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                  The people of Libya joyfully welcomed the demise
                     Gaddafi's regime.

                  THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Semi-monthly magazine editorial page of the Crescent Freedom of Speech issue No. 134 dated 01-11-2011 and images posted on the fate of the authoritarian leader Colonel Gaddafi of Libya after his people stood up to put an end to a dictatorship, the brutal use of violence for specific suppression of the people living in the last 42 years. The editorial also shows the strength of the democratic desires being suppressed for too long will result like? this interpretation and the most obvious fact that the article would have us feel and share the sense that victory is always ferocious. Violence, harassment, beatings, arrests and even imprisonment killing is just a temporary solution to bring the threat of panic where people in a temporary phase that can not permanently fix institution or lose democracy sincere desire which always suppress smoldering in the hearts of people living under the oppression of an inhuman regime.

Post a message in the most eloquent, the most vivid is sent to the leaders of Vietnam's communist state which had similarities in the way the people rule. We sincerely hope that state leaders are wise and not continue to track down the infamous steps of the Gaddafi regime. We always give them an open road of tolerance, a safe escape for the unfortunate mistake that the leaders of the communist party and state has caused Vietnam during the ruling. Human beings always want to live in peace and love. We, the people of Vietnam which is a gentle people, living and this tolerance is also a platform for leaders to help the communist state of Vietnam more courage and confidence to choose for themselves and their families not like a result of the end complete disgrace that the leader of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi chose.

The news


End of dictatorship in disgrace!

Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 134 (01-11-2011)

            • On the Forum Summit Association of Saudi Arabia in 2009, Moammar Gaddafi-dictator's life which ended in disgrace last 20-10 hours and then after 42 years-has dominated Libya itself as a leader Great. He said when he boasted: "I am an international leader, the master of the Arab leaders, the king of all kings of Africa, is the spiritual leader of all Muslims ... ".

            42 years to storm in Libya and the breakdown of plant disasters around the world has shown arrogance and extravagant habit of this. For native peoples, Gaddafi has ruled with an iron fist. That's oppression, persecution of dissidents, those who oppose authoritarian policies and values ​​of his family. That many laws that apply heavy sanctions and barbaric crimes against very vague. It is the treatment for life or hanged anyone put down "the national libelous, defamatory regime, insulting the leader" ... Tens of thousands of people were missing, imprisonment, torture to death without trial. Many characters opposition fled abroad remain secret services to monitor and kill.

            For neighboring countries in Africa, Gaddafi had war with Chad, intervene in the civil disturbances in Ethiopia and Congo, People's provoke Touareg in Niger and Mali, for armed guerrillas in Liberia and Sierra Leone. For the Western democracies, Gaddafi used terrorist tactics, intimidation, retaliation. Security forces in his foreign policy has placed bombs on passenger aircraft of the U.S. Pan-Am, killing 270 people over Lockerbie on Scotland in 1988, prompting international sanctions on Libya were more than a decade. In 2009, Gaddafi stops oil supply to Switzerland Switzerland to avenge the arrest of his son on charges of torturing two waiters in the hotel. In addition, Gaddafi also funds several international terrorist forces. From the Palestinian terrorist organization to the Irish Republican Army (IRA), from the organization ETA in Spain up to fanatical Muslim group Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines.

            Who use the sword will die sword, causing blood debt to pay with blood. After more than eight months to rise up and revolt of the Libyan people, who 42-year reign on the throne bauhuy endless glory and power have been pulled from a sewer, was dragged drag on the street, slapped in the face, shot in the abdomen at the beginning of the mortally wounded, then was kept in a cold storage of meat, and finally buried secretly in the desert, to the gloating of his compatriots, who he thought would not now stand up against him by already being controlled by a grid dense policemen and a team of mercenaries equipped with a powerful estimate of up to 20% of the population.

            Many of the visitors, many heads of state, said an optimistic before the death of dictator. UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, said that events in Libya has prompted "a historical process forward." U.S. President, Obama confirmed the death of Moammar Gaddafi regime demonstrates the tyranny must inevitably fail. President Sarkozy of France, the forefront of campaigns for the insurgents, the statement: Libyan people have been freed from a dictatorship and brutality was imposed on them for over 40 years. British Prime Minister Cameron said: Dictators, brutality must be eliminated. NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Gadhafi's death ended the "reign of fear" for the Libyan people. EU President Herman van Rompuy and European Commission President, José Manuel Barrosso, who claim to: "Nowadays, people can flip through Libya history and foster a future of freedom, democracy" . Secretary General of the Arab League, he Nadil al-Arabi, hoping the death of dictator Gaddafi closed the history of tyranny in Libya. In Africa and the Middle East, people are influenced by the Arab Spring movement as Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Iran ... consider this a big win again sow hope for the entire region.

            Of course, there are also some odd voice, emotionless from Chad, Niger, Iran, Venezuela, China or Vietnam Communist. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez expressed his indignation to the death of Gaddafi: "It is sad death of Gaddafi has been confirmed ... etc. They assassinated him ... Throughout life we ​​will forever remember Gaddafi as is a fighter, a revolutionary and great martyr. " In Vietnam, the training arm of a pen unscrupulous Colonel Nguyen Nhu Phong, who is the head writer of the newspaper columns of Police and Security World and now the editor of New Energy, has spent all " The truth about Libya and Gaddafi, "published this month today to improve bi 09-2011 him a shameless way (of course with the consent of the Group in Ba Dinh). Phong said that as a leader "in the hearts of most people in Africa as a rich man and the spirit of humanity", that "Libya is a country of many policies that many people countries should dream, for example: The household use electricity are free; water for daily use also free; citizens should not pay taxes nor VAT; The bank non-interest loans; each newly married couples are paying for the state; Medical care is free. The hospital is equipped with ultra-fine, that many health facilities in the West is jealous; high school and university education are provided free of charge ... ". In short, Libya under Gaddafi is a "democratic and highly civilized" ... All these words lies not know shy mouth.

            · The outcome of the tragic and disgraceful Gaddafi is the end of most of the dictator in the 20th and 21st centuries, especially the Communist dictator.

            First to mention V. Illich Lenin. Red Leader's death at the age of 53 on 21-01-1924. The official reason led to his death was cerebral arteriosclerosis, or by a stroke. In fact, Lenin had lived his last years in a state of madness. French newspaper Nouvel Observateur once published a shocking and shows the Lenin sitting in a wheelchair with his eyes wild streak casino. That is just a consequence of the life blood of fire sow hatred for his homeland and the world.

            It was followed by Benito Mussolini, the leader (Duce) of the fascist dictatorship Italian ally and friend of Adolf Hitler. Revolutionaries were arrested when the Italian Communists fled to Switzerland with her mistress Clara Petacci dated 27-04-1945, the next day, both were shot in the village of di Mezzegra Giulino then be taken to determine Milan, suspended contrary to the public "see".

            Again as Adolf Hitler, the Nazis set the iron blood, killing 6 million Jews in an incinerator, causing the Second World War, soldiers pushed humanity to attack the fire. May 4-1945, knows his approaching demise because more and more Russian troops approaching Berlin, Hitler hastily married Eva Braun and then brought her a leader in bullet-proof cellar. Seeing the desperate situation to date 30-04, Hitler committed suicide with a password Walther Braun and she then takes poison.

            Followed by Ion Antonescu, who was Romania's wartime leader and blamed for the deaths of 400,000 people. Finally, in 1946 he was prosecuted for crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and crimes treason. Notwithstanding the appeal twice, and finally he was still firing on 1-6-1946.

            Joseph Stalin, leader of the red death on 5-3-1953, age 74 enjoying life. The official reason of death was cerebral hemorrhage. There are reports that he was poisoned. Anyway, this is only the result of a massive fear of assassination haunt him for having brought so much crime. Many years before his death, Stalin every night to a mansion for him that only a single door, with 40 bedrooms with full facilities and every night he would choose one of the rooms that , so no one knows. Outside there is a company of soldiers Cosak absolute loyalty to his keepers.

            A dictator Nicolae Ceausescu is another CS, CS Romania party leader, ruled the country from 1965 to 1989. With a life of extreme luxury, a very arrogant mind, his self-assigned to the title of "Leader," "Genius of the Carpathians", "The river Danube of thought", a policy to the whole nation into the next right. May 12-1989, was overthrown by a military coup, a couple of N. Ceausescu was executed 25-12-1989 Christmas holidays.

            21st century, a dictator in Iraq is Saddam Hussein. May 4-2003, Baghdad fell and Hussein gone. He was arrested in December and pulled out from a bunker. Finally, on 30-12-2006, Hussein was hanged for crimes against humanity.

            · The catastrophic collapse of the dictatorship and death on this visit to the disgrace of those who built it must be a lesson worthy destination, for example Tay Group Liep Communist leaders in Hanoi . The trend of democracy is the inevitable trend of humanity in this century and XXI. Be aroused and presented by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention, is promoted by the modern media which breaks all the walls conceal conceal, supported by tens of thousands, millions of people running from the regime to the regime of freedom and democracy to this trend is the power to defeat any attempt to maintain authoritarian rule party, all schemes of sleep and stupid people, all design those who plan to suppress should have cried out and the truth. So, the Vietnam Communist leaders should be prepared to be moderate, not to suffer humiliating fate as Gaddafi. Crimes of Ho Chi Minh, the leader of them, has risen like a mountain. Crimes of the Politburo to make higher volume crimes, especially crimes as lackeys for foreign invaders. Even so, the door remains open for them to return to union nation bloc. But not forever. Do not blindly stubborn or greedy hook, otherwise it will be too late!


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