community and the information received from both within and outside the country, the Vietnamese public security is classified as the highest achievement in the harassment harassment and assault people with violence. And according to statistics, only from 2010 to date has more than 20 deaths by Vietnam police after being invited to the police station for investigation. Many of them after death were an autopsy found with multiple injuries on the body. This proves that they were police extort confession by torture brutally and beaten to death, but then the findings and reports from the police and other competent authorities others are almost the same: "because of fear to be punishable by law they committed suicide in prison, or at the police station." Sometimes, there are many who wonder that, they are police or gangster gangs, how can so the same action? Indeed, no one can imagine, is on behalf of government agencies, law enforcement and maintaining discipline but trample the law, disregard for discipline, and make the behavior immorality in society. The assault and trample human dignity and a disgusting of police officers Cau Kho Ward, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City to Ms. Huyen Trang, reporter of Redemptorist Communications is a shameless act without integrity Lots not acceptable.

Public opinion both inside and outside the country are unable to agree and strongly condemns acts disregard the law and unethical of police officers Cau Kho Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City in particularly and police of Vietnam in generally . Said amendment, said self-criticism and criticism, the police is the first agency need to be amended first. If the above situation worse still continue to exist, not only social unrest is not improved which is becoming more serious and worse. Just like in a family, if parents and adults who have no morals, no correct action, how can standards for teaching children and is an example for them to follow, in the social is like so, the police who makes law enforcement, justice that law violations trample justice and immoral actions, how can handle people, how can help stabilize social order and security. In the eyes of the people and the International Community, the image of the Vietnamese police were not nice, please, do not do it so marred more. Let the people in country see be true and good images of a legal representative, representative government. There's so, the people just can really rest assured, really be trust and entrusted the supreme responsibility in preserving social order and security.


VRNs questioned authorities about the kidnapping Anna Huyen Trang
Posted by pleikly at 12:45 AM 11/03/12

  VRNs (11/03/2012) - Saigon - noon yesterday, dated 02.11.2012, Communications Christ of Vietnam (VRNs) sent a question to the Saigon government and district 1, requires the agency answer specific issues related to the abduction of Anna Huyền Trang, volunteers of VRNs.

These questions are as follows:

1. Under Vietnamese law, police have the right to arrest people without evidence of violation of the law?

2. Police have the right to strangle people who were arrested when they did not answer police questions?

3. Police have the right to strip naked women for search?

4. Police of ward Cau Kho warehouse stripped her naked  to find evidence but no, is women's dignity violation?

5. Police of ward Cau Kho snatch break the rosary, to offend God and defamed priest, is violate freedom of religion?

This question also said publicly "because the content of the questions related not only to us, but also directly related to the Vietnamese people, and the general progress, so we This will also publish the questions, to help us do the job society supervise the enforcement of the state authorities. "

We would like to introduce the full text of this question.

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