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Letter from America Loc Parish, GP Vinh: cry in vain?



No one can continue indifference desperate cry of the laity in My Loc parishes of the diocese of Vinh. They are the tragic victims of the violent attacks by the communist government of Vietnam in recent days. Well, cry and panic that seems helter can only hear from the war under the bullets or mines only. But this is an obvious and painful when the cries, the groans that come from the mouth of the little victims, children, old people exclaimed in panic and hopeless helter being Vietnam's communist government violently suppressed by the hail and the brutal beatings as their enemies, who lay weak to speak the truth, for justice peacefully.

Dear fellow in country.

Fellow parishioners of our blood relatives at My Loc parish, the diocese of Vinh is playing go cry in sorrow and despair when the course of the suppression by force from the government is becoming more complex and serious. These people are pitiful isolated on bear attacks, brutal punishment from the officers of public authorities, the police officials representing the law. State Government of Vietnam Communist increasingly despised discipline and law. They themselves have the right to life close at hand and crackdown against anyone who wishes to touch them or the rights and interests of themselves and their families. The silence of the dignitaries representing Catholic Church of Vietnam to the cold indifference of some people and lay the cause leading to increasingly more government abuse and disregard the law .

We earnestly appeal to all people to monitor eye on what's happening at My Loc parish today. Please share and the practical action to save them at least be able to prevent or limit the damage somewhat, loss and suffering that lay people's blood and we are suffering before the inhumane actions of the VN. government in the parish My Loc, Vinh diocese today. Besides, let us ask unanimous voice representatives, leaders of the whole Diocese of Vinh, representing the Catholic Church of Vietnam, the monk priest in the diocese of Vinh with other dioceses in the the country to speak up to stop immediately any wrongdoing and inhuman communist government of Vietnam. Please take advantage of the responsibility which God entrusts giang hand protection to protect the children of his misery. Please speak up to not pour blood and plaintive cries were mollified by the love of his fellow parishioners and the country.


Nu Vuong Cong Ly
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Letter from America Loc Parish, GP Vinh: cry in vain?
25/11/11 6:50 PM  Thư từ Giáo xứ Mỹ Lộc, GP Vinh: Tiếng kêu trong vô vọng?

"Mommy save me." Waiter help me hold you "" Noona em scared, "" Daddy, is there one who threw stones?, "" I did not come home again.... "

That is the cry echoed with the sound of children crying for the whole family woke up in fear. We just heard that cry in the war, or in cases such as earthquakes, fires, storms or a collapsed house. But here's cries, the cries of children in Catholic families living along the district market these days. After the bloody suppression of the commune of Binh Loc, Loc Ha District, Ha Tinh province.

As we all know the last few days the government crackdown Binh Loc lay a ditch three neighbors because "anti-encroachment" made more than a dozen people were injured, eight were hospitalized emergency, three people were serious. Next to her son being beaten to market, the farmers market booth was smashed after the school is that specializing in catching terrorists operating at night. Evening of November 23 they blatantly throwing stones at the house at 8 pm until 11 pm last night only. Morning of November 23 they threw stones at 9 hours 30 minutes with the family over 10 hours. Until November 24, they threw late over 30 minutes to 1 hour at 2 am. The first day they go in groups as a guard, to the day after they bike, 2 to 3 people per car. Full brick and stone island who throw in the house and roof.

Things seemed just a few days, but those tricks do not stop now, do not know tonight, November 25 we can not act anymore. The family Ms Thu and Mr. Tien is the most severe damage. They beat two pigs died, broken window glass, broken tile. Damage to material not in spirit. The three children are at home on his grandparents. when told of them home but insisted "I do not go home again " for fear must be located under the bed and the stairwell. And the wobbly stones on the roof. The family Mr. Dung and Ms. Nhuong assessment in diodes that not put two small children at home that take them to house of their friend, Mr. Quy, Ms Thuy. But it also was stoned, the tiles fall down in the rain during the night for both panicked cry for two families of children resound in the rainy dark night when the cold wind flowing. "Mommy save me." "Brother help me hold you" "Noona em scared," "Daddy, is there one who threw stones?." So the only way to avoid all the falling tiles staggered by underground bed begging for bright sun. Family of Mr. and Mrs Tha, a poor family, a village in Bau Sen,Quang Binh, they make cream for the dry season to live in poverty is also a common fate, family of Mr. Linh Nhut in Xuan Hai, Trung Nghia to hire to repair electronic kiosks, also suffer the same plight, the family must stretch to cover the canvas for child less than 1 year old. Mr. Dung and Ms. Nhuong just uses the   rental kiosks to sell phone but under the pressure of them, the family not to spend anymore rental yield. These are families in 11 households are living the Market district.

All the pain is so at least, I think that there are many families still suffering more, but fear should not know all of them floating hearts. The pain on no one asked or encouraged any by visitors. The family knew that getting the suffering for the days, hoping that "after the rain, it's sunny ".

But, crime is not new to know when to stop.

Meanwhile, far My Loc Catholics still lonely, hopeless agony of blood and tears.

Where is justice? Where is peace when lay people are crying in pain between a country always claims that peace and stability in a legitimate state?

We look forward to the authorities, the pastors of the Church to a parish visit My Loc, visit some of their children are suffering but do not know who to call, and visited the children do not want to go back their home.

It's very painful place.

Ha Tinh, dated 25/11/2011

My Loc

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