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Attitudes and actions disregard the Eucharist offend, the communist government of Vietnam has seriously offended and seriously people's Religious beliefs.


Lecture Sunday of Advent Christmas 2011, and the powerful reality of Father Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phong at the Thai Ha parish church on the evening of last November 26, 2011 
brought all the people of Vietnam in general and Catholics in particular, back to reality full of bitterness and pain. As your word says, Vietnam country living in peace but as a war when the Chinese invaders threatened day and night territory, territorial waters and our native Fatherland. People are always in fidgety  living under oppression, violence and human rights trampled freedom. Morals are those in need this key level, representing the law, representative government as corrupt and decadent serious.

It is true with the words of the priest, social, Vietnam is on a severe degradation, rampant corruption drive people to the place of poverty, while the state civil servants, government officials, the live in luxury, playboy insatiable. And a growing number of government officials to use violence to suppress the spread and the desperate people of low capital shares her throat. They despise religion even to the last time that happened many offensive Eucharist service as they did for the parish of Thai Ha, Hanoi and My Loc parish, the diocese of Vinh. People's image of a majestic room with uniforms, belts carrying batons, electric rods with the  cigarette on his hand broke into the Church, also emit solemn Holy place of worship for aggressive attitude and name calling of while the priest was celebrating Mass, making the children attend Mass mental stress, confusion and fear is a very bad image and can not be acceptable.

Action on the already badly hurting people's beliefs, and just like a terrorist act that the communist government of Vietnam has carried out aimed at threatening the spirit of the faithful when they speak for truth, for justice and peace. These actions blatantly violate the law of the Hanoi government has really pushed people into confrontation with the state government and the serious challenges that are no longer the unique challenges of a teacher Made in Thai Ha parish in Hanoi or the U.S. Loc Vinh diocese where the challenge is now under serious common to assume responsibility for all the Catholic people of Vietnam and those who truly love the country, love freedom and democracy in their homeland as well as to all Vietnam now living all over the world.

Through preaching the gospel to live by God's word into the first week of Advent Christmas full of love. All of us understand the problem of how to live the Gospel and live according to God? Commitment to living the faith, living witness to the truth and for justice, sacrifice our lives for the brothers, who hardships protection against oppression is living the Gospel, to live word of God. In addition to unite as one of the Christians, the dignitaries of the Church, the Father Superior to be lived out the responsibilities of a pastor, live resilient and strong to lead his flock through a storm, violence, power and strength is courage to confront the great challenges that God has placed on his right shoulder during the Church is persecuted, religious beliefs of offended people and most serious is the common responsibility of everyone in the utilization of faith and communion with the Word of God brought our country to be freed from oppression, shackles, to become a country Freedom and Democracy and Peace, where people actually enjoy life together in love.



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    Message 1980 general of Vietnam Bishops' Assembly, what content?
    11/29/11 6:15 PM  Thư chung của HĐGMVN 1980 có nội dung gì?

    There have been many times, the VN communist authorities have tried to use the General Letter of Vietnam Bishops' Assembly  desire in 1980 to distort the line of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. In particular, the Hanoi government to always equivocal disguises and swapping the concept of "ethnic country, the country's communist party ....

    To learn more what content in the 1980 General Letters of Vietnam Bishops' Assembly , please read first heard of Advent sermons Christmas 2011 of Father  John Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phong.

    Headline Justice by Queen set

    Lecture by Father John Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phong

    Lecture by Father John Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phong


    Homily of the Mass to pray for justice and peace at the Thai Ha Church at 26/11/2011, the first week of Advent Christmas Father John Nguyen Ngoc Nam Phong:

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