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Threatening to force a confession for Democrats and Human Rights activist even after they have been sentenced. The strange thing that only happened in Vietnam




In the process of fighting for human rights, democratic freedom for the people, for the nation, the Democratic activist, human rights activist went through the bitter days and stormy in life. First of all faced with a series of severe harassment from the communist state security, followed by the welcome the arrest and detention arbitrarily wrong, beaten tortured by blood thirst to fellow people from the Butchers police face who tried, only the use of violence and evil tricks, despicable ways with the desire to force innocent people from becoming sinners, patriotic people from becoming criminals against the State ..... but that was enough for them? after suffering torture, the lash of the whip of torture, the heroic people, the indomitable Democrats must continue to suffer the judgment full of injustice and barbarism in human history the kind that only happen privately in Vietnam.

Journey for justice, asking for Freedom and Democracy and human rights for the people of Vietnam, the country of Vietnam and Vietnam Fatherland of the Democrats, the Human Rights Activist is challenging, tough and suffering. But even after being convicted in an unruly and unreasonable, the fate of these noble people have nerver been free from hardship. A long process Posted brutal class in prison that they have to continue to suffer repeatedly suffered heavy pressure both mentally and physically, and the most brutal measures from the hands of those who barbarous people and with lending a hand immorally , without conscience from the prison staff to find ways to continue forcing the Democrats, the Human Rights Activist to admit their crime as basis to hide their illegal action despised, despised and trampled upon justice of their human moral conscience. And thereby prove to the world that it is those who violate the law in Vietnam and the Vietnamese government has been punishing the right people, the right offense and in accordance with the laws of Vietnam ...!!!

Act force supply with violence, in the brutal torture to force the accused, the accused pleaded guilty is no stranger to communist countries or in countries pursue the policy rule current arbitrary. However, the use of every trick most evil and cruel to force them to plead guilty even after they have been convicted can not imagine and probably the only place in Vietnam. What led to this communist state government to have strange attitudes and behavior so difficult to understand? Yes, please, that it is due to the high ambitions of the so-called transition period of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam! On the one hand, they want to crackdown anyone who does not have the same ideological views or opinions opposed to the government, they have employed all essential not from any wicked deceptive tricks. On the other hand, even though it was the authorities who violate the law, the acts of wrongdoing, but before public opinion at home and abroad, before the supervision of the International Community, the Communist leaders who with full of intrigue this cunning want to express themselves as straight, the integrity integrity. Therefore, they continued progress of all wicked and despicable tactics to force people to which they were convicted unjustly and wrong end first to admit their sin is very important and essential .


Activist for workers, Doan Huy Chuong threatened in the prison
Posted by pleikly lúc 7:50 Sáng 15/11/12

  VRNs (15/11/2012) - Dong Nai - the last few days, from Sunday 10.11.2012, information from the prisoners who just finished their prison sentence in camp Xuan Loc let us know that the cries of the prisoners who struggle for workers, Doan Huy Chuong from K4 of Z30A prison Xuan Loc is threatened.

Currently he Doan Huy Chuong was prison officials forced to plead guilty. If not, will he Chapter disciplinary solitary confinement at home and leg shackles until Mr. Chuong accepted a plea.

Just last month Mr. Duong Au, Populist party members tortured and held incommunicado.

Xuan Loc prison in K2, the forced confession is a condition where the prisoners struggle always encountered, if want to be easy breathing. Because communist authorities sought to mislead public opinion in the country, to chungminh they do is right. They are despicable tricks so that they are in the hands of those called "confessions".

 The leader has to know that their tactics are contrary to law, criminal law violations by the communist authorities in place, when prisoners are forced to plead guilty with irrational sentences .

I was also sentenced to five years in prison, was taken to K2, K4 Xuan Loc prison.

During detention, I too was got their spiritual terrorism, threatened and beaten, poisoned, cut to visit, if I did not plead guilty. Now I notice to the media and human rights organizations requested the communist authorities end harassment, threats, terrorism, people in prison for fighting for human rights in Vietnam.

 Truong Minh Duc

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