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International multilateral in the sovereignty dispute with China is the only practical action help to counteract the military war that will be able to happen in the East Sea




Chinese communist government is taking steps to expand their expansion into the East Sea with moves extremely dangerous for most of countries in the sovereignty disputed region includes countries such as the Philippines , Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia...... and Vietnam. Before International, the Chinese communist government always claims that they respect and will settle disputes with other countries in the region in the spirit of peace and friendship, so the Chinese communist government encourages and calling Vietnam and other countries should step bilateral talks with the Chinese government and do not cause more stress in the settlement of disputes in the East Sea. However, the Chinese communist government say one thing do another. One hand, the Chinese communist government comfort and appease countries in the disputed areas, on the other hand, they show their tough and provocative acts to the countries above through the the most recent move is printing U-shaped on the new electronic passports to Chinese citizens which has caused a wave of concern and opposition from other countries in the region and internationally.

Chinese communist government is now clear their aggressive nature when from time to time to carry out their activities unilateral escalation in regional hegemonic ambitions on the East Sea and East China Sea. Action allowed the Hainan provincial government has full authority to intercept, examine and expulsion of foreign boats entered the East Sea where they claimed that most authorities in early 2013 is violent provocations against the regional countries. Above action of China has really sparked a new military war could happen in the future with other countries. This is an act of disregard of international law and serious violations of international maritime law as well as in the sovereignty dispute with countries which are not acceptable. Thereby, it is recommended Asian countries including Vietnam should quickly multilateral international of sovereignty dispute resolution in the East Sea and East China Sea with China because this unruly communist government shows that, they do not respect international law and is not really willing to resolve disputes in a spirit of peace and friendship as they had claimed.

Up to this point, and in the current period before an ambitious action obstinate and unruly of the Chinese communist government, a military war is possible. Therefore, the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government should wake up and put the interests of nation up. More than ever, now is the time necessary to gather the hearts of the country to stand up against the aggressor. The State and government leaders must show their determination and should clearly distinguish who is friend and who is foe. Initial action needed is to terminate at the previous blindly loyal to the communist China so long. In addition, immediately apply international multilateral the sovereignty dispute resolution with China, as well as quickly establish a special relationship with the U.S. government, an important potential allies and necessary, have the ability to control and curb any aggressive actions of the Chinese communist government, as well as have the ability to disable a military war could happen in the future in the East Sea region.


Chinese will search foreign ships in the East Sea?

China has had many customs inspection vessels operating in the East Sea 
and East China Sea.

Hainan police were empowered by Central 'examination boats' go into areas that China considers the 'waters' of them in the East Sea.

Foreign news agencies in Beijing said on 29/11/2012 from January 1/2013, the Hainan provincial police "on the ship and searched" foreign boats.

They will also hold boats that China is "violation of territorial waters" of China.
So far, foreign sources are cited in English of China, the China Daily said the new regulations allow Hainan carry out the examination and between foreign vessels since the new year.
However, China is unclear refer to both the passenger and cargo ships or boats anymore.

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Territorial disputes 

However, Reuters reported that wrote this is a move that could increase tensions in the 'East Sea dispute'.

SkyNews in the UK, the site posted a map 'shaped' with annotations China 'are claims nearly all the East Sea'.

SkyNews also said they see satellite images recorded activities of construction of both China and the Philippines are growing at an island in the Spratlys.

'It is excessive'

By reporter Mark Stone from Beijing but experts fear will have immediate military conflict in the East Sea, operating 'close together' navies can trigger problem more serious problems.

International newspapers said China will "replace the customs ship new director" to operate in the East Sea and East China Sea, where they dispute with Japan over the Diaoyu / Senkaku.

Reuters on 29/11 quoted Philippine officials said China's actions in 2013 would "violate international maritime rights."

Chinese fishing boats in the Spratly

Naval Lieutenant General Juancho Sabban said:

"It is excessive. While we are all peaceful, they do. "

Raul Hernandez, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines said his Ministry was still verify media reports about China's new regulations.

However, he said, if it's true, "this will be a concern for the Philippines and the international community."

Until evening 29/11 hours in Hanoi, not that Vietnamese officials to speak about this.

China's latest moves in U-shaped line in the new electronic passports to citizens they have caused protests and a response of many Asian countries, including Vietnam.

In recent years, China has repeatedly detained Vietnamese fishermen fishing in the East Sea in the area near the Paracels and sometimes ransom and then released them.

But it announced to Hainan police on board and search is a new development.


China for the right block to capture and deportation of foreign ships into the East Sea

Tàu hải giám Trung Quốc số 84 và số 17 trên Biển Đông. Ảnh chụp ngày 26/05/2011 ngoài khơi tỉnh Phú Yên (miền Trung Việt Nam)

Chinese customs inspection No. 84 and No. 17 in the East Sea. Photo taken on
26/05/2011 offshore Phu Yen Province (central Vietnam)
Reuters / Petrovietnam

Trọng Nghĩa

Concern about the risk of the right to freedom of navigation in the East Sea is China's sovereign ambitions limited as has been certified by the country.

According to Chinese media, today, 29/11/2012, Hainan Province, Beijing empower local management of the East Sea, recently passed new regulations allowing the police border guards rights «aboard, and seized hold and deport foreign vessels illegally violated the province's waters ». This decision is considered one of China's latest move in an attempt to monopolize the East Sea.

According to the English newspaper China Daily, after Hainan province through Tuesday, 27/11, this regulatory system will come into effect on 01.01.2013. Looking ahead, Hainan Province will publish all regulations.

In the short term, the Chinese press revealed, among other illegal activities are considered to invade the waters of the province without permission, illegal stopping or anchoring, vandalism protection systems coast ... and 'implementation of advertising campaigns harm to national security China ».

Normally, the above provisions have nothing worth saying. But the question is local Hainan province is where the Chinese government has established an administrative unit `City Sansha, management is responsible for virtually the entire East Sea that Beijing is owned by them, despite the claims of the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In other words, the scope of activities of border police Hainan Province covers an area of ​​approximately 2 million square kilometers of sea and islands, covering the Spratly Islands, Hoang Sa and Central Sa.

When asked about the event, Hong Lei, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry today confirmed: «It is the legitimate right of a sovereign State to conduct maritime management» .

What about the globe Times quoted Li Zhao Jie (Li Zhaojie), a professor at Tsinghua University (Beijing), predicted that the new rules adopted may lead to the strict enforcement of the right to expulsion of foreign ships allegedly illegal entry into the territory of China.

According to the professor, it is the right to a UN convention admits: «In the past, when foreign ships violating the UN Convention, the best thing that patrols can do is chase them out of the waters of China. New regulations will change this situation, and provide patrols with the legal means to actually do his work ».

China Daily newspaper also revealed that Force Customs chief China plans to send more ships to patrol the East Sea.

According to observers, the decision for the right block to capture foreign ships into U-shaped region that Beijing claims is a new escalation actions of China in the East Sea issue, will make a stressful situation more up.

This move followed by an action is considered provocative: Demonstrate the claims in the new passports, including the printing of the map 9 lines interrupted. This behavior is increasingly rejected by many countries.


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