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Every year, on Thursday of the fourth week in November, the Americans hold it tingle party components thanks to God, family, honor and gratitude for the good things that most people People inherit includes all the basic liberties of citizens. "Liberty," which means "Freedom" is the word on what people think of first when organizing the annual Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada. Think of the joy and happiness they bestowed upon God, we are not out of pity when the same human person endowed by birth but in a different fate

While the two words "Freedom" is the common language and is mentioned anywhere in the country the United States, Canada or the free nations of the world are in Vietnam, home to our terms on becomes like a luxury, sometimes feel increasingly distant become alien to the people of Vietnam. While people in the United States is joy, happiness is celebrated is in Vietnam, plaintive voice of the people than injustice everywhere. Religion, Church, they are buckling their Pagodas before the brutal repression and inhuman communist government of Vietnam that the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi and My Loc parishes of the diocese of Vinh is indicated as The most powerful demonstration. Besides, how moderate voices of the people expressed the hope that the country only received two letters "Freedom" but were harassed, arrested and imprisoned.

"Freedom" were two words that sacred at the expense of so many lives, so many arduous hardships people in the United States, in Canada and in other Western countries such as the newly acquired during through in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the implementation of the revolution "Orange" revolution "Jasmine Flowers", people in these countries also have trade-offs in the blood and tears them. "Freedom" double lovingly remind everyone that even though life on any area, any country on this planet must feel, and keep fighting. To get the word "Freedom" have had to endure the struggle. Want to retain the word "Freedom" which should really understand and feel what it means from which to learn to respect and live up to the meaning of the word "Freedom".

Celebrating, remembering and celebrating Thanksgiving, we also thank God is present and accompany the miserable people, who always have to live in oppression and abuses of which they we have our families, friends or relatives together. Besides, we also send gratitude to the Organization for Human Rights and abroad, international organizations and national freedom and democracy around the world have supported, shared and voicing advocacy of truth and justice in Vietnam. Also of Thanksgiving in the United States, the Vietnam we sincerely addressed to Americans, the U.S. Government to share the happiness and general desire in the United States, the United States Government will remain The most practical ally in the struggle for "Freedom and Democracy" of the people of Vietnam today.

Bức tranh The First Thanksgiving của Jean Leon Gerome Ferris.

A summary of the analysis of Thanksgiving.  

 At around 16-17 century, an ethnic group known as Pilgrims in the emperor at that time he was arrested converts to his religion. These people do not accept and detained in prison. After a while imprisoned emperor transfer them back and asked again, they decided not proselytizing. Emperor no longer held them in jail, but told them that if they did not follow his condition, they must leave England. The Pilgrims who left England to Holland to live, but they soon found themselves unable to integrate in the place and fear their children will lose the original, some groups of people to leave the Netherlands to the New World birth to live. Pilgrims who go on a boat called the Mayflower, they came to Massachusetts during the winter. Hungry and cold, half of them not through the harsh winter well. In the spring, they were fortunate to meet the Indians for their kindness and little food. The Indians taught them how to survive in this land as the planting of crops, hunting, ... When the Pilgrims were able to fend for themselves, they held a feast to thank God for giving them to live to this day, they invited the Indians food and fun together. From then on, every year are the descendants of the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving to thank you for all that is good has come to life.

Traditional institutions

Thanksgiving is usually held for a party night with family and friends. In Canada and the United States, it is an important day for family reunion together, and people often travel to the family. It is usually four days off for the holiday weekend in the United States: they are off work or school on Thursday and Friday of that week. Thanksgiving is usually held at home, other than the United States Independence Day or Christmas, the holidays that many public institutions (such as fireworks or busk). In Canada, it is a three day weekend, we usually stay on the second Monday of October each year.

From the late 1930s, the Christmas shopping season in the United States officially began on Thanksgiving when stopped. In New York City, parade Macy's Thanksgiving Day is held every year on this day in Manhattan. The parade usually has many stands with multiple threads, with large bubbles form on the TV characters and bands from high school. This parade always ends with an old man grew since Christmas. There are many other parades in other cities.

While on Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States, many stores began welcoming customers with the right item for the holiday season sauHalloween.

Football (American football) is often an important part of Thanksgiving Day in the United States and in Canada. The teams usually play each other in a professional day to the audience can watch on TV. In addition, many high school football team or university is also fighting each other on weekends, often with longtime rivals.

In the United States, people often remember a meal held in 1621 between the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrim group migrated in Massachusetts. Many details of the story is legend set in the 1890s and the early 20th century to create an expression of national unity after the American Civil War as well as to assimilate the immigrants.

In Canada, Thanksgiving is a three day weekend. While Thanksgiving Day is on Monday, Canadians might eat dinner in any one day for three days last week. This often leads to eating dinner with a group of people this day, and with other groups before yesterday.

Thanksgiving associated with the seasonal festivals are usually held in Europe from the past. The first festival in North America was held in Newfoundland by Martin Frobisher and the Frobisher expedition in 1578. A festival was held on December 4, 1619 when 38 colonists from Berkeley stake boat in Virginia and give thanks to God. Before that, there is a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado (with Teya Indians team) May 23, 1541 in Texas, to celebrate the food they find. Some people believe that this is a really organized the first Thanksgiving in North America. A similar event occurred a quarter century later on September 8, 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida Pedro Menendez de Aviles when the land encounter; he and the boat held a party with the natives.

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