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Tu Chau Parish, Diocese Hanoi Communion with Thai Ha Parish Prayer for justice


 Thousands of faithful Catholics of Tu Chau parish, the diocese of Hanoi
  pray for communion with Thai Ha parish


Candle lighting ceremony with communion and prayer for the parish of Thai Ha lay thousands of Tu Chau parish, diocese Ha noi tonight 13-11-2011 celebrates the occasion of Martyrs of Vietnam has actually caused touched people's hearts. In the light diffused from thousands of candles are full face gentle but courageous. People to lift up praise to God and expressed their firm stance in communion with Thai Ha parish in speaking up for truth and for justice in Vietnam. Magnanimous attitude of a parish which has a thickness of lead and keep traditions alive and also the current director is still preserved as the relics of Saint Ven a level of 117 martyrs of Vietnam.

Mass of the parish communion Xuzhou for the Thai Ha parish again confirmed the clear stance of the Christian faith challenges of today when they face a critical mass damage from the atheistic communist government of Vietnam. The spirit of resilience that is being spread all over all over the country as an alarm the increasingly serious challenge that the Vietnam Catholic Church will face, especially the suppression by violence, a violence that Vietnam's communist government is targeting the Thai Ha parish, a parish once considered thorn festering in their eyes need to remove the Hanoi government since the occurrence of nunciature event in 2008.

Mass candlelight communion with the Thai Ha parish by Tu Chau parish, diocese Hanoi in prayer for truth, for justice, for peace, freedom and democracy in the country of Vietnam is a shining example to all parish communities in the country to follow. This is a practical and effective to cause much resonates with public opinion at home and abroad. A strong voice, but it makes people peaceful country irrespective of religion and ethnicity are loved and supported. A fighting stance shows the heart of the sons of God in peace, loving kindness, but clearly demonstrate the strong and determined not to bow to his violence and tyranny of communism.

Vietnam's communist government should look at what Polish Catholics in a communist country did when they were pressed by government without escape path. Shortly after Pope John Paul II to succeed the pastors of the Roman Catholic Church, it was the light of faith and religion have increased light energy to help the Polish people out of fear rise and put an end to a dictatorship which caused great suffering to the suffering of their people during the decades from 1952 to 1989. What is happening to the Catholic Church in Vietnam today in a communist country has many similarities with the history of Poland in the past whether is this the precursor to the collapse of a regime which is increasingly losing faith in people is the most serious and direct confrontation with religion, a taboo that any national leader in the world know?.


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Tu Chau Parish - Hanoi archdiocese, light candles to pray for Thai Ha

13/11/11 2:16 PM

13/11/2011 Max occasion celebrates the martyrs of Vietnam, Tu Chau parish, the diocese of Hanoi held candlelight prayer holy communion with Thai Ha parish.Giáo xứ Từ Châu – giáo phận Hà Nội, thắp nến cầu nguyện cho Thái Hà

Tu Chau Parish, which is kept as a relic of the saint Ven level, is a parish thickness direction and keep alive the traditional direction.

In cases related to the nunciature, former Thai Ha parish, parishioners Tu Chau always be present in the peak period when the only life and death narrowly separated.

Many Tu Chau Catholics today  always proud to have been present at nunciature at the time G  has arrived, they told each other the price is dead in the well-being of God is eternal results.

These days, when the Thai Ha parish in distress again, ever faithful Xuzhou Group continuity to share communion. Many elderly because health can not be reached Thai Ha have cried tears to love priests and parishioners of Thai Ha. They said if the Church of God and died as martyrs mirror Vietnam, they are available.

Picture thousands of candles lit Xuzhou laity in spiritual communion with Thai Ha parish is a beauty. Hopefully, the light of faith that lay consistently strong Xuzhou lit, especially courage does not tremble before the tyranny of the faithful Xuzhou, will spread everywhere, dispel the widespread injustice on homeland today.


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