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The human rights lawyers or having activities related to human rights in Vietnam have been harassed, deprived of exit or a range of issues other consequences from the government of Vietnam Communist cause is not far off stranger to the people of Vietnam and international community. The judiciary in Vietnam was in a state of alarm throughout the years when Vietnam's communist government from time to time human rights abuses and disregard the international law. The department represents the law as police, courts, procuracy .. v.. .. V. continuous violation proceedings without considering legal liability or sanctions so on occur much more litigation, unfairly hidden from citizens. Particularly those relating to litigation of human rights, an area which is considered a sensitive and sensitive to date.

The nature of the current regime is not democratic and therefore lack of transparency leads to weakness in everything from political theory to practice law and litigation. This is the main cause of the judiciary on a push Vietnam to the edge. Of course if not enough arguments to justify their wrong actions governments must take action despite the brazen violation of law, constitutional and international law that the people at home and abroad have been witness in the trial of history in recent years in Vietnam as the trial of dissident doctor-lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, Le Thi Cong Nhan ... especially the trial prisoners of conscience Father Nguyen Van Ly, a trial court considered a disgrace in Vietnam with the defendant image: Father Nguyen Van Ly gagged not to speak before the hearing.

Statements of the Human Rights Institute International Bar Association on 24-10-2011 IBAHRI past speak again about the seriousness of the case wrong, the communist government of Vietnam on human rights field and Vietnam government advised to respect the international commitments is Article 16 of the basic principles of the United Nations as a lawyer. The expulsion and harassment of lawyers Huynh van Dong as well as the arrest and illegal detention of some human rights lawyers such as lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan, Le Cong Dinh, Nguyen Van Dai .. ... really clearly exposed the true face of the communist government of Vietnam. Any tricks to hide, though clever deception to where only a temporary nature can not hide forever unless the leaders of the ruling party and the current apparatus actually awaken, dared to look at the at. Most are put national interests above interests of themselves and their families.

The news

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IBAHRI voiced case LS Huynh Van Dong
Gia Minh, editor of RFA
Young lawyer Huynh Van Dong province of Dak Lak Bar Association, past disciplinary removed from this group, nor is the exit. Before these measures from Vietnam for a lawyer, a number of organizations to protect the legitimate rights of lawyers to speak up.

Send a letter to the authorities
LS Huynh Van Dong.
 Photo courtesy of nuvuongcongly

Statements of the Human Rights Institute International Bar Association, IBAHRI, on 24 October last stating they had twice sent letters to authorities Vietnam calls for a committee to investigate independently and equitable measures to expel lawyers Huynh Van Dong. Currently IBAHRI continue to wait the answer from the authorities in Vietnam.
Co-Chair of the Human Rights Institute International Bar Association, Mr. Sternford Moyo, raised concerns about lawyers being targeted by Eastern work of his lawyer. Problem behavior in the interest of the client is unable to violate the national interest. If the news is the violation of Vietnam's commitment to both national and international law, particularly Article 16 of The Basic Principles of the United Nations on the Role of Lawyers.

Under that provision, the government must ensure that the lawyer can enforce their professional functions without intimidation, impede, harass or interfere with an improper way. In addition, governments must ensure that lawyers do not have to endure, or threatened by the prosecution or punishment of economic, administrative ... any activity consistent with the functions standards and professional ethics have been recognized.

Proven fact that numerous problems that the lawyers participating in the protection of human rights in Vietnam encountered while practicing their profession. Our goal is to assist the lawyers that difficult.

Nathalie Muller Lawyer
According IBAHRI the case of lawyers East is a typical case of a condition prohibited by the Hanoi government recently for lawyers who fight for freedom of expression and human rights in Vietnam . Article 79 and 88 under the Criminal Code Vietnam regularly used to imprison the opposition, the struggle for human rights and gender bloggers.

He Stemford Moyo added that recent state persecution of lawyers and the struggle for human rights in Vietnam is an ominous trend. Measures expelled and imprisoned a number of lawyers and the struggle for human rights, such as lawyers East, causing serious concerns about the independence of the judiciary in Vietnam.

In a statement made, Stemford Moyo said he committed first and foremost of the International Bar Association is the protection for lawyers and support their members the necessary conditions to perform for the organization their professional skills. Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association called for Dak Lak Bar support for an independent investigation and attorneys' East to continue his legal work as lawyers.

Nathalie Muller Attorney Supervision of the International organization for lawyers, based in France on October 31 also stated reason concerned the status of protection of human rights lawyers in Vietnam as a lawyer Huynh Van East:

"The fact proved that numerous difficulties that the lawyers participating in the protection of human rights in Vietnam encountered while practicing their profession. Our goal is to assist the law that the difficulty .

Our organization had come to Vietnam in November 2009, and is deeply concerned about the status of three lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan, Le Cong Dinh, Nguyen Van Dai. "

To protect the interests of lawyers
HCM City People's Court. AFP photo

Please be repeated in August 12 last Dak Lak Bar Association, where Huynh Van Dong lawyers registered to practice, was expelled for disciplinary lawyer Huynh Van Dong. The reason given is that lawyers Huynh Van Dong was accused 'was danger threatening national security "after the young lawyers involved defending clients who work on pro-democracy charges of subversion in the first instance trial in the People's Court in Ben Tre on May 30 last. The argument for this allegation is supported lawyers Dong behavior of the defense counsel said the defendant not guilty clients to participate and receive tasks from the Vietnam Reform Party, which is based in the United States.
In addition, Ben Tre People's Court also accused lawyer Huynh Van Dong violating the regulations applicable to participating lawyers to defend in court. At the hearing, the court was forced to leave Dong attorney hearing.

The lawyer Dong said that Council Hearing not give him access to important case file as required by law.
Dak Lak Bar Association also claims that two other reasons to discipline members Huynh Van Dong is because he does not pay the fee and failing division defense Bar.

Huynh Van Dong, the lawyer said that he plays a fee for the whole year and not play each month. For allegations of failing to abide assigned defense counsel, the young lawyer said the authorities are not handed writing assignment.

Our organization had come to Vietnam in November 2009, and is deeply concerned about the status of three lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan, Le Cong Dinh, Nguyen Van Dai.

Nathalie Muller Lawyer
Page last September 12 the past, lawyers were forbidden to Huynh Van East exit to attend a conference in Dublin, Ireland. East lawyers themselves have a complaint about the two cases to expel him from the Dak Lak provincial lawyer and did not exit, however Dak Lak Bar Association rejected the complaint.

In addition to participating in defending two clients in Ben Tre in court cases on charges of plotting to overthrow the government, lawyers Huynh Van Dong was involved in a number of cases originating as eight Thai Ha parishioners in Hanoi, Made in case of Con Dau parishioners in Da Nang ...

Previously, a number of other lawyers in Vietnam such as Le Thi Cong Nhan and Nguyen Van Dai, Le Cong Dinh ... by the human rights activist also expelled from the Bar Association where they register their work, and left prison, and deprived of exit.

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