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Police prevent demonstrations in Hanoi on Sunday morning 27-11-2011

People bring up the demonstrators were arrested in bus on Sunday morning  27-11-2011


The arrest of a number of participants in street demonstrations 27-11-2011 Sunday morning to express support for his views on Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, he supported the draft law reflects protesters the truth about the so-called "legal protest", a cover false democracy which I myself have mentioned in previous series. According to his statement the Prime Minister, the consistent policy of the government of the socialist republic of Vietnam is in full support of the protest actions of people from patriotism. According to his statement, all the action from the real patriotic will be praised, rewarded and vice versa if the advantage of patriotism to serve other purposes prejudicial to national or local harmful to society will be severely dealt with.

Statement by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has been uttered from his mouth to answer questions before Congress Wednesday 25-11-2011 recently settled two days was not all magic in excitement when people smell little taste of democracy, the action happens to arrest the demonstrators to the streets today 27-11-2011 as a cold water flush to the top of everyone. Even when caught into a car everyone was shocked not believe his eyes. Why do I get started? Perhaps no street demonstrations expressing support for him as prime minister his actions are detrimental to society or national security violations stars? if not then why the authorities take action to prevent and arrest people?

Numerous big question in everyone's head is the answer. As I have warned and reminded everyone of the previous series on the cover of democracy hypocrisy behind so-called "people's right to protest." All people living in a socialist country, is now living under totalitarian, authoritarian communist regime to understand an act of patriotism is not the action brought benefits for the people or the nation. People do not be confused between the so-called national interests, national interests with the interests of collectives and individuals who lead the country. According to the concept of the current communist government, the people love, love can not be called national patriots. That true patriotism is love here to party, love of and do not have any policies, guidelines or actions prejudicial to the interests and the interests of the parties, themselves and their families are territorial leading party and state, so called the patriotic citizens, love socialism.

By this time, maybe people have to understand what democracy is and how hypocritical is patriotic person in view of the party leaders and the communist state now. To get a true liberal democracy, to human rights are respected in the real homeland of Vietnam, the individuals we each need to have proper insight and clarity about the circumstances and situation current human rights situation in Vietnam. Besides, people should be practical and action is to overcome the fear of himself, drawn with powerful people to speak up for truth, for justice and human rights in Vietnam . The insensitivity of many of the past will continue to be major obstacles in the process of democratization of the country and indirectly abetting the communist government suppressed, persecuted people and homeland to push graphics destruction and foreign slaves.


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Police prevent demonstrations in Hanoi 27-11 am
Even Lam, editor of RFA
There were at least 16 people gather in front of Ly Thai To monument to join the protests, was arrested on a bus going.

Courtesy Port of electronic government information

To answer questions Monday 25-11-2011 deputies,
 Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung proposed
 draft legislation Congress demonstrate.

Responding to call for the rally at Lake Shore 27-11 on Sunday morning to support Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked Congress to draft the Law demonstration, at 8:30 am in Hanoi, many People gather scattered Ly Thai To statue while previously appeared several police vehicles, including buses and vehicles parked on the curb.
From Hanoi Professor Ngo Duc Tho told Radio Free Asia:
"Early next morning the car has to Contain few people, buses, agricultural vehicles specialized transport of soil above the sidewalk would pass away Ly Thai To statue. Ly Thai To Monument is where the protesters or standing to raise flags and slogans.
Across the supermarket Shark function well for three buses. Police and so crowded at 9 hours 30 protests that have been Contain started right up police car and then intercepted. There are 16-17 people were arrested on a bus carrying not know where to go, including Nguyen Van Phuong, was arrested on the bus then.
Blogger The Trade Wind, Le Tri Dung, La Dung including artists and old customs as he pulled violin in the demonstrations were also present. He was arrested nearly that old, but may re-attach the wheel and there are many people to be free. The situation is so.
Thus, they broke and can not know whether or not assembled and I think that they have prepared a very strong case, not play. "
In addition to those that Professor Ngo Duc Tho mentioned that in our record are also many others such as Doan Trang journalist, freelance journalist Duong Thi Xuan Truong Van Dung, was arrested and until now Police still do not know where to bring them.
We will follow up and report the latest news related to this demonstration.

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Some pictures of the protesters on Sunday 27-11-2011

According to information received, from early morning buses and vehicles of the police force has been strengthened in the lake area. Right on Ly Thai To garden, a police car is parked right on exceptional gardens.

8:45: Not yet focus the protesters. Security forces were deployed submersible floating, the familiar faces wandering around people walking or resting at Hoan Kiem Lake.

                                                         This woman demonstrator?

                                           No. She can not pretend Anonymous

9:00: Around the shores of Lake security forces and protesters crowded. However, the group of demonstrators could not be heading back, because drastic suppression of the police force. Police car horn loudly to line up.

9:30 pm: demonstrations began.

                              Nguyen Van Phuong protests (he Anhbasam)

                          Demonstrators who ride the bus (photo Basam)

Information said, there are over a dozen people were arrested, among them are La Dung, Le Dung, The Trade Wind, Nguyen Van Phuong ... and taken to restore the dignity camp Loc Ha, Dong Anh district, suburban Hanoi

XE Bus arrest

10g20: The information that some people have been arrested, including the lawyer Le Quoc Quan and a Catholic layman.

10:30: Pham Chinh The protesters were arrested and are currently being stored in the sixth sentence Quang Trung - Police Facility II Hanoi, located in Ha Dong district.

Currently, the group of protesters continued to build small groups around the Hoan Kiem Lake.

Clams bored with the words of Prime Minister
It can be said rally this morning, despite intense persecution from the onset, but showed patriotism of the Vietnamese people nothing can stop.

The protesters arrested this morning, again shows the inconsistency in the words of Prime Minister Vietnam today. If not the real one, then this is the inability of the Prime Minister, or at least show differentiation, fierce infighting between his deep and Ba Dung, Prime Minister of the internal forces in the CSTV. The claims and actions of the Prime Minister to Vietnam as the people of Vietnam into a labyrinth so confused author.

The people of Hanoi this morning to protest the arrest is witnessed, has commented that: "This is a shot played straight in the face of Prime Minister Pham Quang Nghi, Hanoi Party Secretary when he ordered the Forum I suppress advocates Ba Dung, Prime Minister. Pham Quang Nghi still bitter with Ba Dung, the Decree has walked in place for this term. The reason is because Pham Quang Nghi has caught the serious mistakes in the repression of religion in the previous term and other opponents were thoroughly exploited. " The words identified this hill college spreading widely in the population, and the consent of many.

Through this arrest, we also clearly see the opposite direction between words and actions of the leaders of Vietnam, which has led the people of Vietnam at some stage the great crisis of confidence.

Actions of the protesters arrested this morning, again showing the internal turmoil in the Hanoi government. Residents rally to support Prime Minister were arrested just like when people protested against the Chinese aggression Sea.


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