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Seven INTERNATIONAL HUMANRIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS sent a joint Statement for VIETNAM'S Foreign Ministry



The international human rights organizations have come together to speak out against the poor human rights situation in Vietnam is now the open letter sent to representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam and the United States Department of State today 09-11 - 2011 on the occasion of his past Hoang Chi Trung, director of the Department of International Organizations accompanied the delegation attended the Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue with the United States in Washington. The joint statement of the seven International Human Rights Organisation has strongly condemned the communist government of Vietnam does not respect the rights of legitimate free speech of the people through the harassment and arrests cell suppression Bloggers held illegally, the dissidents and journalists who express their views peacefully on misconduct by the government.

The International Human Rights Organisations especially interested in the case of prisoners of conscience, Father Nguyen Van Ly, who was detained continuously for a long time for expressing their right to freedom of peaceful and recently has been the Vietnam Communist authorities jailed again in a state of serious health impairment due to brain tumor that caused the Father Ly has repeatedly suffered a stroke in prison inmates in prison . The joint statement was referring to the nature and severity of the trampling of human rights and requirements of Vietnam's communist government to respect human rights and release immediately and unconditionally to the Spirit Nguyen Van Ly and the other dissidents are currently detained illegally in Vietnam.

Poor human rights situation in Vietnam is becoming more serious after the Hanoi government conducted a series of new crackdown on Thai Ha parish in Hanoi, and events using thugs to attack the Spirit Section, Monks on 03-11-2011 really makes people extremely urgent. The above burning has peaked at day 16 to 11-2011sau as authorities continue to use the security forces and police protection to carry out the construction of the night on land owned legitimacy of the Thai Ha parish aims to remove traces of the Redemptorist monastery for intent to appropriate property to the land of monasteries that legal authorities have illegally appropriated in the form of "loans lent "decades past was like drops of water spilling down the road leading to the glass against the priests, monks and hundreds of parishioners of Thai Ha parish today 18-11-2011.

Violence and the law despite the communist government of Vietnam today is increasingly raised concerns from the international human rights organizations as well as many countries around the world. But in the dialogue that the US-Vietnam Human Rights in Washington, representatives of the communist government of Vietnam Hoang Chi Trung, director of the Department of International Organizations have agreed to express their views and noted that without self- by the media and a real civil society, all the problems of the country will hardly be resolved. However, no one can place confidence in what they hear from the Vietnam government has many times since the Communist regime of Vietnam is committed to respect human rights but in reality the words were not along with employment and human rights situation increasingly worse now demonstrated a clear and specific.


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7 international organizations sent a joint statement to the U.S. Department of State
Thanh Truc, RFA reporter
Seven international organizations specialized in fighting and human rights protection Monday 9 November a joint statement sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

Father Nguyen Van Ly was silence in the police
 Court in Hue today 30-3-2006.

The joint statement expressed concern before the lack of freedom of expression and information, reminding the authorities of the countries of the reporters, bloggers or the dissidents still harassed and detained long time.

Thanh Truc has all the details.

Open letter dated November 9, also known as the joint statement by seven international organizations, sent to Mr. Hoang Chi Trung, Director of International Organisations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, and sent for help U.S. Secretary of State Michael Postner U.S. secretary of state and Bill Burns.

During the seven draft joint statement sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam has long been held to be known as Reporters Without Borders - Reporteurs Sans Frontieres, the International Organization of freedom of speech, The Catholic Action Against Abuse - Des Chretiens Actions Pour L'Abolition de la Torture, etc ...

Lack of freedom of speech
Ms. Christine Laroque, in charge of
 the Asia division of the Catholic Action Against Abuse.
 Photo courtesy of Christine Laroque.

Introduction, general statement about him prompted the Department for International Organizations Hoang Chi Trung along delegation to Washington to Vietnam human rights dialogue with the United States, while in Vietnam are about twenty people, including the newspapers, bloggers and dissidents who are imprisoned for daring to speak out about the basic rights of man.
The letter stressed the Mr. Hoang Chi Trung said: "During recent discussions with U.S. officials, he agreed and noted that if the media are not free and independent, without a social civil society will be very difficult for Vietnam to solve many problems that his country is facing. We regret the government increased control over his newspaper and Internet restrictions in January 2011, this may make you his lack of information on the status of their country, so there is a lack of equipped to run the country. "

Ms. Christine Laroque, in charge of the Asia division of Action Pour L'Abolition Chretiens Des De La Torture, which the Catholic Action Against Abuse, one of seven organizations signed the letter sent to Vietnam, said:

"The decision to sign a joint statement with you to organize six events delegation from Vietnam to the United States the human rights dialogue with the U.S.. We want to express deep concern over such abuse typical of the government of Vietnam to the people through their lack of freedom of speech, abuse and torture people detained in that country.

Up to now about two dozen people, including journalists, bloggers, the dissidents, most have been in jail just for daring to say or dare to write that the government of Vietnam denied the basic rights of man.

In all cases, the prison priest Nguyen Van Ly we are most concerned by the way of extreme human rights violations. He was harassed repeatedly detained, even being sent back to prison in the state of health severely weakened. That's why we ask that the Vietnam government to respect human rights, the release of Father Nguyen Van Ly, as well as those who are being detained dissidents. "

Human rights are not respected
Mr. Benjamin Ismail in charge of Asia
 to Reporters Without Borders.
 Photo courtesy of Benjamin Ismail.

Also from Paris, Mr. Benjamin Ismail in charge of Asia to Reporters Without Borders Reporteurs Sans Frontieres, explain the meaning of the joint statement which Reporters Without Borders prepared and signed along with other organizations:
"The response to an initiative and sign a joint statement with other organizations, to urge Vietnam to improve human rights as well as the release of dissidents, held after U.S. Vietnam human rights dialogue in the United States, has proved one thing though as we stay in the organization named different criteria and the way activities are more or less different, but the common and uniform is to protect human rights for all levels of society.

In such cases, we agree with each sign are noticed because although the human rights dialogue with the United States recently Vietnam has recognized the fundamental rights of man, said that Vietnamese constitution Nam priority to protect human rights, but in fact in Vietnam human rights are not respected, Vietnam does not have a free press, freedom of expression and freedom of information.

The organizations we have the opportunity with a joint statement to address the circumstances unfair imprisonment or intellectual bloggers in Vietnam, for example, Nguyen Tien Trung, Pham Minh Hoang, Cu Huy Ha Vu Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai, and so on. Mr. Pham Minh Hoang was arrested and sentenced to prison last year because of blogging under a pseudonym other to spread the liberal ideas of democracy. Not only that, he dared to write about Hoang Sa and Truong Sa is a sensitive issue that the state trying to avoid Vietnam.

In accordance with principles and defend and protect human rights, we expect Vietnam rethinking, improve and treat people with different opinions, those who want to build a healthy civil society and good beautiful, in accordance with the terms stipulated in the constitution of Vietnam. "

In their joint statement, seven international organizations emphasize the sign "Vietnam does not have a background independent media, journalists or bloggers to take risks when reporting or writing about the negative situation in civil society. Before joining the WTO World Trade Organization, Vietnam has acknowledged human rights record of a country is closely related to the development of national economy. "

The constitutional provision in Vietnam are joint statement by seven international organizations mentioned in the letter of Article 53 prescribes the basic rights of citizens as participants Vietnam, discussion and recommendations on issues of the country; Article 69 provisions Vietnam citizens have the right to free speech, free press, right to information, rights of assembly and demonstrations in accordance with law provisions of Article 71 rights immunities of the body of citizens of Vietnam, the laws protect health, life, honor and dignity and not be caught without a decision of the People's Court or the People's Procuracy.

From these rules in the constitution of Vietnam, joint letter of seven international organizations concluded that there is too much evidence inconsistent with the constitutional status of harassment tortured, arrested, imprisoned in Vietnam, that is completely contrary to clause 71 by the acts of torture, terrorism, body and spirit on those who dissent may not fall into the cycle of labor in prison camps across the country.

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