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HA NOI GOVERNMENT suppressed the THAI HA PARISH faced with strong WAVE of OPPOSITION


                                                     SOLIDARITY - COMMUNION 
                                          AGAINST ALL RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION 

                 THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE


The communist government of Vietnam, especially Hanoi government perspective and change their behavior in dealing with the incident at the Thai Ha parish in those days. The loan of course be returned to the owner that is normal and moral correctness can not be forever changed. The group used government thugs and so-called people's urgent to disguise the evidence and make a front cover of his misconduct as well as the legal pretext for persecuting priests and Thai Ha parish laity to take over the land are the property of the parish borrowed in the past decades is inhuman act, serious violations of human rights, violating the national constitution and ordinances Religion Church government. 

The government of Vietnam despite violations of the law to use thugs, and other means of mass communication media to attack Thai Ha parish, for evil intentions to renewing and black and white instead of black-Director the work area for the purpose of appropriating property always exists a legitimate and Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha parish, has triggered an explosion against the government and spread throughout the Catholic community more Catholic diocese in many different on a national scale. Even people outside the religion is also pressing for the unruly behavior in spite of government legislation. Human Rights which had not been respected in Vietnam, this becomes worse when repeatedly pressed the government to the people along the way. 

"Explosion" and of course is not difficult to understand. The government has now truly lost our faith in the people as expressed increasingly impotent and cowardly in foreign affairs, in combating invaders intent to invade the land and territorial waters while the country's proved energetic and eloquent when the use of force and determination to suppress religion, and oppressed the people love their country do not understand and not acceptable . Not only lay people but all those who love freedom, peace and democracy go together clasped hands and stood up to reclaim their right to self-determination in protecting the territorial integrity and territorial waters the country. Anti-oppression and religious persecution, repression of human rights. Claims for human rights, a fundamental and legitimate rights of the people in every generation which had been group leader dictatorial communist party and the state appropriation in Vietnam over the last few decades. 

Queen of Justice 

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Redemptorists - Thai Ha parish filed recommendations on the use of terrorist thugs church

11/05/11 10:30 AM

We agree to all the environmental cleanup, renovation and construction of many hospitals, but do not steal our monastery. Redemptorist Monastery of the Thai Ha parish have been borrowed and the state has borrowed must be returned. We have enough evidence, the basis for this assertion.

The original letter in Vietnamese

The letter which be translated into English

Hospital Director

Hospital would build a cafeteria
to serve to patients in the east
of the lake (along the road to pam
in school). When the city return
this area to Church, the Hospital
will make for returning the status quo
                         Dong Da Hospital

    Signed -        Dr.. Ho Thi Minh         

Require you in your responsibilities, transparency clearly before the people's public opinion aware of the assets of the Redemptorist Monastery namely that our loan had been like? There is no legal basis for existence Dong Da Hospital on the basis of our monastery borrow without paying back or not? Why borrow our monastery was too long, causing many Catholics pressing for far refused to return?

( The original letter in Vietnamese )

    The application which be translated into English.

Archdiocese of Hanoi
Vietnam Redemptorist
Thai Ha parish
180 / 2 Nguyen Luong Bang, Ward
Quang Trung, Dong Da district, Hanoi
No. 02/2011/DCCTHN

                                            Social Republic-Vietnam

                                                                                                Hanoi, November 4, 2011


Subject: Stop immediately the aggressive activities to the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi Redemptorists.

To: -            - Chairman of Quang Trung ward.
                    - Chairman of Dong Da district.
                    - Chairman of Hanoi City.

We, all the laity, priests, Thai Ha Parish Priest -
Hanoi Redemptorists, the following recommendations:

           At 02.30pm on 03.11.2011, a team of about 100 people were mobilized to go along with security personnel, the TV reporter, cameraman ... hit Redemptorist Church parish of Thai- Ha cursing, abusive priests, parishioners, clergy and disorderly area churches. Computer users are also equipped with speakers on hand, iron hammer, smashing the monastery door, smashing hammer lock the church door ...caused property damage of Thai Ha Church and lay mental intimidation.
Moreover, this group acts continuously provocative challenge to anyone they meet in the church compound acts as a collar grab, push, aggression with Rev. John Luu Ngoc Quynh in the yard Thai Ha Church. In the spirit of moderation and openness, the monk of Vinh Son, Vu Van Bang and Anton Nguyen Van Tang Offering to welcome strangers to this group but they immediately insult, insulting and deliberately pushed two monks Christ. Moreover, when the laity in the parish of Thai Ha towards the priest stood, their religious group is associated with aggression and thugs on death threats.
All these acts of deliberate aggression and violence has been said above, we record image as evidence can not cover up or excuse.
This group breath smelled of alcohol, thuggish behavior, despite the provisions of law.
The important thing, go after this group is a group of thugs shooting, photography is very professional and even had a reporter holding microphone (claiming to be operational right) poised opportunity to interview the group element ttrong thugs. The video from here were used on VTV1 and radio and television on 11/03/2011 at Hanoi right to slander the Thai Ha parish. Aggressive behavior of this group of thugs when they are pushed up big hammer destroying Thai Ha church gate.
Some people in this group was shouting that require the church to the state as "waste water treatment plants and rehabilitation hospitals," the laity and clergy we have the definitive answer and it is clear that:
- We agree to all the clean environment, improve and build more hospitals, but do not steal our monastery. The monastery of the Redemptorist parish of Thai Ha have been borrowed and the state has borrowed must be returned. We have enough evidence, the basis for this assertion.
Before peaceful behavior and satisfactory explanation, according to law, human love of the Father, Tui Si, parishioners of Thai Ha parish, on no account get more thugs are reasons to be more aggressive retreated to the result: The gates of Thai Ha church severely damaged; spirit lay witnesses and the case is not confused and put off the big question about the way that law enforcement authorities, protect people.
Clearly, the mob gathered to destructive aggression is violence pm on 3/11/2011 job organized, deliberately undermining the solidarity among the people, discrimination and insult Catholics. This  is a plot and action aimed to undermine the great unity in Vietnam, a factor very important and necessary in the context of Vietnam and is being encroached upon the territory of foreign aggression and territorial waters, Paracel, Spratly islands.
The worst thing is the information we received, said this group gathered at the People's Central Ward Quang Trung before and after the aggression, vandalism at the Thai Ha Church.
What we always hear that our State is a legitimate state socialist material may be to act for the thugs to the church, monastery destructive and abusive, violent aggression, cursing any such that no one is punished or not?

With the above facts, we propose an emergency:

1. The competent authorities for clarification and proper handling according to law with those who have disruptive behavior, harassment, excessive self-destructive place where the sacredness of Catholics at Thai Ha Church dimensional 3/11/2011.
We urge the authorities in the state "of the people, by the people and for people" to use all measures prescribed by law for stopping the situation from recurring.
2. Require you in your responsibilities, transparency clearly before the people's public opinion aware of the assets of the Redemptorist Monastery namely that our loan had been like? There is no legal basis for existing hospitals Dong Da on the basis of the monastery, our borrowing without returning or not? Why borrow our monastery was too long, causing many Catholics pressing for far refused to return?
3. The mass of any entity to work with us to have the team leader or representative. The disturbing element again if continued at the church, oratories, monasteries, where the Holy Spirit is our protection of the law, asking the authorities to ensure security for people's lives have perform its functions.
As a rule of law, we have the right to protect lives and property each of the Church to us.

Please send your greeting respect.

                                                                                         Thai Ha, November 4, 2011
                                                                       TM. Laity, priests, monks Thai Ha parish

                                                                            Signed:    Father Nguyen Van Phuong
                                                          Superior of the monastery deputy - Thai Ha parish

       - As above
       - The religion of Hanoi;
       - Public Security
       - Dong Da district police;
       - Quang Trung ward police;
       - Save the office. Thai Ha parish

BISHOPS AND LETTER TO SEND TO THE WHOLE Kon Tum Diocese NOTICE OF SHARE AND COMMUNION WITH THE SAME Thai Ha parish ON WHICH oppression Parish THROUGH suffering oppression and to take over UNAUTHORIZED PROPERTY Parish HANOI from the government.

 Kontum Archdiocese communion with Thai Ha 

11/05/11 12:04 PM

Bishop's Diocese of Kontum send all notices of current status of Thai Ha and expressed sentiments of communion as follows:

"Dear Father and Gentlemen, Toà GM Kontum hiệp thông với Thái Hà

In recent days there have been many priests, religious and laity in the diocese were asked about the Thai Ha parish have done to communicate the state government as TV and radio, the press has said Legend has it that the parish of Thai Ha (Hanoi Redemptorist) has errors "on appeal for stopping the use of land in the parish of Thai Ha, Dong Da Hospital (where the borrowed State of the Church) to build site sewage disposal. "

The Government is like "borrowed" many of our facilities as Cuenot Phu Yao School, Church Hieu Dao, Minh Duc school ... etc ... "to work" if the water used for wrong purposes, we also speak up like that only.

Please send to Fathers and Gentlemen the letter (attached) communion and land ownership claims of the parish of Thai Ha (Hanoi Redemptorists) of the Hanoi archdiocese to pray for communion Parish Thai Ha (Hanoi Redemptorists), for the Archdiocese of Hanoi, and especially for our diocese is soon to return to the religious establishments we serve God and the Church in justice, truth justice and truth.

Communion in Christ, 

Views of Father Joseph Pham Minh Trieu of Bao Long Parish, on event happened in the Thai Ha parish in Hanoi.

Father Joseph Pham Minh Trieu: We always stand and communion with Thai Ha in all circumstances.

11/06/11 7:57 AM  Linh mục Giuse Phạm Minh Triệu: Chúng tôi luôn luôn sát cánh và hiệp thông với Thái Hà trong mọi tình huống.

Father Joseph Pham Minh Trieu is in the Bao Long parish, Nam Dinh, who has repeatedly stood up for justice - truth in the Church and society. 

Coming from a lawyer, he has repeatedly fought for truth, justice in the law and the law.

Please introduce this interview Father Joseph Pham Minh Trieu of events happened in the past the Thai Ha.

1. Dear Father Pham Minh Trieu recent events occurring with the parish of Thai Ha Ha Noi, in the Bao Long parish, this long to get what information and feel of the Father about it like? 

Father Joseph Pham Minh Trieu - Management of Bao Long Parish

I see this crowd was prepared for recording camera. Outside there is clearly protected by the gatekeepers of indisputable authority anymore. Law enforcement agencies to protect people, and especially the religious establishment, but this crowd is prepared, it was a very brazen work, contrary to conscience, as opposed to human morality. Furthermore it is contrary to what the state has declared a State of Vietnam entirely religious freedom. These images and this job was clear that Quang Trung ward - Dong Da District have no respect for religion, no respect for human rights.

I totally oppose this behavior.

2. When mixed crowd under the government's statistics on the right in the church yard scuffle, some people even grabbed the collar of Father shoved John Luu Ngoc Quynh, a Priest who was also beaten is Priest Nguyen Van Tang . They were abusive priests monks are images sacred to us as the Father is a priest, a priest in the church how you feels? 

Through the video clip, I saw a bunch of very large, aggressive, grabbed the collar of a priest and then pulling to have the offending words. I found it an insult. As a priest in my life perhaps have never experienced it but I saw such a picture moral decline, moral Vietnam. Vietnam's traditional respect for religion, the religious leaders, regardless of whether Catholic or Buddhist society are recognized and respected, but so far it's time to have the moral alarms, downgraded.

Politically it is a protection tax that the people behind this can have such violations; Because the State or any other organization shall insult any other religion who declared war on religion, and as such they considered themselves to lose yourself. I used to say that religion is a declaration of war with himself.

3. Thank you very much Father answers. One thing we know, and am very impressed with Cha Cha is a graduate of the University Act provided, considering the perspective of the father legal assessment of these violations of the law of the crowd called "spontaneous" but organized as in how? 

One is already at the University of Hanoi, I also learn and follow the best of my knowledge, this is a violation of law has clearly held, may constitute a crime of abuse of others , destroyed the religious basis could constitute criminal destruction of property of individuals and organizations that are held at Redemptorist. Under the law, to offend the religious establishment is located in the state case had to say in cases like this. I think this is a violation of law is obvious, do not need to find evidence may constitute an offense direct assault others, destroy property of others that this is in the Thai Ha Redemptorists

If the law society also has to immediately investigate, prevent, and to be clear violations of the laws of this crowd.

4. As we know, the Redemptorists and Thai Ha parish have an application sent to the public authorities to report on violations of the laws of this crowd. Based on the experience and knowledge of the Father, you felt this story would go to where? 

At the point of legal and social theory, if there is a polity, the investigating authorities should be responsible for investigation and handling of all complaints and proposals of the victim is a Redemptorist. But the reality is experience from service in 2008 parishioners until the trial of Cu Huy Ha Vu, court cases related to land, I find that, not pessimistic, but the single word of the Father as any other way, I can say is "buffalo drum to the ear." So in terms of solved, according to law, crime right people is not easy. Say is not so pessimistic, but because the law enforcement, judicial, not legislative, but are independent of each other under the direction of an organization. That organization has experience directing covert. The procedures to be done, the father to do but comment on the fact that never have the resolution to place to place if communism is to institutionalize this.

5. Eventually Father would have to recommend something with everyone and the Thai Ha Catholics as well as priests, monks of Redemptorists in Hanoi is facing difficult times with many acts of provocation, attacks. 

The first relationship is the Thai Ha parish and the parish Bao Long, the special relationship. Half  year ago in favor of the Redemptorists has great appeal of work this week, weekend work both sacred and significant that I have declared, "The Protection of Thai Ha is work of Bao Long and also protection of Bao Long is work of Thai Ha ". After listening to the Thai Ha parish have been persecuted, beaten, I had to call his union with superior response to the Thai Ha parish in communion with all the Thai Ha parish. In addition, Bao Long parish we have to call everyone to prayer, Mass, especially at today's Sunday 6 / 11 the whole parish will light candles to pray for Thai Ha parish; And best of all we are not in communion with a personal affection, but with the clerical archbishop of Hanoi, we saw that we were the same who opposed the union rights of the media slander, right to work with dark intentions.

Through two of the copyright content in Ha Noi, Parish Bao Long also complete and respect the ownership of the Redemptorists on 61.455 m2 of land at 180 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da, including the land, the property of parishes.

Monday we are strongly opposed, not to accept the lack of cultural behavior and violations of the law of the group who were in full support of sovereignty, especially those behaviors

We, Bao Long Parish, always side by side and in communion with Thai Ha in all circumstances. We always support with prayer and the possibilities. Because the Thai Ha parish is also an ingredient in the church and the Archdiocese of Hanoi.

Thank you, Father had an interview with us.

Quoc Le

Comments of people in Vietnam about the State used thugs to attack Thai Ha 

11/06/11 7:07 AM Ý kiến người dân Việt Nam về vụ nhà nước dùng côn đồ tấn công Thái Hà

Immediately after the event thugs harass, offend the Redemptorist Monastery - Thai Ha Church, the information was immediately spread on the internet with full pictures, news and video.

The public focus on the Thai Ha Church of the small lambs, gentle priest monks are facing flood thugs state institutions and gatekeepers to attack them. The church was attacked seriously violates the laws of Vietnam, but the system press and television to promote the take actions that conscience and humanity.

Thousands of reviews reflects the attitude of people everywhere, from Catholics to non-Catholics, to expose the nature of the action of the authorities for what purpose was soon spread on social networking sites such as Facebook, forums, news, journalism is not controlled by the state as ...
These opinions do not like the so-called "opinion" was invented, arranged and paid newspaper New Hanoi, Hanoi Radio and Television Station.

Queen of Justice would like to send you to read some reviews of people all over the forums.

Anonymous: Being without religious status, read this, next year come in Hanoi to participate in the Thai Ha Redemptorist.

Le Dien Duc: A hooligans both robbed and shouted. Force of parishioners to unite together to stop the sabotage and conspiracy infamous slander of state media, as has been the people who denigrate intellectuals participating in demonstrations of patriotism.

Tran Thien Ke @ Trinh Minh Do: "Land ownership is the whole people" - This is an obscure, is giving to officials the villa, large villas and bring people to displace and suffering.

Tuan Vina@Tran Minh Do: have you ever found out the schools, the hospital is now in Hanoi, Saigon ... .. most of it is belong to who? Ah there is the Catholic. Speaking of public utility, I make sure with you that religion is better than ten thousand times that state. You do not fraudulently concept of ownership of the entire population with the merits of this or that. Currently many of those who have land bloody bones contribute to this mode is selected again robbed them white. All laws must be based on fair play. If not there on your own family there are also victims. Sincerely hope you open your eyes, open the output that assessment. State that truly wanted to Hospital or what school they have many ways .... not to wait until today. Not swallow finished piece of land  that vomit, and they must still regret. Love

Vu Thi Phuong Anh Ban TMD: What must be also clearly. If someone comes to force you to donate the land for the construction of hospitals would oppose the construction or is no objection? And later, when the State decides to move hospital to another place to build hotels or golf course then whom it serve to ?

Hung Hau: If tomorrow the state force you to donate the land or house donation, and what will you do?

Tam Tran: Adidaphat. Their Property, should return to them. Make wrong thing will meet the same thing. Why is stupid at home but without smart to outside? to oppress, to rob the land houses of people, without the worries scale of anti- communist of China, They are trying to occupie the land, occupie the sea, and assimilate people of Vietnam ... and then if China fighting do not call people against invasion. ... It will be shame....

Dang Dung: What the Archbishop has confirmed the Thai Ha will certainly make uncomfortable HN government, the rest is that people really need to unite to fight the despicable actions from the communist of Viet Nam.

Mo Lang Quen: the habit of stealing other people (Land reform / rated private property) should be "people" get more business from me plot this line is nothing but to work, if compared with the millions of hectares of land that revolutionary "movement" success across Viet Nam..

Khang Nguyen: Everything must be handled by the Constitution and laws, fairly in justice. Which loan is paid, in addition no one keep the hospitals that treat infectious diseases in densely populated areas.

Anonymous says: 
 Until now all Communist Party program "Pirates of the government." Every party needs something that is robbery. Pirates of the land of the people (in the name of plan) v.. V ...
So today's Press Party supported robbers, using violence to rob it's no wonder at all.

Anonymous says: 
 SEE THESE BOLTS OF THAI HA gazed former PARTY FOR FAKE PEOPLE FORM TERRORISM, kidnapping, Hidden hands and stoning to blame for U.S. and South Vietnam.

Tran Son says: 
 Still the old games, old script, not the splashy not fool the people in the country, that the foreign news agencies, foreign diplomatic role in knew where is true. The cat games, not only counterproductive, but cause more animosity against the government of the people

Anonymous says: 
 Communism is not sinister, who is sinister ? They harass each other but also to kill each other, such as Vo Van Kiet was killed by Nong Duc Manh . And communist never along with Catholics since Viet Nam has so far communist party. In time of war, the youth to join the army which is directed Catholic is communist noticed right away.

Anonymous says: 
 I pray we have the courage, wisdom, unity remove this bad party  is our children may be good. If we endure, cowardice perhaps to the children also made buffalo horse for the Communism.

Anonymous says: 
 Not only be Catholic with seven million people. But tens of millions of Buddhists VN Unified Buddhist Hoa Hao and the other religions were got this government persecution and extermination. And tens of millions of people lose their homes, robbed of land. Once they have emerged, then a million communist party members and some buffalo head, on the whole to see if there is a horse. I said a million by now most patriotic party members, were then fed the party. When the wind revolution comes, they will throw the card and offer to take up arms to liberate the country as people of Libya recently liberated country ... Because VN communist party is essentially "tricking teachers, department, robbery and faithless". The only cloud ox ox range, the code range of clothing with each new code is. But the righteous, patriotic civilians who still listen and believe them anymore ... Let's unite as one ... The opportunity will come, let's grasp .... lest miss ....

Lac Hong says: 
Hanoi TV has reported on the Thai Ha in exchange black and white instead of galaxies that show major news intestine. heart just hate just despise them. true that Communism is poison species, more disgusting animal species.

-Phong Le Danang says: 
 It's time to Explosion! It is also an opportunity to unite the religious struggle for Religious Freedom and Human Rights.
All believers of all religions together in bulk to the streets to fight for religious freedom! All of these people also difficult, petitioners across the country take to the streets demanding regime change.
Tunissia country just a young, self-immolation because of oppression, as well as down the road for the movement against BT-Benz Ali regime must collapse.
The people of Vietnam we have a lot of reasons to get together to the streets against dictatorship of the VN communist party.

Quy Nguyen says: 
The problem is clear, the basis of the Redemptorist monastery that is to borrow to pay, whether those burning house & home when they were the authorities of borrowing that they will not pay anything pressing style? any asked directly by one that was expressed so with new Ha Noi report, the reason is clear: God must be returned to God, why was asked to han, the problem is not only a basis Redemptorist HN , but also much of the land base and religious authorities was appropriate, if not wrong, the right head of the embankment material burning has not dared to go stir crazy when the problem was so obvious. The Rev. Redemptorists and Thai Ha parishioners gx suffered many trials and suppression of the evil power with a purpose of protecting the Temple of God, and also someone who does not believe in Yahweh GERMANY, HIS has commandment: "I have chosen Hanoi Redemptorist & Thai Ha Parish " which is his reward for Redemptorist and HN and Thai Ha parish to be handed down forever after, in addition he also justly rewards He has the mandate to: "Those who deserve to be punished will be punished: Eye will become blind, THOUGHT wisdom tooth would be crazy."

Anonymous says: 
 People would say VIETNAM patience to accept the hardened repression to be alive, as the sand division left the Communist Party will want five thousand minnows, little guy die in leadership it also paved the way for children it continued bullying the people and the people continue to endure any injustice, any damage no way out communist iron hand, only then we just endure until death cs descendants of pirates AIDS because of all the successful people we enjoy freedom, as said, the more chest pain, light alone is hard waiting time at the end of the tunnel.

23:15 November 3, 2011 

I heard this news and be very angry.
I respect the father, the Thai Ha Ha Noi monks bravely fought the Nazis with communist Vietnam.
Some people love Bo Ho Hoan Kiem, they walked for four red tape to break it. The only expression of love and courage, they dozen vehicles to the police station.
200 mob guy to break the church shall be police protection because they are police. There really is no police in Vietnam, where four police with a bully. Look at the guy uniformed public safety as the dogs stood inert stone, make outrageous people just waiting to be emergent in the river as the dog bites Hitler.
Please parishioners make up a large church asked him "archbishop" Hanoi see what he's siding? or toward the laity towards the map?
Maria Vu 

Anonymous says: Paper also apparently decided that it is not wrong because if the wrong had no story. I still remember her school days in which the streets are all God's doing without any hospital .Of borrowed flesh was then. One is to build what is to remodel the consent of the employer (which everyone knows). Second, if the owner require, must be turn back why both robbed and shouted. Only the robber that dare to do that.

Anonymous says: The gangsters are just fake time it extra slim. Some guy carrying a camera has been prepared, they are not thugs looting people manh back but if they rely on the slander, the pretext for persecution
The burning should be giving you any plans to hit the mob that does not affect the Thai ha or more

314 BK says: I had to call the police immediately when the incident occurred thugs attack Thai Ha parish, but the telephone answering used vulgar words, if not taught to respond to lose, well I yelled at them a crazy game, this name hung up the phone, I called again, a different name police did swear to state, that the behavior of the name "police people", they are following uncle words we teach, that is, take vocational, educational and not-ignoble, the mode, as the.Che communism as it is first pulled them down, can not modify the half

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dien: Remember the margin:

I am a Buddhist, not knowing much about Catholicism, although since I was a student, often to the church to see the Mass every Christmas.

Since the incident occurred some church related to care whether they have information about the church. I feel that the behavior, the church: Civilization - Refrain - Confidence - Know the law. Catholic and her children are: Solidarity - Love - Endure - Resolute.

Since we were Radio & Television in Hanoi, the Capital Security newspaper, newspaper New Hanoi, led by Mr Tran Gia Thai, Dao Le Binh, paint slander, lie, take a white hat rolling, we will understand and sympathize with the church.

We are Buddhists, also prayed for her children Catholic peace, happiness!

hotel said: 

Love and reason is only meaningful if the truth be respected.
If not true, if false, the talk of love or just nonsense.

I for example, a story that we though religion is very easy to understand that the other doctor Nguyen Ngoc, Nguyen Hue Chi, Nguyen Xuan Dien, etc.. or most recently the only Bich Huong. The means of the prospectus & the media allegations of security, especially the HVT is based on facts or common sense do not have?!

If there is no truth that lies just to take advantage of communication, any inference on the basis of incorrect data which lies nothing more significant that comment!!

Back to Thai Ha Monastery story, if we are called to borrow even more to what animal is on loan to the borrower shall pay can not grab any reason.

If you do not want to pay, then any decision of the State President, there would pulses: the upper religious law. Please do not say this religion or that religion, this hospital or that hospital.

- In fact I assume your home, now have one loan to the hospital and get them always, after you pay they asked me to use to answer the hospital ... then you think?!

- People want to do something your home, repair, beating out the other builders that did not even ask you, you think?!

- It is your home loan then use the right time of family worship you (their church) as a place to eat together, hang out dancing you think?!

Also, one more thing I am sure once the facility is turn back to the previous owner (the church) it will be used to serve the poor better than hundred thousand times. The church even though they have on the graph where the particular!

Indeed, look at leprosy camps will see immediately, regardless of who they have money or medical insurance?, They can distinguish the envelope for new doctors do not heal properly? what we're seeing in hospitals abound.

Moreover, the circular said Hanoi will move away from the suburban hospital, why not return the property to people, I believe if they returned to households only charity helping people the poor.

I've been in Hanoi and has seen the Thai Ha pioneered to help poor students to college HN test whether Catholic or religious, who are they? just scrap dealer with churches to help the poor. They require what?!

Each of us have witnessed how unfair the world that lies across the left still do not realize the truth of prejudices still Catholic, Buddhist teacher salary is the star?!

Parity we recognize injustice when it upside down on top of our own product!

Guest said: 

What about the share borrowed in mandarin finish does not always return this government has done so many times for many people in the capital in 1954 and released after taking over the southern city of 1975.

Customers have said 
04/11/2011 at 10:50

NongDan said: 
Case in Thai Ha is a test extremely foolish and dangerous, threatening to divide Vietnam. Where are the religious government, what then National Front, where then Archbishop, where government and Hanoi? Why have to use force to act spontaneously. Do not push more than 6 million Catholics in the confrontation with the authorities.

------- Please be more, of the 6 million Catholics know how many people? In addition, other religions are observing whether the position is to do with Christianity, and you think they would have crossed his arms to the suppression of all religions to other religions? The have thought that all religions are pushed closer together to form a block? Why are you just like making any new enemies out one person to another. Perhaps you prefer the underground sewer? Hopefully not.

Decision Strategy said: 

It does not understand government. Label use of thugs clearly demonstrate the impotence and weakness of the government. Why the police did not hit up the mass violence blatantly destroying Thai Ha Church children? the answer is too easy: they are the same. So what people expect in the police force?
Use a knife thugs have two blades on the government would then hand off, or broken neck.
Disorder was then. Borrowing to pay it is not nothing but robbery. The more depressed the more powerful spring. Then see.

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