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Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No 158 (01-11-2012)




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- Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No. 158 release dated 01 -11-2012,
- The editorial of the semi-monthly magazine.
Thank you received and abetting common, especially popular back in the country for dear compatriots.
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Get error is fake! Suppression is truth!

Semi-monthly magazine on freedom of speech issue No

 158 (01-11-2012)

            1 - Get error is fake

            When the Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, on 15-10-2012, began to recite the sentence: «The comrades of the Politburo, the Secretariat are very poignant, guilty before the shortcomings, weaknesses , finds himself to be more strict with yourself, do not stop learning and training to improve the level of knowledge, innovation working style; maintaining exemplary ethical lifestyle; solidarity, closer in Politburo, Secretariat, fulfill the responsibilities and tasks assigned to ... »national television audience that his voice seems sobbing, emotional. To question «And to keep strict discipline in the Party, contribute to maintaining the prestige of the sacred image of the Party and modeling of the whole Party, the Politburo agreed 100% recommend the Central Executive Committee to receive a discipline and consider discipline a fellow member of the Political Ministry', many people to utter a happy word: «Yes that! At least, the party must once for good! This time, Mr. Dung to go bust! »But the joy short such a span. Because Mr. Trong with face back to normal- to pour a cold water at people's faces: «On the proposal of considering discipline, the Central Executive Committee discussed very carefully, taking into consideration the comprehensive present at this time and come to a decision not to implement the collective discipline of the Politburo and a comrade in the Politburo ». That's it! `The sacred image of the party has been preserved! «Solidarity, loving comrade has now been fulfilled! Before the curse and ridicule, indignation and contempt of the people! It is true that the error receiving unprecedented in the nation's history!

            Two days later, on July 17-10, in meetings with voters in Saigon, President Truong Tan Sang also continue drama to get error : `I will retire when  feel that I am feeble. Even when home, I will return home to the Party .... People were assigned the task must be completed, also find themselves unable to complete the withdrawal ». Voters hearing also touched! However when talking about the decision not to discipline a member of the Politburo, the President also quibble not less as General Secretary: «Only considering the current situation, consider the benefits and risks of the resolution is not tested discipline, and salvage: `This does not mean that the Politburo error, not individuals comrades' X 'not guilty'. The saying "do not complete the task then retreat" certainly will be he sang underfoot, buried in the tomb along with his sentence in 2006 after receiving the first term Prime Minister: "I am fiercely against corruption . If I can not fight corruption, I would resign immediately. " And what kind of camp called the name of the corrupt hands of "Mr. X" is both inertial cover, protect "comradeship" (literally «conspiracy») in the party, just as cowardly attitude , helpless before the person whom he was not knocking! So how dare called «people do not be afraid, do not be afraid bully categories to the same party against corruption» a few minutes earlier?

            The third drama of getting error of right 'Mr X', took place a few days later (22-10) in a report to Congress: «With the responsibility of the Prime Minister, I seriously who is primarily responsible large value of the head of government and would honestly admit to the National Assembly, the whole Party and the people of all the weaknesses and shortcomings of the Government in the leadership, management and administration, especially the weak inferior, defective in inspection and surveillance activities of corporations, state corporations; several corporations, corporations, typically Vinashin, Vinalines, inefficient production, more errors, causing damage and serious consequences in many aspects ... ». Forum National Assembly, as the Prime Minister, his only responsible for administrative Oh! Why quibble, no admit his administrative error and that the Government turned ugly political responsibility? According to the principles set out in the law: mistakes field, to what extent they must overcome and punished in that field; anyone breaking, to the administrative violations in the field of their responsibility, administrative process; if criminal violations, criminal ... loss, damage, pay compensation for damage; no compensation shall be disciplined for administrative or criminal ... By receiving "highest political liability" to the National Assembly, Nguyen Tan Dung clearly the error before the Party rather than admit their own mistakes and the government, sowing incalculable disaster for the people for the country (namely losing hundreds of thousands of billion of public funds, sweat, tears of the people). And so they must bear criminal responsibility, criminal badly!

            The three-screen comedy could not conceal a tragic thing: the head of the party and the state who also solemnly admit, but no one unharmed! A mere error received full type patronizing and arrogant: «I got the error! Be? »In addition, the party factories sins to each other is the disregard for the rights and abuse the rights of the Procuracy and the Supreme People's Court, the Government Inspectorate, the National Assembly Standing Committee , of the Judicial Committee, socio-economic, cultural and educational Congress! Party who can forgive each other? Bottom line is a game going cheap!

            During the closing speech, Nguyen Phu Trong also handing said: «Experience the history of our Party shows: one when the party claiming mistake, cons and stern, determined to fix, repair, power of the Party has been raised '. With factory deleted style, chaos, tie the whole village, not the law and the people treated like the power of the Party raised it. Raised to continue the mistake later and worse and no one could touch the feather to continue to view the country as a commodity, dominated people as a slave.

            2 - Persecution is truth:

            Indeed, even the closing speech predicted the repressive measures. With the «further confirmed the key role of state-owned enterprises' and` economic restructuring corporations, state-owned corporations », that is, continue to pump people's tax money, loans of foreign to them, even though the economy has caused many losses and failures, corruption and debt down, the party continues to treat private companies, from companies such as scabies and will leave them free to rotate managed, self-interest bank loans crisis (20-30%). We have die-off did not need the support arms, because they're not as fat milk elected to senior party and family can vote on the land like where the state corporations. This means that the party continues to blindly plunge into economic policy `mainstream state very disastrous for the country and people.

            With the «continue to assert the right to use land is a special type of property and goods, but not the ownership of ... »And« not to direct investors agree with the use of land compensation, transfer of land use right ... », Certain parties do not resolve the painful incident caused to farmers and the problems caused for agriculture in 20 ten years, since the land law is full of injustice and absurdity . Farmers will continue serfs life, renting the land of the great landowners red, rice production for the country ranks first or second in the world that still poverty, and did not know when kicked out of the field, garden, fish pond without compensation effort, the new resettlement site with occupation, not even reap the fruits of labor. Many Doan Van Vuon will continue to spread the coral, imprisonment itself to the party continued to the landlords!

            With the «continue to thoroughly understand the point of view, the policy of the Central Resolution 2 VIII, concluded IXth Conference Central 6 and conclusions, the decision of the Political 'in education, that is, «training the Vietnamese people ... faithful to the ideals of socialism, the concept of `education in Vietnam is a socialist education ... take Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh as the foundation »to article 3 and 3 of the Education Act 2005, the party determined to poison the young generation first by the materialism atheist world was spit by example of a machiavellian person that has been increasingly to be disclosed by history; party determined to make his people his slaves (to be deluded with good word «there's skill and spirit of political», callous stop you friends expressed patriotism, ready behind the iron fence to protect nutritional powers aggressors) than free citizens for the society. Nguyen Tan Dung recently noted when to speak at the opening ceremony of the 2012 National University of Ho Chi Minh morning 21-10: «In addition to knowledge, skills, regardless of religious political and moral education for students, students '(of course is `ethical Uncle Ho', 'moral revolution')

            In fact, the fierce political repression continue to occur around the `admit instantaneously Conference of the party. A week earlier (24-09) is a brief court hearing, lawyers contempt, silence of the accused, imprisoned in cages relative, assault friendship, then the sentence-citizen nature revenge, floors with the enemy-inflicted patriotic people do resent the globe. Up to 14-10, a day before the closing of the Central Conference, abduct a trace of an innocent 20-year-old girl, the Executive Committee members spent the Communist Youth League / City of class, University of Saigon Food Industry, as «crime» single anti-ship communications. Are indignant because the merits «person» type of training heartless robots no mind out of bankruptcy. Must fulfill arrest them 'Patriotic Youth' because they did not stay with party to worship China! Most recently (30-10) is the trial of the two musicians have composed songs exclamation tragic fate of the people, the dark future of the nation, calling children of Vietnamese Mother to stand up to answer Rivers and Mountains, against northern invaders  and the group of feeble seller-country. Still be the forests trial, the type of sophisticated and brutal: serious harm national security, the type of mental terror accused: not allow family and media presence in the courtroom, after to isolate them from family and lawyers throughout the years!

Awakened yet, ask those who still naively believe that the Communist Party will amend and patiently waiting for it to modify the dialogue!!!


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