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Praying for Justice and Peace, pray for Justice and Freedom in Vietnam





Never Vietnamese Catholics throughout the country to express the intense rush of excitement in their heart like that. Especially in the context of the country Vietnam is full of uncertainties and disturbance seriously. Not seperate petitioners or civilian, religious beliefs or not, all of them were the Vietnamese communist government harshly abuses and flagrant. Series of persecution, harassment and assault citizens, kidnapping secret or blatantly arrests that do not need to go through any legal regulations or order. Vietnam's communist government views people as a commodity, do not like it, put it in the pocket or throw it down the road and then trampled mercilessly.

Before the prospect of the country fell into unrest, lawlessness and lack of faith in justice, people of Vietnam in general and Catholics in Vietnam in particular are now only know joining heart together prayer , to pray for the country of Vietnam soon have peace and justice to appear return on a country where already suffering constant over the past few decades because of the brutal dictatorial rule of the atheistic Communists who always open their mouth with filled righteousness and self on behalf of the people, and serves for the people  ..... but in fact conspired together to corrupt, predatory and looting of land and assets of people. And the most painful is they robbed the most valuable asset of the people of Vietnam in particular and humanity in general it is the "human rights".

Well, for humans the most precious things, sometimes is precious more than their life that is "Freedom and human rights." When each person is born in this world, automatically inherits all the basic human rights. However, for the communist regime, for the godless communists, "human rights" is not valuable gifts that the Creator has bestowed, but they are competent decide who is free and who will not be free!, who inherited human rights and who would be prohibited by government ....! the aforementioned paradox has existed for more than a dozen years since the communists came to power and ruled the people with tricks extremely evil, cruel and vile. And this is also the cause of popular unrest, social disorder, and the country fell into a recession are extremely serious. All of us, not regardless of religion, regardless of religious beliefs or not, let's pray for all the best to appear in homeland of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people will no longer to witness the heartbreaking spectacle that has been every day in society and in the soil of our beloved country Vietnam.


Prayers for justice and peace: Do not be afraid of the truth
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VRNs (26/11/2012) - Saigon - Do not be afraid of the truth, pray for human rights is the subject of the Mass to pray for Justice and Peace, last night, 25.11.2012, with about 2000 people attending .

Mass to pray for justice and peace today by Joseph Trinh Ngoc Hien, Director of the Institute presided. Concelebrated with Father Joseph Nguyen The Hien, Chief of Justice & Peace, Anthony Le Ngoc Thanh, the standing committee, Joseph Le Quang Uy, Vice Da Minh parish, Dominic Nguyen Van Phuong and  Joseph Dinh Huu Thoai preach of the ceremony.

Dominican Father Nguyen Van Phuong opening Mass with the introduction of the prayer in the Mass: Demand for justice and peace in the homeland, pray for the victims of convicted wrongfully, because it has pushed many people in prison,

Today is also the feast celebrates Jesus Christ King of the Universe, He is the Alpha and Omega, the one who is, and is coming, the Almighty. His dominion is eternal right, never faded; kingdom will never decline. And the good news: "I was born and came to the earth for this purpose:" witness to the truth. Who is on the side of truth listens to my voice. ".

"Do not be afraid of the truth!" Said in the homily of Father Joseph Dinh Huu Phone do we like best. Because of the "fear of the truth" that was created how that humble petitioners in society, do not dare to speak, dare not stand for the truth that was created how that depression choking for civilians, wrong for social injustice Assembly.

We are afraid of the truth that dare not listen, dare, dare to speak the truth, and Jesus said: "Everyone on the side of truth listens to my voice."
After the homily by Father Joseph Le Quang Uy had the same faith community and sing the words of repentance in the atmosphere of solemnity, prayer with flickering candlelight.

At the end of Mass, Father Uy how to pray for justice and peace each day. Everyone can pray anywhere and anytime. At work, at school, free time or when it is plunged into the busiest, and most at threat causing fear.

When reading 3 Hail Mary, 1 Our Queen, and the prayer, "O Mother of Perpetual Help - pray for us", "My Archangel Michael - pray for us", people will be in communion with each other, no longer afraid. We pray for the country of Vietnam are fair and free.

Then, Uy father with the practice at the community prayer.
Invite you to join us to hear the sound of this Mass: Father Time church Porch father said on the meaning of the Mass and all his father's share Joseph Dinh Huu Thoai.

Tien Dang

Prayers for justice and freedom
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 VRNs (26/11/2012) - Saigon - Last night Mass to pray for justice and peace (at 21 am on 25.11 at the Shrine of Our Lady HCG Saigon ) to hear the priest led Joseph Le Quang Uy report to the community: the "prayer for Vietnam to be fair and free" by the media DCCT call, I realized something very important.

The DCCT media send to each Mass small cards (9cm x 4cm), but full instructions how to pray for Vietnam to be fair and free.

In the history of the Catholic Church, we saw many call of the Pastors (from the Pope to the priest) called for children to pray to escape the chaos war, escape how oppression and injustice especially to people out of the danger caused by the atheist regime.

In 1948, when the Soviet Communist occupation of Austria, Pater priest Petrus has called the Austrian people to pray the Rosary for the country escape from light dominate the atheist Soviet Union. In 1960, Pope John XXIII called for all children in the Church to pray for the Soviet Union out of atheistic communism.

In Vietnam, in 1960, the Bishop of South Vietnam urged Catholics to pray to escape the dangers of Communist atheism through joint letter on the occasion of Lent 1960.

After 1975, the atheist Communist regime leaders of Vietnam. And a forced way, all children in Vietnamese families in whatever religion must also learning atheistic ideology imposed by the Communist Party. Since then, quietly and more people, from bishops to parishioners call Vietnamese people to pray for justice and freedom, especially freedom from the dangers caused by the atheist regime should.

Over a year, the last Sunday of each month, the Vietnamese Redemptorist hold Mass to pray for justice and peace in the temple Lady HCG Saigon. But for the faithful to pray for Vietnam wherever, whenever, the program "Pray for Vietnam are free and fair" by the media DCCT called think is essential and feasible in the context of Vietnam today. Very brief prayer, 3 Hail Mary, 1 Our Queen and 2 off prayer: Our Lady of Perpetual Help - pray for us! Our Archangel Michael - pray for us!

Brief prayer that will help people easily implemented. And suppose, was as little prayer up to God's poor people are surrounded by evil, by the unjust violence.
History has shown, the power of prayer has helped many citizens escape from danger caused by the atheist regime. And the power of prayer has helped many people get rid of dictatorship countries to get a fair and free society.

Card guide "Vietnamese pray for justice and freedom" today only fit entirely in the palm of your hand, but it is very important to those who are longing for the Vietnamese people escape from threats from the atheist regime, longing for the Vietnamese people get justice and freedom can be an effective means, thanks to the power of prayer.

[Captions id = "attachment_41935" align = "aligncenter" width = "695"]
The front of the card [/ caption]

[Caption id = "attachment_41934" align = "aligncenter" width = "695"] On the back of the card instructions on how to pray for Vietnam to be fair and free [/ caption]


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