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Wrongdoing by the Hanoi government in suppressing the Thai Ha parish obvious and need not be discussed or debated. However, to sue the government to Court demanding justice for the parish was like finding a needle under the sea when all the power in the hands of bandits. Even if international law is trampled rudely say what the law and national constitutions. Vietnamese people to the streets to show patriotism against the invaders robbed, robbed land territory governments also have taken hat "reactionary" oppressed. beatings, arrests, the change instead of black to white appropriation of property, land of the Thai Ha parish in Hanoi's nothing strange. Not only the Thai Ha parish where thousands of facilities and land assets of Vietnam Catholic Church appropriated the wrong way since the Communists seized power by far is one where litigation?

In Vietnam. legal and constitutional provisions on paper only. Vietnam's communist government take advantage of constitutional democracy as a cover. In fact, hundreds, thousands of regulations and other legal documents tied Expressed Dei, disable or limit to the maximum all the legality of the constitution. For example, talking about the right to protest in the state constitution recognizes the right of people to protest but 38/2005/CP decrees of the government then controlled entirely feasible that the right to demonstrations which had been provided for in Article 02 of the constitution that Congress, the agency is considered the highest authority of the amended and promulgated since 1992 to date.

That is just one example of hundreds of thousands of other cases that authoritarian communist government of Vietnam has advantage to deceive public opinion at home and abroad as well as fabricated casing to protect democracy artificially in Vietnam. The right to freedom of expression, an inalienable right of the people and is the basis of promoting democracy in a country that no longer existed in Vietnam since the day the communist came to power. The government always vaguely invoke the so-called national security violations and use both the 88 and 79 in the criminal law as a shield to protect the existence of a party-dictatorship, inhumane and a sharp sword ready invisible cutting down all forms of resistance by local residents and squeezed every voice of patriotism which had been the national constitution, international law had prescribed, and protection.

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Thai Ha parish will '' Sue "government?
Update: 16:01 GMT - Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Biển điện tử trên nóc Nhà thờ Thái Hà
Thai Ha Church electronic signboard of the church to reclaim landfrom the day 26/10

Thai Ha Church electronic signboard of the church to reclaim land from the day 26/10

Lawyers familiar with the Thai Ha Parish said the monks could be 'event' decision to fine the country priest in the land dispute.

People's Committee of Dong Da district, Hanoi issued a decision Wednesday 31/10 administratively 1.5 million for the origin of the church priest Nguyen Van Phuong Thai Ha.

Department of sanctions is related to the Thai Ha Church electronic signboard on the roof of the church last month, which said Dong Da District have committed to "disseminate, distribute documents with contents distorting fabricated , slander affecting credibility of organizations and individuals, "according to Vietnam News Agency.

Earlier, the news agency said the inspector's culture of Hanoi "has examination and records of administrative violations in cultural activities by hanging up billboards with electronic board on the top floor of 7 Thai Ha church floor without permit advertising and advertising advantage to offend the honor of organizing the benefit. "

The electronic board that Thai Ha church hanging on to write: "Ask the Hanoi government returned to the monastery is borrowed Da Hospital for Redemptorists in Hanoi and Ho Ba Giang return to Thai Ha parish."

I believe that the church would have written it or appeal the decision to sue the church decided that the People's Court Dong Da district. "

Lawyer Le Quoc Quan

This electronics board appear after Thai Ha Church and laity oppose the construction of waste water station in Dong Da Hospital without consultation with the church or organization that the said monks and lay people is owners of the land with Dong  Da Hospital.

'Violation of the law'

When asked about decisions on sanctioning of Dong Da district, lawyer Le Quoc Quan, people close to the Thai Ha Church, told the BBC:

"I am so concerned about the decision to sanction administrative violations there.

"One is the legal basis was lacking. That is to make a decision to impose administrative sanctions it must be a record

"The records that must be witnesses of the act, then the offender must sign the certification."

Military lawyers say the Thai Ha Church has not signed the minutes of the sea and the priests said their electronic billboards are not the authorities said.

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"I do not know officially, but I believe the church will be a written complaint or a decision to sue the church decided that the People's Court Dong Da district.

"... As I decided that there are signs of law violation."


Thai Ha parish have also taken up
Internet content meeting with two vice presidents of People's Committees and other officials of the day 27/10 Dong Da district in which the priests and parishioners demanding the government return the land they say the government "borrowed "to the hospital.

Representatives of the Thai Ha Church says Da Hospital in the move to the suburbs and so the authorities will be able to return land to the church is to the sheep living up to 'thousands'.

Local authorities have also invites those who have the responsibility of Thai Ha Church headquarters to clarify local authority about this, but no response whatsoever. "

Inspector Nguyen Thai Son culture

At the meeting, Rev. Vu Van Bang also opposed government speakers use "pointing" to the church "all day" with the statement "incitement".

"We think this is offensive to our faith. That is not acceptable."

Hanoi government has not officially responded about the use of loudspeakers at Quang Trung ward office to promote the content administration wants to convey.

But Mr Nguyen Thai Son, inspect the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism of Thai Ha Church accused does not cooperate.

"I was working down there [on the electronic board] with the Thai Ha parish about this but unfortunately not seen the heads and responsible," Mr. Son is the Capital Security newspaper quoted saying.

"Previously local authorities had also invites those who have the responsibility of Thai Ha church to the local authority based on this clarification, but no response whatsoever."

Meanwhile the Thai Ha Church say they are the owner of the monastery built in 1931 which is the Dong Da Hospital and not about who has borrowed land from land owners to be invited as the government did.

In 2008, the Thai Ha parish have been demanding a piece of land they say belongs to the church but the government was determined to recover land "used for public purposes."

Then a series of lay people who were sued after a collision with the police to enforce.

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