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Petitioners - Worms constantly have been trodden




Looking at the scene, "Petitioners" with floating life, full of suffering and lost direction of life while ago went through the days of the crisis, fears and tears because of the violent persecution from the government, from the powerful coercive forces including the police, the army and even the society, fierce black gangs behind murderous faces as the only want to swallow black suffer people, those who have the same general flow free with their blood. Now, these misery people continues to be the target of persecution, oppression of the Vietnamese communist authorities as they live day and day to wander in the gardens and parks, or concentrated together in the tent temporary under the red-hot fire of the hot afternoon full of dust smoke or be wet through the downpour as behalf them are pouring unfairly, frustrations that are stored inside for so long on the road to ask justice back again.

In fact, only the petitioners in these just get experience and feel all the bitterness, hardship and despair that they themselves suffered in the past time, there are people who went through the survive above, full of misery for tens of years to expect to find justice, claim for justice but still has not been the authorities to consider or resolve. What is such? and why with a long time that local authorities still can not solve them amicably, still can not fix, modify flaws, mistakes, and still can not relieve problems problems in their hearts concerning land sector? Yes, please that is so by the mechanism miserable and irrational shortcomings long-standing stayed in terms of the current land law. Besides, the great benefits in the field of land and is the main incentive for corruption increased, leading to a number of government officials who abuse power conspired together to steal property land of the people, by the complete wrong measures such as: planning wrong, the wrong clearance compensation, or compensation for a symbolic inadequate and when people disagree, they immediately use of force, coercive conduct violent, full of blood and tears ....

True to the feeling and expression of some of the petitioners that, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President Truong Tan Sang, these leaders if they feel mistakes with the people, no need to apologize to the people that just pay them what the government have robbed out was enough. Yes, that simple wishes of the petitioners seems easily done, but until today, what has happened to see, that simple wish of the people is still far from reality and seemingly can only happen in dreams. Vietnamese people, was not inherently good faith in the promises of the leaders, and government officials from the authorities. However, with numerous not cultural behavior, lack of ethics and lack of love, trust and a little bit of positive thinking left in their hearts seemed to completely vanish. Amend land law, change the current land management that filled with injustice and seriously make self-conscience review from the party and government leaders, which is a prerequisite and the most practical way to regain the trust of the people, to meet the urgent demand of the petitioners in particularly and requires urgent needs of the society and the country of Vietnam in generally.


Petitioners - Worms constantly have been trodden
Khanh An RFA reporter

Due to errors, lack of transparency in the process of land clearance, land acquisition of the project stretches from the South to the North has pushed more and more people on the road to becoming "civil rights protesters."

Citizen photo
One of six farmers in Xuan Quan, Van Giang district, 
Hung Yen province were 20 people in civilian clothes 
arrived attack on 12-07-2012.

So, the people have lost their land have been lost in time knocking on the door seeking justice continually bullied makes people no longer little faith in the leaders of the country.

Mopping, expel

Recently, when important events take place in the capital is that people see the group of civil rights protesters. Then the screen to access the scans, to expel the and sometimes shock robbed map of functional forces for poor people along the way.

The days of the last Congress, too, the on continuous network information pages appear "hot news" very briefly together with the image of the group of landless farmers from the provinces to the strip banners demanding the rights focus in areas that are recommended for Assembly.

It intends to be very pulled me off the road, hit the water, it handcuffs hands tied behind my back, held my head down mud water, and addled water.
Ms. Tham

All these developments have on natural cycle always forces attention and planning functions deal. So that often before and during the days of the conference leaders are also the tide on civil rights protesters to storm running as being expelled from the residence familiar Mai Xuan Thuong garden.

Phan Anh Ngoc, 65, one of the petitioners from the southern province of Binh Phuoc said she had to be cut hammock by police that she fell to the ground, grabbed the awning, pots and feed her in the night storms, longer time to focus petitioners but was chased off as a matter of course. Ngoc said she was a wounded nor mercy:

"I injured the head, torso, breaking all sleek, 27-year fight, where intact. My family of martyrs of all, there's only me, now they feel free to steal it. I am soldier, at war for 27 years, and now, the party to thank me is that. Submit application, they not allow me enter, but if so, they order someone to beat, robbed us so, even I am wounded soldier, but they still chase under the rain that I was being unconscious. "


Thousands of police, mobile police and 
soldiers were mobilized to Xuan Quan, 
Van Giang district, Hung Yen province 
on 24-04-2012 to coerce the 70 hectares 
of land for construction of urban Ecopark. 
Citizen photo.

Ms. Ngoc lucky enough to be the master Bodhi temple rescue and refuge in time of illness. She said the other petitioners to gather before the National Assembly headquarters to call for help has been chased away, to run down waterfront area next to the Bodhi temple for temporary refuge.

Suddenly become the "petitioners"

In fact now that more and more people suddenly become "the petitioners" because of the irrationality, lack of transparency in regulations and the actual implementation of land requisition lead to forcible land acquisition.

Where her family Cao Hong Tham Tho is a typical example. She said government regulations introduced at the beginning of the road land acquisition is 34 meters. But then the local authorities take notice 40 meters and now is to get to the end of her house. Ms. Tham including:

"Street making by government is 34m offer, but now it asks for 40 meters, then take white always. Coercion that give this new enforcement notice on the 16th or something, invite you got to have a meeting. It says 40m, she said, "Now people here are ignorant, if 40m to take command of the government, then people people will unload 40m."

But her simple request Tham has only been met by army of police, mobile police broke into her house right on International Women's Day. She said:

My family of martyrs of all, there's only me, now they feel free to steal it.  I am the soldier, at war for 27 years, and now the party to thank me is that.
Ms. Ngoc

"Forced on the day 20/10. No one said to the other person hear because no one thought it dare enforcement in 20/10 all, because 20/10 is the day that women how coercion of women?! writhe to want vomit! my Mother is seventy-year-old that they spray stung smoke full home without rescue my mother to my mother unconscious. "

Ms. Tham said her whole family including his mother, a psychiatric and child she had to go to hospital after the coercive force of the functions which she described as "cruel than the old war":

"It's intended to be very dragged me off the road, hit the water, it handcuffs hands tied behind my back, held my head down mud for drinking dirty water, addled water . At the front of my house that it will be available calculations, it hooks a hole so that people could come to save. Criminal, military, police is full all street, it does not allow people to enter, if enter also can not save. People want to save not be. "

General path of the petitioners who lost ground is pulled together Hanoi, look to senior leaders with a desire to see "Bao Qing Tian" mid-life. With these miserable people, their dreams is as innocent actions when being coercive. Ms. Cao Hong Tham said:

"My family with people there is too injustice. Too injustice, should go looking for "Bao Qing Tian", go to Ho Chi Minh City, the central finding his deputy inspector, inspector general something to here whitewash for. The people cry always, I think I held pictures of Uncle Ho, Uncle Ho's flag, I ask for help on 20/10 ... still useless as always! "

The reality of what the decision on appeal has led to the majority of petitioners complete loss of confidence in the Party and State leadership team. Ms. Nguyet, Can Tho petitioners, pressing said:

"Mr. Phan Van Khai compensation decision and said he recovered the land of the people do not take a grass. But she said damage, no loss of grass but the land of the people, robbed of the people, but the grass is not lost! So now that the Communists say that she definitely do not hear, from big boy to boy, she did not hear anyone. she want to tell me that Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said "sorry people" robbing of the people are paid to people, not sorry at all. They are robbers, to hold for robbing already then now not sorry at all, robbing of people is must pay for them. "

The urgent of Ms. Nguyet is also the burning of thousands of petitioners across the country day and night go by garbage, selling lottery tickets for a living, They took soil bed, get sun screen to look forward to one day see justice. Perhaps for them, deserve leaders simply take back what was taken by someone else.

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