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The report on the situation of the Justice, Peace and Human Rights in the Socialist Vietnam today

 "The heaven precious sword" of Bao Qing Tian today that especially treat to those who dare against Corruption, dare against to the wrongs of the Party and government. Particularly severely punished anyone who dared disrespect and disloyalty to the royal dynasty "China".



The report was popular from the Justice and Peace Commission under the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam on November 01st, 2012 on the situation of Human Rights, Social Justice and Peace in Vietnam today that depicted image clarity, accuracy and completeness of all what has been happening in society, in the country of Vietnam today. In particular, when the country is in a state of severe economic downturn, and volatile politically society before the corruption and rampant increase more and more sophisticated, more complex. Besides, the government is always sitting on the law and the Constitution of the State, leading to the agencies, groups and individuals disregard discipline, conspired together, tolerate and cover up for each other of violations. More serious is the arrests and detention of people indiscriminately, wrong, without an arrest warrant, without the approval of the Court or the Procuracy. Arrest follow personal feelings only, innocence, then by all means make them become the guilty to assault, retaliation and abuse their personal delight without fear to get punishment or sanctions by law .

Where and whence that the security situation and the Social order become disorder and turmoil like that? it is by mechanisms unreasonable and dictatorial rule policy, only by an authoritarian Communist Party of Vietnam produced. No opposition parties, not the opposition to control and monitor makes government officials, party members, leader of the level becomes tyranny and swaggering. In their eyes, the people no different from a slave, they have the right like slashing, want to kill or to allow someone alive as they like. Their words is law, is the Constitution. Their actions is Justice, is Truth, they see themselves as " The heaven precious sword " of Bao Qing Tian ancient who has rights to behead somebody before reporting to the King with everyone. The only difference is  "The heaven precious sword" of Bao Qing Tian before is only used to behead of the bad people, beheading to the corrupt officials, but the "The heaven precious sword" of the Communist Party Vietnam today is only use to behead anyone who has ideological opposition with the government, including those patriotic citizens.

The report of the Commission of the Peace of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam has raised the key issues and hot situation has occurred, and changing from day to day and long-term survival in the society of Vietnam today. The rest is the responsibility of each of us, of the whole society, and of the whole country regardless of workers or peasants, intellectuals or students, as opposed to ideology or ideological harmony as long as the line blood running through each of us is the blood of a Vietnamese mother, the blood of the patriotism, the general blood that thirst for Democracy and Freedom, then please contribute tectonic hands again Vietnamese society, construct a homeland true peace, true freedom, democracy and human rights are actually adhered to and forever. Let us turn the report of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam into action, become ideal targets and the struggle for justice, reclaim our true human rights that Party and Vietnam's communist government took away since after the  Vietnam communist regime be present and have ruled in both of North and South of Vietnam by force.


The report on the situation of the Justice, Peace and Human Rights in the Socialist Vietnam today
Posted by pleikly lúc 2:20 Sáng 9/11/12

  VRNs (11/09/2012) - UBCLHB - On 01.11.2012, the Commission for justice and peace, popular under HDGMVN have a report on the status of the Justice, Peace and Human Rights in the Socialist Vietnam today . The report mentions seven specific issues in Vietnam is an injustice, used violence to resolve civil disputes, corruption disaster, the sovereignty of the country, human dignity, freedom, speech, freedom of religion.

VRNs Posted this report was popular on UBCLHB website, dated 05.11.2012, wall to the readers.

Respectfully To: Bishop President HDGMVN
Cardinal and Bishop quarter

To respond to the call of the Pastoral Letter Faith, Justice and Peace Commission would report the same Cardinal and Father some social situation in Vietnam is now public concern. Give a brief on some of the following traits:

1. Unfair judgment

In a Commentary published on 15.05.2012, the Commission CL & HB commented: "The application of the law is not strictly and arbitrariness (...) led to the wrongfully convicted and sometimes pushes people to the way of same. The Criminal Code stipulates the procedures for arrest; so that in some cases, still have citizens arrested wrong with these provisions of the law, as well as declarations and conventions international that Vietnam have been in participation. "

That situation has not changed, even worse place. Typically, trial three young Catholics in Vinh on 29/09/2012 and trials of Bloggers on 24/9, in the city. City with the verdict unreasonable and full of injustice. To cover it, it was open for public trial, but not free for people to attend and even relatives of the accused also were stopped coming to court, even those who also detained or tortured spirit.

In addition, the lawsuit crowded land increased or prolonged. It shows how to solve the local authorities is not satisfactory, possibly because of the lack of willingness to solve the problem according to law and reason, or for defending the interests of investors and privileged groups. To justify this solution is often taken up head protesters hat "provoked by hostile forces."

2. Use of force to resolve civil disputes

Violence is the use of "thugs" and not just the professional methods of the police to restore order. This measure is used more and more, to suppress the individual and the crowd, separate from the funeral to the class action or demonstrations. That is violence reigns in society when resolving disputes.

3. Corruption into national accident

These changes and turmoil in recent months demonstrates the current economic model is to enrich the privileged group, especially the banks, rather than the whole people. Inflation also increases poverty, not only making it more difficult for people's lives, but also for businesses. From the beginning of the year more than 40,000 businesses have dissolved.

Vietnam is located in the national team of the world's lack of transparency. Corruption has become the National disaster, but the main reason is because the operating mechanism, the leader. Therefore, it not only dangerous to the progress of the country virtually impossible to exclude in the context of the current economic and political.

4. National sovereignty

Sense that: "The coexistence between nations is built on the values ​​used as the basis for creating relationships between people: it is the truth, justice, solidarity and positive self- due "(TLGHXHCG 433), we see today the freedom, independence and national sovereignty of Vietnam is severely threatened by aggression and invasion of neighboring China. People do not know the truth about the "agreement" or "agreement" between the two countries' governments, but must suffer the consequences caused by the "perfect relationship", both political and economic .

In its outlook on some of the current situation of Vietnam, CLHB Committee emphasized: "In the last decade of the twentieth century, the East Sea, a few times is in urgent waves. But in recent years, tension has risen to dangerous levels. The Chinese government on the one hand to use flowery words, the message is very mellow, but on the other hand, the actions of their sovereignty in the East Sea day and day more clearly reflect the giant han policy.

Meanwhile the reaction of the Vietnamese government is too weak, a pretext for hostile forces advances. Even more confusing is that the heavy-handed government crackdown on organizations and individuals patriotic protest blatant invasion of China. Equivocal attitude, lack of consistent leadership in problem delimitation of territorial borders and defend its sovereignty in the East Sea are causing public discontent. "

5. Human dignity

Dignity of the human person are trampled and severely hurt. Trafficking and trafficking of women move from covert status to the public, hiding under the form of "co-workers", "broker married to foreigners" mediated companies have business licenses . This type of crimes of concern to the sophisticated tricks, cunning, transnational activities, highly profitable, growing and more complex.

Phenomenon seemed to be the result of one thing took place a long time and very worrying. In Vietnam society today, people prone to alienation become a tool, or as a tool to serve political goals, economic rather than a person, the subject of the social reality . The reason can be explained that the present education in Vietnam is not only outdated, but also misleading, run in the form of and flaunt achievement to create the only people capable of serving the target political, not to train people with personality, comprehensive development of the heart and mind. In other words, the educational system is to train people more tools than the people who have a free, responsible and creative ability.

6. Freespoken

Under Vietnamese law, thorough communications under the State. So, although there are more than 700 press agencies and almost every province has radio and television, but all strict censorship and control. In the short term, civil society has not been matched and not really contributing to dynamic media.

Information revolution has exploded through personal websites and blogs. This is a new form of information, immediate, compelling, dynamic, multifaceted, both in writing and accompanied by photos or illustrations. Weblog staff, who shared news and links to other social network, true liberation from traditional barriers and power, and even challenge the media conglomerates which impose information national or global scale. Of course what also has the downside of it, need to be guided and adjust the abuse, wrong. However, control measures, prohibition, destruction sites, personal blogs, is arrested, convicted of Bloggers went to the prevent severe human rights violations. Case the Bloggers of the club freelance journalist was tried last is an example specific to the violation of the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press.

7. Freedom of religion

Although the constitution, laws, ordinances, decrees and circulars regulations on religious freedom, religious freedom, but the implementation of the above provisions in many areas is very arbitrary. Therefore, in some places, the celebration of religious rites and establish religious activities outside of worship is very complicated and depends much on the feelings of the local government officials. In particular, due to historical reasons, the "Social" or "heroic district" in which the criterion "white religion", the attempt to restore the chapel and held the prayers of the Catholic Local Assembly met many difficulties. This situation, at times, has been held in a number of dioceses as Kontum, Xinghua, Ban Me Thuot, Vinh ...

Dear Cardinal, and Father,

By submitting this report, the Commission CLHB only highlight some typical phenomena or issues of concern. By doing this, we want to show that Catholics are not indifferent to the situation of the country, but always a passionate patriot and efforts to find a solution actively based on GHXH of the Church to build peace. Promoting peace is an essential part of the mission of the Church to continue the work of Christ on earth. Indeed, in Christ, the Church is a sacrament, that is, a sign and instrument of peace in the world and for the world (cf. TLGHXHCG No. 516). Commission CL & HB wishes to receive comments positive, specific instructions and full communion of the Cardinal and Father to be able to contribute to evangelization in the area of ​​political, economic, social difficult ... and this challenge.

The Feast of All Saints, 01.11.2012


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