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The meaning of the struggle of Thai Ha!


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The meaning of the struggle of Thai Ha!

  Semi-monthly magazine editorials Free Speech 135 (15-11-2011)

            Archbishop Paul Nguyen Van Binh, dignitaries had ruled the Catholic Diocese of Saigon, to Rome once before in 1975 and met many leaders of the Church of the East European Communist parties. He heard the determination to reclaim the land base is the government confiscated after World War II, Archbishop of Binh when returning to Vietnam, have commented before that the level of Eastern European leaders that see the lack of poor mental and spiritual abandon, neighborhoods hugging the wealth! When the VN fall to Communist and all diocesan  were depriving thousands of facilities, thousands of pieces of land by  authorities, now Archbishop of New Rating poignant and sympathetic his colleagues that this same behind the iron curtain, and with iron shackles as the communist bring.
            The issue of ownership and property disputes (land base) of the individual or the community with the national state in the Communist is not a matter of civil, criminal, but a political issue. Because nationalization (expropriation rather party) of land and facilities under some kind of fine from the "all-people ownership, state management" is a key principle of governance, a political lines basic Communist. Having held all property (residential land and arable land, or facilities such as schools, newspapers, printing houses, publishers, radio stations, television stations ...), Communist authorities can hold your stomach and take heart brain, behavior control and thought control of the people, especially people in the religious community, to tools of all (especially the spiritual forces) remain almost rule for long. This, even more foreign politicians of democratic countries (even the Vatican) are working at or contact to VN have no time to master. Such Wikileaks recently said the U.S. Embassy and Bernard Cardinal Law (Americans) have seen the same Archbishop Ngo Quang Kiet of Hanoi parishioners reclaim nunciature in 2008 or the Parish Council occupied in the cross Church of the Cross on the Mount and then destroyed in 2009 is only a piece of land disputes with local authorities (it was not in favor of dignitaries and Christians in these two cases).
            Members that recently, when the Redemptorists and Thai Ha parish, Hanoi, powerful claim to the land and its facilities, particularly hospitals Street, through recommendations on 7-10-2011, People's love and request the district People's Committee to stop the project to build sewage treatment plants on the grounds of the hospital series and illegally encroached upon returning property to the church and monastery to properly use the items religious purpose; followed by electronic alphabet mounted on the 7th floor of the monastery to take 26-10 days following inscription: "To request the authorities to return to the monastery is on loan to hospitals Dong Da Redemptorist Hanoi and Ho Ba Giang return to Thai Ha parish "; then finally quala application dated 27-10-2011 addressed to the People's Committee and the Department of Health said Hanoi Dong Da Hospital and repeated requests to return the parish line and the entire monastery. In doing so it is not necessarily a land dispute with local authorities but is affirmed religious freedom, a freedom which includes the right to have the facility to operate (religious activities, missionary activities and social activities). Because of the Priory and Parish, from an area of ​​61.455m2 (which is the amount of data for large operations in the future) VN communist authorities illegally deprived of 58.755m2, only lunch tiny square of land for 2700, is an act of oppression and destroy true religion and violence.
            In addition, the Redemptorists and Thai Ha parish required to return the land and facilities that (one of which had a strong start from the beginning of 2008 through the service company may Victorious), then that private property is to reclaim the land, are on the principle of governance, politics is very unfair and unreasonable of the communist regime as the "party lifting property," according to the spirit of the Vietnam Bishops' Conference South of viewpoints on 25-09-2008. This point refers to the gaps (rather wrong) of the current Land Law (issued by the party) and asked to modify it in a very basic point: "The amendment [land law ] need to care about people's private property rights as the international Declaration on UN Human Rights has affirmed: "Everyone has the right to own private property or in association with others ... and no one may be deprived of his property to arbitrary "(number 17). Therefore, we believe instead of just solving the type of deal or special cases, competition authorities have to find more radical solutions, ie for the people's right to take property, their land, east Also all citizens must be aware of their responsibilities to society. Require even more urgent now than in the context of globalization today, when Viet Nam increasingly deeper integration into the overall pace of the world. This is the premise for Service to the root of complaints but on land and property of all citizens ... ". GMVN Council the transfer of land ownership in the hands of communist parties are weak spots of the fundamental mode, is fundamental to the existence of the toxic totalitarian, is the main reason that caused many injustices in society . Consequently the president of the Council, Bishops  is governed Hanoi, has instant speed claims ownership of land and the struggle for land rights of the Thai Ha by letter dated 4-11-2011: "The Court Archbishop of Hanoi confirms always respect the rights and property of the Redemptorists on 61.455m2 land at 180 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da, including facilities and land that the state agencies are using on this area. " Dignitaries to govern the diocese of Kontum was Bishop Hoang Duc Oanh, a current witness stand for truth and reason, and empathy and agreement with the Thai Ha by the same letter followed by 5-11 days.
            Furthermore, when carrying out the above, as well as the determination to use the collective strength to regain the lands inherited from their ancestors from the beginning of 2008 seniors (not including the cover letter was included before), Series Christ and the Thai Ha parish have been really struggling for justice, for truth. Because the main reason causing the overall inequality in Vietnam current society is that people have no right of private ownership of land, and people have no right to dispose of territory, leaving the party and government Communist local self-released self-cooperation pillaging the earth and from earth to shared or sold to foreigners, and then communist party and central government to arbitrarily assign arbitrary land concessions to foreign sea, especially in neighboring China . The struggle for justice is also reflected by the parishioners of Thai Ha (under the direction of the Redemptorist priests) witness to the truth and should have a resilient, courageous communists in court hearings on 08-12-2008 in the first instance and appellate hearing on 27-03-2009. Who can forget the image of the team (especially lay eight defendants) are still holding minnows away from Hanoi to Ha Tay in on appeal; the songs has revealed indomitable willpower just is not filled with love hatred (as Prayer of Peace, The Way that He went through ...) ringing in the court yard; the wise words of courageous response, sharp arguments of the laity guilty before jury ... The struggle for justice he has regularly expressed by the Thai Ha becoming places of trust and hope, where teacher salaries as well as thousands of people gathered to pray and to speak for the petitioners were rob won the land, for the young men and women were sold into slave labor or sexual slavery, human rights for soldiers arrested imprisonment, for the spiritual leader persecuted for justice, for the sea area encroachment of the country by hand with China ... It is all in the current direction of pastoral Redemptorists in Vietnam, a direction has been presented many times by leaders of the Order, the provincial chief priests Pham Trung Thanh Vinh-painting, especially in the letter "Christ does not accept the evil raging" public bongay 18-07-2010: "We celebrate Christ as the center of earth is sprawling how the hurt, the Church in Vietnam are against district before the waves, blizzard disaster, drought, epidemics, storms ... Human how painful disasters, floods, robbery homicide, fatal electric shock, road accidents, corruption, bad debts (Vinashin), which was full of rotten strawberries and died in the country, women children sold as sex slaves, abortion popular, unfairly shields, extended claims complaint, ... The majority live in poverty, injustice, insecurity (food, environmental pollution ),... Christ did not accept the status evil raging, his arms out to prevent and heal the wounds of humanity. We need to bring the vibe of his mission on the way, take the light of truth pushed back the darkness, taking the word of God to heal the pain and get the love of God to advance the human inner force. " South of the Redemptorist community in Saigon, through the candlelight communion, the holy prayers, lectures focused on common sense and truth in the same church States are witnesses and agents of justice the land of Vietnam.
            And of course the forces that exist on the abuses of justice, private property, freedom of religion (ie the Communist government of Vietnam in Dong Da District, Hanoi) can not react wildly, from public, irrational, lawless against Thai Ha. That excuse of building works to serve the public seizing property line, the speaker pointed to the church to impose from ants and poison public opinion, was sentenced arbitrarily and unjustly sentenced forms of expression of the parish, is divisive and inciting religious hatred among the people by distorted allegations slander, was hired thugs and delinquents staged "spontaneous mass" to threatened violence, is used both propaganda and media staging tool to justify wrongdoing, as revenge by harassment, interrogation (until today) the laity or citizens can make to defend Thai Ha ...
            All acts that reveal just as righteous struggle of Thai Ha, as fanning the fire fighting community where this indomitable to make it spread nationwide, creating a comprehensive struggle of the people virtually dissolved the Communist totalitarian regime.

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