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Phu Da Parish, Ha Nam Hanoi Communion and Prayer for the Thai Ha parish

                     Pope John Paul II - the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church -
                     who changed the world  face-to put an end to the communist doctrine.

            THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Phu Da Parish, the county Henan, Hanoi archdiocese solemn communion Mass and pray for the Thai Ha parish feast of the Martyrs Vietnam on Sunday 13-11-2011 . Thousands of candles shimmer and shine in prayer echoed from the hearts of each person get sent to the sharing of sincere Catholics, priests and nuns of parish Phu Da from the misery before brutal repression from the authorities in Hanoi. Parish has been a long history of missionary work, so all parishioners are very clear sense of justice and love in life.

The communion of the church and share of Phu Da parish today not only express the unity of our Catholic but also a strong message sent to the communist authorities of Vietnam and reaffirmed the of parishes in Phu Da to speak the truth, for justice and for social justice. Action also is evident resentment not only of the Thai Ha parish laity but also the criteria of all Catholics throughout the territory of Vietnam insist the communist government of Vietnam must stop immediately all acts of religious persecution, intimidation of Catholics and Priests Monks. Respect for truth and justice.

Vietnam's communist government may even be an atheist, but the commitment was in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including the right to basic freedoms of citizens and freedom of religion which had ever been placed Vietnam on the CPC list includes countries are said to be serious violations of freedom of religion of the people and bring the system continuously. The government of Vietnam has been announced as a country with human rights and democratic freedoms after the promulgation of the constitution (as amended since 1992) provided for in Article 70 on respect for religious beliefs and protection Religious institutions including places of religious worship such as churches, temples, shrines, temples v. ... .... v.

In addition to the clear provisions of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nghia passed by Congress, the government also issued the directive on religion in which the four article also mentioned that the places of worship and all religious establishments are under state protection and create all favorable conditions. But in fact, Vietnam's communist government is committed only on paper without implementation of commitments and as prescribed. Tens of thousands of units of the different religions have been the Vietnam government to use violence, and every trick in the wrong resolutions in order to appropriate the property of their religion in an unauthorized manner.

The wrong legal documents that need to be recovered and governments at all levels must respect the law seriously. To quickly get out of their unruly behavior and immediately stop all acts of repression of people indiscriminately. What belong to people would return it to the people, the things of religion would return to religion. Necessarily unable to maintain any action direct confrontation with the people and religion. Any tendency to go against the real interests of the people are not acceptable. Liberal democracy is the foundation to maintain an institution and a government. The world today is the common House of humanity for those who really love peace, freedom and democracy.


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Parish Phu Da - Ha Noi Diocese, in communion of prayer with the Thai Ha parish

11/14/11 9:46 AM  Giáo Xứ Phú Đa – Giáo phận Hà Nội, hiệp thông cầu nguyện cùng Giáo xứ Thái Hà

13/11/2011 Sunday evening, feast of the martyrs of Vietnam, Phu Da Parish, professor of county Ha Nam, Ha Noi archdiocese, has held Mass and lit at night to pray for the parish of Thai Ha , the Vietnam government that respects the truth, and justice.
Most extensive is a village situated between the Red River Delta region a fertile alluvial Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. Phu Da Parish is a parish with more than 4000 full accomplice lay. Phu Da from ancient times as a missionary with the history, when the missionaries to preach in the North West have come here to learn Vietnamese.
Currently, the parish priest by Vincente Xuyen Nguyen Dang charge.

In those days, thanks to the press and state television broadcasting programs on the parish of Thai Ha, remember the story word garbled television Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet years old, people in general, especially Catholics are, once again question the Hanoi government, especially on the behavior of thugs to attack his old parish of Thai Ha daylight surface.

Upon hearing the information about the parish of Thai Ha, Ha Nam Catholics in general and especially lay parish Phu Da not anyone not urgent, before a state still claims that the rule of law but to act extremely bully.

Mass candlelight prayer for today's Thai Ha parish did not just prayers asking God preserve Thai Ha but also as a public expression of communion with Thai Ha in the challenges at.

We hope that there will be more like Phu Da Parish, Ham Long, Xuzhou ... the lift singing praise to God, communion with the suffering of fellow believers to witness to God in front of everyone.


Queen of Justice

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