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My Loc parish's situation, Vinh Diocese

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      My Loc parish laity of the diocese of Vinh pressing before brazen actions of the authorities

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Security situation and the instability of the laity in the My Loc parish of the diocese of Vinh  more and more concerned. The capital lay low for their throat could only stand helplessly looking gangsters and those who are representing the name of law behind them lay people continue to attack with force. Property destruction was intended but that public opinion is now interested lay people lives are seriously threatened by the gangster element, the main government protection and support. Serious nature of the work makes people extremely urgent to not know who to rely on protection for the threat they themselves who are the ones are in the hands of power and disregard the law.

Human rights situation worse and increase the use of violence, use of thugs to settle disputes, land and property between the government with people, and between the government with religion has caused people to date even more worried and concerned. Every act unruly and unlawful carrying of the nominal representative of the state government for the people seemed to really put the country's current state of anarchy. Because if all the actions of governments at all levels is governed under the jurisdiction of other ministries, the National Assembly, the Central, they did not view the sky as the lid and what they wanted is success, most of behalf of government and law but they act as hooligans or robbers.

Although how is the matter and how to resolve the problem by government, we, the children of God go together and share communion with the suffering hardships that our compatriots are suffering. In our opinion, the Superior who, priests, monks and the community, unions in parishes across the country need to have specific actions and appropriate to oppose the wrongdoing of authorities immediately and completely stop all attacks by force seriously threaten the lives of the laity and resolve all disputes in a spirit of peace and respect for the law. The combination and a strong voice from the representative of Vietnam Catholic Church with respect to truth, justice, and the respect from the government will be the platform to end all existing conflicts and bring desired results in resolving lands, property disputes between the government with the religious and also between the authorities and the country people now.


Nu Vuong Cong Ly
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My Loc parish's situation, Vinh Diocese
24/11/11 7:17 AM  Tình hình Giáo xứ Mỹ Lộc, GP Vinh

According to information received by telephone from the My Loc,in  current the parishioners of My Loc parish, the Vinh Diocese at Binh Loc commune, Loc Ha District, Ha Tinh province besieged four sides and in a very complex situation.

Last night, some people threw stones to attack the families of parishioners. The Mr. Tien, the son of a parish in the Executive Board, in Loc Binh Medical Station was attacked with stones and other things has killed two pigs and lives threatened. Also at 23/11/2011, some parishioners as Son, Thang, Hoa damaged house by stoned.

The injured lay beaten

Previous morning, when the altercation occurred in the church My Loc, pool of origin for the parish priest and they have been used poisoning, many people have seen some people put in the drinking water tanks secondary chemicals such as effervescent tablets and effervescent water tank can not be used. Today people have to drain out the water rinse tank.

Eight parishioners were hospitalized by beaten left the hospital because the treatment is not assured in the state hospital. These people include Mrs. Long, Mrs. Hoa, bonuses, Ms Nhung, he and three others. Total hospital charges of the district have been paid.

Today at the Market district, where people trade to feed, then the kiosk of the laity has been broken ruins. Parishioners did not dare to go shopping district to buy food or purchase for fear of being attacked. In this area had to set up a temporary market to farmers can purchase a temporary swap.

Particularly worrying is the students are still very scared and dare not go to school for fear of being attacked.

Back to the attack Tuesday 22/11/2011, irrigation ditch dug by the cooperative if the straight lines will not touch the origin of new construction of Rectory, but to the region near the Rectory has to be bent, so will go look at the origins and foundations of school board has proposed the CPC to dig straight for to be not affected the Rectory. Issued parish met Le Trong An, Social Chairman, Pham Khac Cu, vice chairman of Binh Loc to address the proposal. That was not acceptable to the faithful flock to request not to affect the Rectory.

Loc Ha District authorities have mobilized to force the parish in a way that says "go to irrigation," including force as follows: The village in Binh Loc police of 13 communes in Loc Ha District and many the police militia of the place. Especially mobilized border guard to this place in the repression.

About Leadership, parishioners said Mr. Luong- vice president of Loc Ha District, Mr. Vinh, deputy police Loc Ha District and a lot of police presence as well as lay people under attack.

However, the attack did not be prevented, even though while there are many people used the wire to  pull down the Divine statue.

In the incident since yesterday to today, parishioners called to the police 113 but has not been met to maintain order and suppress crime.

By this morning, the priest is still being in Doai commune for retreats, not turn back yet, and authorities have not found there to solve the stability problems of people's life.

13h, Date 24/11/2001

Nguyen Huu Vinh J.B

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