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                                         Đức Giám mục Kontum: “tôi xin cúi đầu cảm phục trước đoàn người dám sống dám chết cho một lý tưởng cao đẹp.”
                                         Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh
                       Bishop of the diocese of Kontum, voiced praise action
               courage of the Priests, Religious and laity of Thai Ha parish in Hanoi.


Not only the people of Vietnam in the first action urgent and brazen disregard of the law Hanoi government in the use of thugs to attack the monastery and Thai Ha Parish Church today, as well as 03-11-2011 the use of security forces, police and supporting tools to conduct the night 16-11-2011 illegal construction to eliminate vestiges of the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha with a desire to appropriate permanent telecommunications assets not return the land of monasteries that church authorities had seized the wrong way in the form of "borrowing" from 1959 to date. Vietnamese and International community in many countries around the world and no less urgent and parades as well as the communion Mass and pray for the Thai Ha parish was made a solemn way.

In addition to the prayer meeting for peace Catholic Church in Vietnam in general and in particular the Thai Ha parish, the people of Vietnam in the diaspora and international community also strongly condemns the act of trampling on authority of the communist government of Vietnam, especially religious persecution act now for the Catholic Church that Vietnam is a typical attack of Priests, Monks Redemptorist parishes and parishioners of Thai Ha. Besides, people also expressed before pressing brazen action and serious violations of human rights of the banned communist Vietnam, including the right to legitimate free expression of the people is suppressed violently when speaking before the present action patriotism conquered territory and territorial sea of ​​pirates invading China.

Except for some small part because people are giving little benefit perquisites should lose a hand with a conscience atheist communist authorities, and there are acts of propaganda distort, slander, and defamation Thai Ha parish image to entice more people who lack knowledge, or little access to media, support for the wrongdoing of the government. Click to see:
 But every dark intentions and evil that was completely useless before the will to struggle and the unity of the priests, monks and lay next to the Thai Ha parish communion of other parishes such as Ham Long church, Xuzhou parish, parish Phu Da .... and especially the strong support of the superior bishop, Bishop Michael Hoang Duc Oanh who has just voiced praise courageous action sense of individual priests, monks and lay people in the Thai Ha parish pastoral letter sent to all teachers in the diocese of Kontum. Click to see:


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Australia: Melbourne candlelight prayer in communion with Thai Ha persecuted

11/19/11 4:34 PM  Úc châu: Melbourne thắp nến cầu nguyện hiệp thông với Thái Hà đang bị bách hại

The actions of the authorities in Hanoi for religious communities to the Lord in Thai Ha in particular has spread across four of the earth. Distant from the Americas to Australia, many millions of hearts are heading to the Thai Ha over such crazy religious persecution by the authorities in Hanoi.

In Melbourne, Australia, at 19.11.2011, in front of the Victorian Parliament (Parliament House), despite the rain the wind, hundreds of people came to attend a candlelight prayer in communion with Thai Ha , with the problems that lay people, priests, monks here have been encountered by the Hanoi government.

In particular, candlelight prayer meeting today, Bishop Hilton Deakin, Bishop Vincent Nguyen Van Long, Assistant Archbishop of Melbourne, West Melbourne Task Force chaired the candlelight prayer and communion with Thai Ha parish  Vietnam19/11/2011 today from 19 am to 21 pm at the parliament building before TB Victoria, Australia. There is also the chairman Nguyen The Phong's Vietnamese community, the federal freedom Australia, chairman Nguyen Van Bon freedom of the Vietnamese Community in Victoria, some senators and congressmen Victoria, Amnesty International and Your numerous monks and nuns priest mass Vietnam Vietnamese Catholics in the Melbourne Australia  archdiocese attended.

Rep. Hong Lim of the National Assembly in Victoria a 4 are the elected representatives voiced support for religious freedom, freedom of expression, assembly, and the basic rights of people must be protected by law. Including protection of physical assets and people's spirit.

Video sessions candlelight communion Prayer for the Thai Ha:

CTV Queen of Justice

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