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VIETNAM Communist government used every trick OF THAI HA robbery




Thai Ha parish is facing the risk of severe repression of acts of violence using a brazen of the Hanoi government while corporate leaders inhumane government's determination to steal by the land assets of the Thai Ha parish in any way. Thugs forces, civil defense forces, security forces and other supporting tools needed to attack the parish by violent methods, such as dogs, bulldozers, water cannon vehicles, vehicles Using industry specialty troops, military weapons, such as electric batons, truncheons, guns v. ...... v. ... is the Hanoi government to quickly deploy the night she blocked up and besieged the Thai Ha parish area.

The communist government of Vietnam has quickly become the face shortly after the delegation sent to the Thai Ha parish made the dialogue to address the requirements of the Thai Ha parish in requesting the government to return the financial production land where the government has borrowed from Thai Ha parish for several decades. On or after Vietnam's communist government robs the government so far has not ever made the promise or commitment. But do not know why some people's parts and even some dignitaries of the Catholic Church in Vietnam still believe and hope that can change the nature fraudulently or in man of the communists and atheists is inhumane.

Thai Ha parish is now facing the risk of severe repression if not taking their hands give property up for those who's shifty but this powerful communist government of Vietnam. Everyone Vietnam Catholic country are extremely urgent action before more brazen and duplicity of the Hanoi government as well as being in communion with the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi in the fight against oppression from the authorities and are ready to imitate the holy martyrs of Vietnam. But this far people still rely on voice as well as interference from other leaders of the Catholic Church of Vietnam for illegal activities of the leaders present the Hanoi government.

Oh my fellow Vietnam! Oh people of Vietnam! if the bow forever doomed to accept the iron fist of the communist government of Vietnam, the fate of people will be like? then the fate of the country of Vietnam will go to today is authoritarian rule, the group's non-communist Vietnam and tomorrow will be even more severe when the communist group leaders incompetent useless Vietnam, their  hands consecrated Fatherland to aggressive expansion China? All of us make quick choices for themselves a right direction. The small sacrifice or loss of each of us today will help to avoid painting doom future for the country and even the enormous implications that every family, every citizen Vietnam we would have to suffer when Vietnam becomes a small districts or provinces of the Chinese Communist dishonesty.

Oh my fellow Vietnam please join hands to save the Thai Ha. Let's please stop all the illegal scheme and atrocities of the communist government of Vietnam. The unity of all the faithful throughout the country and solidarity as one of Vietnam's patriotic not only protect the Thai Ha today but also will protect the future of the country of Vietnam tomorrow . The strong fight intolerance of people right now is to regain strength to help the freedom of legitimate people and we avoid the loss or trauma that afflicted the people of Vietnam had to suffered under the rule brazen and ruthless leaders of corporations ruling Communist Party in recent decades.


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Update Thai Ha
11/17/11 4:15 AM

The Hanoi government which is habitual sneaky and evil actions of the authorities, whether army east, guns in hand but without the means still often act in ways that are bitten by thieves at night.

Up to 5 am, the hospital still under construction, no other signs of wonder. More than 5 hours, police, mobile police began to retreat from the area hospitals, leaving only civil defense forces and workers are working inside the Redemptorist monastery is being lent to the hospital Dong Da.

When the church at 6 am Mass, the security forces, police, police pulled up to the dense, police vehicles, police vehicles and water cannons.

Although late last night right guard, but with confidence in God and plants,  parishioners attended Mass so crowded enough. All a long, it's a communion of prayer for the parish, the congregation and the environment itself is always confident to work through this difficult period.

7:30 am:

Currently all the way there on Thai Ha church, hospital and park are blocked. Where all roads blocked by dikes barricades and secret security forces special crowded.

To hide all of their actions hidden, the Hanoi government banned the filming set table, where shooting is taking place in the malpractice.

Make the movements of people extremely difficult, especially in households in the area. All those who want to enter this area identity cards are required, only those who reside in that place, the new table is on.

Many people go to church to have stopped.

Video: the evil activities of the authority:

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