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Protect Religion is sacred responsibility of the noble Catholics


The use of thugs to attack destroyed Priest and parishioners along the Thai Ha parish. Drama ago 03 year old is acting out, when the communist government at the time of Vietnam in 2008 to appropriate land use nunciature has hundreds of shields lay thugs to attack the Spirit Section and parishioners of Thai Ha parish in Hanoi. A minimum of contamination, an awkward drama that even a child turns two or three years have also seen the lie of it. Any State, any known government time to church parishioners opposed to the Father and the parish to bring police forces intercepted two first key to support, besides that present the television camera crews to duty shooting information?

This is not what is confusing. Upon failure to use criminal law to close, accusing the priest, the people responsible in the Thai Ha parish community, then figure out how to use the bully as opposed to lay back the parish church and in the prevention of humanitarian projects such as "construction project waste water treatment system of hospital v. ... v. .." it is feasible and effective. Sometimes it can make the scene look at the bucket and then artificially create evidence to the legal authority to suppress hand-Thai Ha parish without a reputation as inhuman or human rights violations ...

Drama being directed by the Hanoi government old but very effective, as the former so that they have succeeded in appropriating land and property legal nunciature Hanoi to cover flourish in the project "improvement built into the green park for the people." To achieve the purpose for evil and dark intentions, Vietnam's communist government did not give up any of that despicable tricks.

DEAR people.

Thai Ha parish suffering despicable attacks from the communist government of Vietnam. Parish priest and other priests in parishes with a large number of fellow parishioners of Thai Ha parish can become victims of persecution on. Vietnam's communist government is gradually implementing the intent to isolate and stop the love, expressing the faith of our Catholics. For the purpose of obstructing the influence of Religion on the current situation in the country, especially the Catholic religion has so long been seen as "Religion reactionary, anti-communist .." have a major impact in helping the faithful preaching and more aware of the strong against the nefarious schemes of the government in every aspect of the demanding freedom and democracy to the people, demanding people rights must be respected and the case is to expose Vietnam's communist government betrayed the people, betrayed Nation quietly devoted territory, territorial waters Locking aggressive expansion in China. Responsibilities of the sacred and noble people Catholics in our country at present situation in general, and the survival of Thai Ha parish in particular today is gather strength, unity and determination protect the safety of the parish. Protect the safety of the lives of priests, the pastors, life and safety lay with the existing assets and legitimacy of the Catholic Church in Vietnam.


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Thai Ha Church, 'thugs' to attack
Update: 16:57 GMT - Thursday, November 3, 2011
Ảnh sự cố ở Nhà thờ Thái Hà
The Catholic website accused government was behind the "thugs"

The site of the Thai Ha parish made the charge that 'thugs' attack was to break the church door and 'beating' clergy and laity.

BBC has not contacted the Thai Ha Church as well as government and not independently verified the source of the problem occurred.

Photos on Blogger site
Thai Ha parish that door blown open and the crowd appeared before the church door, but no images of the scene Reverends or lay people were "beaten".

The Trade Wind also has a short article about the incident:

"This afternoon a group of thugs on 3/11/2011 used sledgehammers broke into the church door beating Thai Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi. These people yelling coil, they verbally and hit the lay people and religious artist in church for the reason that they are urgent.

"Take the spontaneous burning this very coincidence is very professional camera crews. And there are many police cars blocking the streets early in the Thai Ha Church.

"The urgent destroyed, lay Reverends beat with reason is" plausible "that the state radio report said the Thai Ha parish discourage good projects of the health department in Hanoi."

This Blogger conclusion: "If pressing 'legitimate', ie based on the radio, newspaper condemned what, the masses are seeking urgent drag objects yet to beat. It forces police protection, have a professional film crew will record the image and cropped so that the attacker becomes the victim. "

" To Sue"

Prior to the People's Committee of Dong Da district, Hanoi, on 31/10 was the decision administratively 1.5 million for the origin of the church priest Nguyen Van Phuong Thai Ha.

Linh mục Nguyễn Văn Phượng
Father Nguyen Van Phuong, sued the county government Da

Rev. Phuong Monday 3 / 11 had decided to petition to sanction the People's Court Dong Da.

Department of sanctions is related to the Thai Ha Church electronic signboard on the roof of the church last month, which said Dong Da District have committed to "disseminate, distribute documents with contents distorting fabricated , slander affecting credibility of organizations and individuals, "according to Vietnam News Agency.

Electronic Board of Thai Ha church hanging on to write: "Ask the Hanoi government returned to the monastery is borrowed Da Hospital for Redemptorists in Hanoi and Ho Ba Giang return to Thai Ha parish."

Marine electronics appear after Thai Ha Church and laity oppose the construction of waste water station in Dong Da Hospital without consultation with the church or organization that the said monks and lay people is owners of the land with Dong Da Hospital.

The government accused priest Phuong "inciting" the faithful while the Thai Ha Church accused the authorities for "inciting" people and the public authorities use to suppress the church.

The above
YouTube has also appeared a long reportage of Hanoi Television interviewed people who opposed the Thai Ha church because the church did not support the construction of improved sanitation in Dong Da Hospital.

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