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"If you want to strengthen ties with Washington, Vietnam needs to improve its human rights record" is a word that emphasizes the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a strong statement from diplomats Leading the U.S. in a speech at the East-West Center in Hawaii, the United States on Thursday 10-11-2011 Asian policy. Before the human rights situation is increasingly worse in Vietnam, the U.S. government despite the current warm relations between Washington and Hanoi in terms of economic, military and diplomatic,situation of human rights is considered bad Vietnam's currency today is a major obstacle for the development of strategic relations between the two former enemies.

Not only the U.S. government that many countries of the bloc to the European Union such as the British, Germany, France and Norway.......also urged the government of Vietnam to respect human rights and stop the repression wrong for moderate voices in the country as well as immediate release of political prisoners, prisoners of conscience being the Vietnam Communist authorities imprisoned the wrong way especially for prisoners of conscience Father Nguyen Van Ly, who was arrested and sent back to prison last Thursday 25-07-2011 in bad condition due to the raging of the tumor in the brain has led to father suffered a stroke several times during the detention.

However, it is easy to see that we can hardly expect the change from the perspective, attitude and wrongdoing where the communist government of Vietnam. Disease due to the inherent benefit of themselves and their families is too great and this is the biggest obstacle in helping the party leaders and the communist authorities are aware of the implications that they bear from the authoritarian rule by force, by harassment, arrests and illegal detention of their citizens. It is evident immediately such as: administration during Vietnam-US two countries are conducting human rights dialogue in Washington, the United States, in the country, the communist government continued to harass the voices moderates in the country as families writer Huynh Ngoc Tuan with two children are the bloggers are in the limelight; Huynh Thuc Vy Huynh Trong Hieu and simultaneously suppress the arrest of Falun Gong practitioners ... Forum Thai Ha parish pressure v. .. v. ..... ...

We continue to support to the struggle for democracy and human rights peacefully, non-violence. However, the current struggle is to compromise and too soft. This is the cause of the government behaving indiscriminately despite the law and disregard of international law. We need to clear attitude against a resolute and unanimous. Upon the occurrence of repression and harassment of people like what happened in a number of parishes in recent years and in the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi, as recently, people should unite into one mass, large enough, strong enough to apply to the attack mode by force, electric batons and whips ....from the communist authorities. The experience should be drawn and replicated across the country that is the union of the faithful of the parish of Thai Ha parish have done in the nearly past time as well as for Father Hoang Quynh years old in the past when government to use violence to attack the parish and parish.

We do not share the violent After all, no After all the use of violence in response to attacks from the communist government. However, we have the right to protect themselves, protect themselves for the Father, the Priest and the Church authorities to protect our legitimate way as mentioned in the petition of Father Nguyen Van Phuong, the parish of Thai Ha sent to the Hanoi authorities and governments at all levels in the use of thugs to attack Thai Ha parish, the priest and the parish Priest of last Thursday 03-11-2011 . Upon the occurrence of the incident suppression, attacking from the government as last time, people just need  more crowded than the number of gangsters, many people over the police forces of all kinds and determined to defend the parish , expressed opposition clearly and unequivocally about if must change the non-violation protest at present by another way to protect themselves is beyond the expectations of the people.


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Friday, November 11, 2011
Latest News
Clinton: VN. needs to improve its human rights

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 Friday, November 11, 2011
Clinton: U.S. needs to improve its human rights

Ngoại trưởng Hoa Kỳ đọc diễn văn tại Trung tâm Đông Tây ở Hawaii
Picture: AP
U.S. Secretary speech at the East-West Center in Hawaii

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Vietnam needs to do more to improve its human rights record if you want to strengthen ties with Washington.

In a speech at the East-West Center in Hawaii on Thursday about Asian policy, the top U.S. diplomats said:

"We made it clear to Vietnam is that if we want to develop a relationship of strategic partners, such as the desire of both countries, Vietnam should do more to respect and protect the rights of its citizens. "

According to the schedule has been set, Clinton meeting with President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang on late Thursday  in Honolulu, the United States and Vietnam at the end of an annual dialogue on human rights issues.

According to the Associated Press, in a two-day talks Wednesday and Thursday in Washington, the United States have raised concerns about the limits of the authorities of Vietnam for freedom of media and other human rights issues that Washington viewed as an obstacle to the development of strategic relations between the two former enemies.

One U.S. official involved in the dialogue, said discussions have taken place "in the spirit of mutual respect, but very frankly." Indeed, the parties addressed the issue of political prisoners, freedom of religion the Christians and Buddhists, and the restriction on lawyers and civil society.

The United States also raised the limit of Hanoi to internet access and malicious code have been used to circumvent the computer database of the human rights activists.

In addition, the United States also raised specific cases of those detained for political reasons, including Father Nguyen Van Ly, is a veteran fought, 65 years old and is serving a prison sentence 8 years because of actions to fight for democracy and human rights.

Father Ly was paroled last year after suffering a stroke three times, but was put back in prison in July. U.S. officials meeting in Washington said that Vietnam has no satisfactory answer to the question that the United States had raised the case of Ly.

Until Thursday, the delegation of officials in Vietnam did not comment to the Western media agencies, but the former government of Vietnam is often said that they were not jailed or harassed because people political imprisonment, only those who violate the law.

A day earlier, a coalition of international human rights organizations said that this year Vietnam has tightened further restrictive measures against the media and the internet users.

Union, which has no border Journalist Association, said 20 journalists, bloggers and people active in prison in Vietnam for talks about human rights trampled.

Human Rights Watch said that nearly 500 political prisoners and religion are being held in Vietnam.

Source: AFP / / AP / Reporters Without Borders' PR

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