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Police 'stop screening of Hoang Sa "


The difference between Vietnam and other countries for Freedom and Democracy around the world about the word "patriot act" has been published and presented in the previous series, and today as to assert and prove more the accuracy and reliability of the review and comments above, people are seeing more action from other people's patriotism, but was thoroughly checked because no suitable policy of the leaders of the party and state, who follow the policy guidelines rather than dehydration can take the Communist Party. Intent to slide the 60-minute documentary entitled "Hoang Sa-Vietnam loss and pain," said the miserable lives of people living in Binh Chau, Ly Son, Quang Ngai province and assert the sovereignty of the island by Mr. Andre Menras Vietnam (Ho Cuong Quyet) an  Vietnamese with original French at a coffee shop in the tourist area of Van Thanh Dist. Ho Chi Minh City  were banned for presentation today 29-11-2011by police.

Vietnam's communist government determined to take action to suppress anyone who dares to take action to offend the Chinese Communist patron of fellow communist capital behind effective protection for the existence of a mechanism dictatorship damned. They accept the people's opposition and not be detrimental to the patron who has been out day and night to protect them, protect the authoritarian rule of their very existence with the motto " but also his party. " People today almost most have understood human nature and reality of the communist government of Vietnam. However, as long doomed to live under the oppression and violence from the government should even know how many people still try to bite your teeth and endure long become indifferent to the situation of human rights worsening each more.

Before mounting pressure of international community, and widespread ideological disagreements among the people, especially the wave of indignation is booming after the persecution of any person against religion that is typical of the crime St. at the Redemptorist Monastery, Church of the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi and My Loc parish, the Diocese of Vinh in recent years has been on creating a big gap between the government and people, and create much more favorable for Democrats, the dissent in the process of democratization of the country and claim rights for the people of Vietnam. Vietnam's communist government but always proved to be aggressive and strong in the crackdown and arrest people, but they still can not hide the fear, envy and division or disagreement within internal division at present.


Police 'stop screening of Hoang Sa "
Update: 14:20 GMT - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Hồ Cương Quyết
Ho Cuong Quyet on holding banners against

Intent to film documentary about the Paracels in a cafe in the city. HCM has failed after the intervention of police.

Mr. Andre Menras ( Ho Cuong Quyet), the Vietnamese citizen of French origin, intended for showing documentary films made by him, entitled "Hoang Sa-Vietnam: The pain of loss."

However, for some participants or organizations as he Cao Lap (Director Van Thanh tourism) and lawyer Le Hieu Dang was summoned by police. The film screened at a cafe in the Van Thanh tourism park this evening 29/11.

One participant said that when friends come around 17h30 Art Mini Ami, they see power outage.

The organizers then to a restaurant next door, where Mr Ho Cuong Quyet on holding placards inscribed the words "against the illegal activities and violence of the city police. HCM prevent and prohibit the film."

Before that, according to an article by poet Do Trung Quan, Ho Cuong Quyet, "to put a poster that says" Vietnam's Hoang Sa ".

"Posters are agreeing with 220,000 contracts.

... Also for those who do gentle people, for decades psychologists have used fear to live, just want peace do not want to be noted by government. When Ho Cuong Quyet's determination to apply - posters, which he is to receive a refund envelope with the words 'Return to Mr. West, do not do it.' "

As an introduction, 60 minute documentary about people in Binh Chau, Ly Son struggle with the sea for livelihood and affirm the sovereignty of Vietnam's sea islands.

This movie is the Government of Vietnam to allow video recordings in Quang Ngai.

An article on Vietnam Human Rights Journal recently praised the film as "the world sent a clear message and optimism: This community, this nation will not yield an inch to  land and an inch to sea. "

Mr. Ho Cuong Quyet, was born in 1945 in France, the State President Nguyen Minh Triet granted citizenship in 2009 decided "for having to Vietnam during the resistance war against America."

In early June this year, Ho Cuong Quyet on participating in anti-Chinese protests in the city. HCM.

According to his account, in the meeting city leaders. HCM Meanwhile, he and his friends "had asked the government and the State of Vietnam to facilitate the public indignation is expressed in the sense of responsibility, peace, resolute and comprehensive in order to respect" .

By August, he has an open letter criticizing the Vietnam Television VTV1 when they looked page lists Bauxite Vietnam - where he was a collaborator - as the web page "reactionary".

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