Chủ Nhật, 13 tháng 11, 2011

Ham Long Church of candlelight prayer for the parish of Thai Ha

Rev. James Nguyen Van Ly, Ham Long parish communion was celebrated Mass and prayed
 for the parish of Thai Ha pray for his country in Vietnam.


Besides the communion of Tu Chau parish, the diocese of Hanoi on 13-11-2011 evening, thousands of other parishioners of the parish Ham Long Hanoi solemn candlelight ceremony to share communion and co- operating along the Thai Ha parish in speaking up for truth, for justice in Vietnam. Rev. James jurisdiction Hanoi, Ham Long parish invites everyone to attend the ceremony and sacrifice involved more in the evangelical faith and imitate the life of the Martyrs of Vietnam. especially pray for the peace of the priests, the monks and nuns and lay community of the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi early freedom from unjust oppression that the parish has suffered for years .

There should also mention the parish Ham Long, Hanoi, a parish resilience and faith strongly. Like many other parishes, Ham Long church is always in the close supervision of the Communist government of Vietnam. A series of camera for the Hanoi government was installed to monitor all activities of the parish community to terrorism and lay the spirit of providing information for suppressing action of the government more efficient. James himself Father Nguyen Van Ly parish Ham Long also suffered threats and pressure from many sides, but he has proved the wisdom and tenacity to maintain belief led his parishioners to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in the life of faith and real life full of hardship under heavy pressure from the communist government of Vietnam.

Noble example and strong solidarity of parishioners of Thai Ha parish, Xuzhou, Ham Long ...... archdiocese of Hanoi and the courage to not surrender before the beginning and end violence brutal forces and oppression from the communist government of Vietnam is the glorious history of the Church in the contemporary need to multiply everywhere in the country. The priest resilient, and he who lives by the example of the martyrs willing to sacrifice himself to faith and glory to God. We, in addition to always pray for them also the need to engage more of the responsibility and obligation of Christians to defend truth, justice and the best protection is to protect Religious beliefs education of the people fully.


Nu Vuong Cong Ly
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Ham Long Church of candlelight prayer for the parish of Thai Ha
11/14/11 1:49 AM  Giáo xứ Hàm Long thắp nến cầu nguyện cho Giáo xứ Thái Hà

13-11-2011 evening, the feast of the martyrs of Vietnam, Ham Long church, held a candlelight prayer to bring the Thai Ha parish, for the homeland. More than 2,000 Catholics attended Mass.

In the Mass and especially his homily, Father Nguyen Van Ly, James, County of Hanoi, the country Ham Long, urging people to attend need to sacrifice more to live the Gospel according to testimony from the example of director of Vietnam.

After the Mass were thousands of candles lit the faithful to pray for the homeland, especially pray for the parish of Thai Ha - Redemptorist peace, soon escaped all the danger.

For years, together with the Thai Ha parish, parish Ham Long communion stand side by side with the victims of social injustice, always courageous struggle for justice and peace, always devoted special security commitment defend the Church's property seized illegally.

The engagement was made courageous Ham Long church, especially the priest Nguyen Van Ly James, faced many difficulties from within the Church, to the outside. Ham Long church has always been closely monitored. Like the Thai Ha parish, Ham Long always had the camera monitoring activities.

However, Ham Long lay courageous confession of faith and express God's love through deeds particular, the sharing of communion with the victims of social injustice.

We especially pray for the parish of Thai Ha, the union also pray for the parish Ham Long, James Nguyen Van Ly's father and the faithful here, always believed in the power of God, can continue sure to bear witness to the Gospel in a real life testimony.


Queen of Justice

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