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SOS The Hanoi government has begun a campaign to delete traces of the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha




The communist government has ignored all advice and all the warnings from people about to suffer the consequences if the Hanoi government has kept a dark intention to illegally seizing land assets of Tu Institute, the Thai Ha parish church despite breaking the law and trampling human rights. The old comedy was again repeated at the Thai Ha parish with the use of government thugs, security dogs, and many supporting tools for the use of violent attacks aimed at those who dared to oppose or resist brazen act of the communist government of this state.

In the past we have seen unfairly people  in many provinces of the country pulled together to focus on major cities such as Saigon, Hanoi ... where is located the state agency authorized such as the National Assembly building, the area to petitioners petitioning the central government and the judicial administration department important as the Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuracy of high ... .. to protest wrongdoing at all levels of government and the communist state requires Vietnam to respect human rights respect and respect for truth justice. Last time, parts of the state media always give false information to slander people that "hear reactionaries focus disrupt security, security and social order ......

What happened today in the Thai Ha parish, once again convinced people about the true face full of lies and treachery of the communist government of Vietnam. Attitudes and actions of their fraudulent schemes in connection with any propaganda, distorted and used the media to mislead, distort the truth in order to cover this continuing violation of their human rights and serious as slander and defame the Thai Ha parish on a legitimate and legal right of the Priests, Religious and laity of Thai Ha parish, and demolished a bad signal, challenging the Catholic Church Vietnamese Nam, the challenge of Christian faith throughout the country and even challenge public opinion as well as domestic and international.

The entire parishioners and fellow patriots, we can not wait, can not be our fate for a group of authoritarian leaders, and conservative extremists in the group's communist government decisions. I am a strong call for all people, regardless of religion, class, ethnicity courageously and take powerful voice for truth, for justice. Let's stand shoulder to shoulder joint to stop inhumane actions of the authorities in Hanoi. Today the land is appropriated the property of the Thai Ha parish by force, violence and repression. Tomorrow will continue to WHICH parishes, dioceses, and they will tomorrow turn to WHICH religion that will suffer the same fate with the Thai Ha parish? Religion was persecuted and attacked violently as the people's fate would be like this?


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SOS The Hanoi government has begun a campaign to delete traces of the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha

11/16/11 4:07 PM  S.O.S Nhà cầm quyền Hà Nội đã bắt đầu chiến dịch xóa dấu tích Tu viện Dòng Chúa Cứu thế Thái Hà

With 75 billion was approved the Hanoi government to remove traces of investment and account hijacking Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha had borrowed earlier, today, the campaign accounted for robbery has been prepared.

The conduct of the movement to eliminate traces of Thai Ha Monastery was started from 23h night 16/11/2011, Hanoi time.

Queen of Justice will continue to update here.

Tin Queen of Justice received tonight (11/16/2011) by the hour Ha Noi, Ha Noi authorities took the mobile police, police, security and other equipment, vehicles in the area The Monastery of the Saviour - Thai Ha began a campaign to change the trace, the monastery was removed to borrow, steal to account for long-term goals.

This afternoon, more mobile vehicles carrying police have been focusing on the client area near the Thai Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi, which had previously kept dogs in 8 trials lay on 8/12/2008. Also, many motorcycle specialty materials ... have been transported to the Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha. Many wards have been around some people choose to harass tonight to prevent the faithful to protect the monastery robbery.

At 11 pm (23h) Hanoi time, the mobile police car began deployment in land area occupied by the parish to the park.
Currently, in Thai Ha church, parishioners gathered to pray is very crowded.

Stressful situation, ask everyone to pray for half that Thai Ha.

Images in Thai Ha Church, parishioners are focused tonight.

Update: Now this is very crowded room, much like group of thugs attacked the Church of today 3/11/2011 have surrounded the area surrounding gardens and monastery, to support the accounting Monastery robbery.

Update 0h10:

At the scene, some people have to deploy all night, covert action and the police car outside the continuous transport of troops to be mobilized:


Police force, police support for the tank truck into the corner behind the monastery park, traffic inspection, iron fences hold no key for anyone over the park area to the crowd construction on the inside.

The covert actions spoke of making sense of the authorities in Hanoi:

1h31 on 17/11/2011:

The number of mobile police were mobilized to the site is close to 600 people, with raised figures on the first beat Holy Cross in 2009 Dong Chiem. The Dong Da district officials, including Mr. School, District presidents also appeared in the opening of this crime.

Queen of Justice

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