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Real democracy is essential in the preparation, And approval demonstration LAW

 Delegates Duong Trung Quoc (Dong Nai):

                              Law as a demonstration tool for law enforcement action

       THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE     

Thủ tướng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng
Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung to answer questions before Congress

While every newspaper "Left Margins" and " Right Margins " both foreign and domestic bulk posting reiterated the words of Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung said that "should begin to study law protesters" and assigned to the Ministry of Public Security to study and draft determination to implement the Constitution thoroughly. While the above suggestions are many, many associations and organizations supporting individuals but seem too excited by that little action on his Dung little air brought democracy to the people sometimes easy to overlook words, the circumstances, it seems trivial but actually extremely critical in the process of democratization true to our native country.

The Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that a consistent policy of the Party and our country is always supported, the protests from real patriotism. Such actions deserve praise and commendation v. ... V. ... and any action protesters abusing patriotism for the country which are detrimental to society will be dealt with severely. At the hearing, the statement was charming, so rational people and easily through public support, but did anyone really think of one thing: how the new patriotism and how new actions detrimental to the country, to society, while the 88 and the 79 of the Criminal Code today, the vague and ambiguous and absurd that even if such action even comes with the love of actually still be seen as thought "reactionary" or something is being rallied by bad against v. State .... v. ...

For example, in the past when expansion Beijing acts for aggression have invaded the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands, such as their behavior and unauthorized attack our ships even within the sea areas under the sovereignty of Vietnam and assault, beatings, arrests of fishermen boats in Vietnam, directly threatened the lives of the fishermen when they are fishing within the area characteristics of Vietnam's economy has been internationally recognized in international law of the sea has been signed on 10 December 1982 and takes effect from 16 November 1994 to date. People have been led to a series of angry protests throughout the country so heavily against brazen acts of the authorities on communist China.

When organizing the protests, to the people, the purpose was not obvious where to be confused and can not be seen as taking advantage of patriotism or the bad guys take advantage of inciting acts of harassment disorderly and affect national security because of the people to the streets to show patriotism which so many intellectuals, the revolutionary veterans, war veterans, former officers and employees State officials who had made numerous contributions to the country for the revolutionary government ...... they can not be put on the two words "reactionary" is. But the policy of the state is not the same way as people, because of their delicate or sensitive reasons that can not express it when people act against their thoughts immediately from patriot act was condemned as "reactionary ideas or agitated v. ... v. ..." and consequently persecuted, beaten very brutally persecuted.

With remarks, I myself do not really see exhilaration or excitement with the information as long as people are optimistic or excited. According to my thinking, is his legal protest Vietnam Prime Minister brought to the police assigned to the research, review and then submitted to the National Assembly to implement a democratic disguise actions and deeds is on creating a solid legal cover to protect the human rights violations of their availability. Through demonstrations on law, the government will not be international as well as domestic and international public opinion that they are condemning human rights violations when repression arrests down the road there are those who act contrary to the views and policies Although the policy of the state that is only true for some individuals, a group of party leaders and the communist state.

Patriotic action or reactionary nature only really be considered a fair thing itself if the 88 and 79 of the Criminal Code of Socialist Republic of Vietnam were canceled or modified appropriately situation rationally. The actions that are detrimental to the people, nation or merely a prejudice to the interests of individuals and collectives in the central branches or self and family leaders of the country but bring huge benefits to the people, the society also needs to be considered logically reach of equivocal and can not put on them the words "reactionary" or affect the security the country. Having such protests if the law is passed and enforced by the state constitution really make people care for and to export democracy is truly in the eyes of the people at home and abroad as well as the  International Community.

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