Thứ Tư, 14 tháng 11, 2012

Vietnam is not selected on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, this is not just good news for the people of Vietnam, the Democratic activist VN but also reflect honestly on the so bad situation on Human Rights of Vietnam today




Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirate's five seats in the Asia Pacific region, as it means that Vietnam was officially eliminated from the review and selection on the chair of the UN Human Rights Council this year. A news excited not only create excitement for all Vietnamese people living in and outside the country, but also indirectly convey a clear message and truthfully reflect the true state of Vietnam's very bad for so long this. Especially since the government of Vietnam's communist dictator increase campaigns suppress domestic voice dissent and stifle freedom of expression and legitimate people's legitimate.

In recent years, an increasing repression, increasing the unlawful arrest and detention arbitrarily to prevent, restrict, the right to religious freedom and stifle the right to Freedom of Speech in Vietnam, on the other hand, the communist government of Vietnam also increased advocacy efforts from many different countries in order to find and enlist support for the Philippines was elected to a seat on the UN Human Rights Council held this year. Effort is like that, but God is not to please people, or, say as in the words of the old folk that: "the God has been never intolerant to dishonest people." It's true, acts of terrorism and persecution of people harshly, blatant, unscrupulous, unethical of the Vietnamese communist government so long not only to attract the attention from the Community International, to alert human compassion, but also touched the heart of God that all things, all the changes going on in Vietnam today is the most powerful demonstration of clear.

The leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist totalitarian government can not continue to ignore everything, continues to cause painful mourning and misery for the people forever. As we have stated previously, all the bad points, the authoritarian dictatorship of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government must be changed. And all acts of terrorism, violent repression the people of Vietnam's communist government at all levels for the Vietnamese people in the country must really be stopped. If the leaders of the Party and government at all levels in the system of government the Vietnamese communist dictator can not change ourselves, then we the people of Vietnam the country, together with practical action to help them to do those things.

Justice can not be forever downtrodden, and human rights in Vietnam can not continue to be stripped. Vietnamese people we go beyond all fear, all difficulties in life, together focus to the streets to reclaim all that was lost. Tens of years living in cruel persecution, life in mourning and fear, we had nothing more to lose. Further down the road non-violent struggle for justice, human rights claim is a legitimate and legal actions are recognized by the International Community, and support. Moreover, this is the only way to help the Vietnamese people we escape from the scene of oppression, torture by the bloody hands of the communist government of Vietnam and is no longer must witness the tragic death as in the case of Nguyen Cong Nhat Binh Duong, Trinh Xuan Tung Hanoi,  Nguyen Nam Con Dau Da Nang ... before, and the tragic death of Mrs. Ha Thi Nhung on last 12 - 11-2012.


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UN voted 18 member UN Human Rights Council

The ballot took place yesterday. Among elected Japan, Germany, the U.S., South Korea, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. photo
A session of the UN Human Rights Council

It is the member states to replace the country has all three-year term in the mechanism of the United Nations, with a total of 47 member states.

The remaining 29 members will leave office in 2013 and 2014. Member UN Human Rights Council to serve two consecutive terms, is not to apply after two terms.

Vietnam committed to uphold human rights in the country for applying for this position for the 2014-2016 term.

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