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Mail communion with the Redemptorists and Thai Ha parish, the Archdiocese of Hanoi


                   THE TRUTH - JUSTICE - LOVE

Dear fellow VN to you and the Christian Brothers. Please help spread. We sincerely thank you.
Father Nguyen Kim Dien Group

                     Mail communion with the Redemptorists
                       and the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi TGP


- Father Superior, your fathers, your Priests of the Thai Ha Redemptorist,

- Father and your parish Brothers Parishioners of Thai Ha parish,

            Also send to:

- Diocese Archbishop of Hanoi and the Vietnam Episcopal Council,

- Father Provincial Director Redemptorists in Vietnam.

            Dear Fathers, Priests and brothers and sisters in Thai Ha Catholics.

            Subscribe to news related to your Redemptorist and your parish from the date 07-10-2011 (as the authorities of communist of Viet Nam who developed on wastewater treatment plants, Dong Da Hospital and were you with your current parish protest ), the event last 3-11 days and then (when the government sent officials, police, veterans coordinate with thugs to delinquents Thai Ha Church disruptive, destructive and threatening), Team Spirit Nguyen Kim Dien items we would be sent to you and your father in The Brothers and Sisters in Thai Ha parish communion sentiments as follows:

            1 - You and your current parish has strongly affirmed the right of religious freedom (the right to include daily basis) when making recommendations on 7-10-2011, to require People's Committee of Hanoi city and People's Committee of Dong Da (a) stop the project to build wastewater treatment plants Da Hospital on the grounds of the church and monastery in Thai Ha Redemptorist illegally encroached upon and (b ) returning the land to the church and monastery to be used strictly for the purpose of religion; when installed on the 7th floor of the monastery at 26-10 on a table with the contents of electronic text: "Request authority Hanoi monastery was returned on loan to Dong Da Hospital for Redemptorists in Hanoi and Ho Ba returned to the parish of Thai Ha Giang "(a unique initiative is worth learning), and when sent to the People above and the Hanoi Department of Health and Hospitals were the Application dated 27-10-2011 returned repeated requests for current monastery. Because of the Priory and Parish authorities CSTV been illegally deprived of 58.755m2 on 61.455m2 (ie only 2.700m2) is an act of religious persecution destroyed violently.

            2 - You and your current parish had the courage to reclaim the land as private property to do the above in accordance with Point of the Vietnam Episcopal Council on 25-09-20081: "The amendment [the law of the land land] should pay attention to people's private property as the International Declaration of Human Rights United Nations has said: "Everyone has the right to own private property or with other people ... and no one can deprived of his property arbitrarily "(No. 17). Therefore, we believe that instead of solving coping style or particular, the authorities have to find more radical solutions, that is for the people's right to own property, their land, and the people must also be aware of their responsibilities to society. This requires even more urgent than in the context of globalization today, as Vietnam increasingly closer integration into the rhythm of the world. This will be a prerequisite for the solution to the root of the complaint on land and property of the people ... ". Legitimate private property rights has been affirmed by the letter dated 4-11-2011of Hanoi Archbishop sent to you and your parish line: "Court Archbishop of Hanoi confirms always respect the rights and property of Redemptorist on the land 61. 455m2 at 180 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da, including facilities and land that the state agencies are using this area "and the subsequent letter dated 5-11 Bishop of Kontum.

            3 - You and your parish  has consistently fought for justice since early 2008, when determined to regain the lands inherited from their ancestral predecessors (Chien Thang Garment Company were appropriated), as can sure to bear witness to the truth and reason in Communist court hearing on 08-12-2008 and in the first instance hearing of appeal dated 27-03-2009, the persistence of communion and prayer to speak to the petitioners robbed the land disposal, the soldiers were imprisoned human rights, such as Cu Huy Ha Vu Dr., lawyer Le Quoc Quan and Pham Hong Son, as the Catholic Diocese of Vinh and Thanh Hoa ..., for the spiritual leader of persecution, as Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet, Father Nguyen Van Ly ..., for the sea areas of the country is encroached upon by the Chinese hand ... in accordance with current direction of pastoral Redemptorists of Vietnam. One direction (well worth follow) has been presented in the letter dated 18-07-2010, "Christ does not accept the evil raging" Father of the provincial director Pham Trung Thanh Vinh-painting: "We celebrate Christ holidays when the center of earth is to know how cumbersome it hurt, the Church in Vietnam are against district before the waves, intense natural disasters, droughts, epidemics (cholera many places), storms (hurricanes Kunshan ),... Human how painful disasters, floods, robbery homicide, fatal electric shock, road accidents, corruption, bad debts (Vinashin), which was full of rotten strawberries and died in the country, women children sold as sex slaves, abortion popular, unfairly shields, extended claims complaint, ... The majority live in poverty, injustice, insecurity (food, environmental pollution ),... Christ did not accept the status evil raging, his arms out to prevent and heal the wounds of humanity. We need to bring the vibe of his mission on the way, take the light of truth pushed back the darkness, taking the word of God to heal the pain and get the love of God to advance the human inner force. "

            4 - We wholeheartedly share and in communion hardships at the hands Communist tyranny that you and your current parish has not stopped suffering with heart hearts not hatred and forgiveness available since early in 2008, especially from the authorities for the Dong Da district of Hanoi and seconded staff, police, veterans coordinate with thugs to delinquents Thai Ha Church disruptive, destructive and threatening day 03-10 - 2011 retaliation action indomitable fighting your line and your parish for justice and truth. We wholeheartedly welcome the attitude of Air drill, intense and non- violent, but the courage and spirit unite your father, your teacher and your faithful brothers and sisters (along with friends near and far came to agreement through the incident). With the link in the same sense of the Body of Christ, we stated: "The Thai Ha as well as the Group of Father Nguyen Kim Dien"!

            5 - We strongly oppose the Communist government of Vietnam and the communist authorities in Dong Da district because of the action unfair, irrational, lawless of Thai Ha, especially since the case water treatment stations hospital waste to the most recent case, after 03-11 days. The pretext of building works to serve the public seizing assets of individuals and communities, the speaker pointed to the church to impose from ants and poison public opinion, the conviction and sentenced arbitrarily unjustly forms of expression of the people, to incite hatred of many ethnic and gender divisions of religion by slanderous allegations to distort, hiring thugs and delinquents staging " spontaneous mass "to threaten violence, use of propaganda and the media staging tool to justify wrongdoing, to revenge by harassment, interrogation or detention or lay public courage people to defend Thai Ha ... these are all unacceptable behavior and increasingly shows that (illness millions of similar cases around the country) that  not to be survived by the Communist regime and Communist Party leaders do not deserve to govern the country!

            6 - Also take this opportunity, we demand that the Communist authorities to release immediately and unconditionally to 14 citizens have contact more Catholic Redemptorist little to Vietnam but was arrested unclearly, unreasonably and detained since last month 07-2011. That is : Chu Manh Son, Dang Xuan Dieu, Dau Van Duong, Ho Duc Hoa, Ho Van Oanh, Le Van Son, Nguyen Van Browse, Nguyen Van Oai, Nguyen Xuan Anh, Thai Van Dung, Tran Huu Duc, Tran Nhat Minh, Tran Vu Anh Binh, and Ms Ta Phong Tan. In addition, prisoners, religious prisoners, political prisoners should be released unconditionally.

            Finally, we pray to God, through Maria Thai Ha, to give your fathers, your priests and brothers and sisters in Thai Ha, more spiritual strength to continue the building of truth, justice, love and social freedom for Vietnam, in synergy with numerous patriotic compatriots in domestic and overseas.

            Doing in Vietnam on 10-11-2011

            Group Representative Rev. Nguyen Kim Dien

- Father Stephen Chan Tin, Redemptorists in Saigon

- Father Pierre Nguyen Huu Award, Archdiocese of Hue.

- Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi, Bac Ninh diocese

in communion with the Father Tadeo Nguyen Van Ly, was imprisoned in Nam Ha.

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