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SOS Diocese VINH: Chapel Church of Con Cuong was attacked by mines




A mines attack on the Church Prayer Point Con Cuong village of the parish, the Diocese of Vinh 2g morning at dawn on the night 30-11 to 01-12-2011 has shocked public opinion throughout the country. This is not only suppressed religion or expropriate land assets of the Church but this was a terrorist act, an act of murder should be condemned and prosecuted before the law even if the person standing after this horrible incident is the Prime Minister or the other heads of state or by the direct guidance from government leaders at all levels of Nghe An Province, Vietnam is no exception.

This situation worse, the Father Superior, the Vicar of the Holy See, the Vietnam Catholic Church can not keep silent anymore. Any thoughts and tough attitude in protecting the lives of the laity, to protect parishes, congregations and the Catholic mass is responsible for the spiritual greatness that God has entrusted him, and placed on the herding sheep in Catholicism. Effectively protect the peace of the parish, of the Church, Monastery ..... and especially the safety of the lives of the laity, priests, monks are pleasing to God . Catholic Church in Vietnam in the period of severe persecution, the laity, priests and monks were violently attacked, insulted, beaten, stoned and now ..... This shrine was attacked by mine, a deadly weapon and destruction of property in a serious.

The terrorist acts occurred in the Con Cuong Shrine above do we associate the use of violence, to use mine to attack, perform terrorist acts of extremists in the past world especially in countries of the Middlest and Asia .... which none of us could doubt that terrorist acts are murder on the back is done at the country Vietnam Nam, a country once considered a place of tourism and tourist destinations in many countries around the world. Vietnam's communist government must bear full responsibility for these actions is unconscionable. That the people can tolerate the brazen use government power, or using violence to oppress, persecute, seized their property, but the nature of terrorism to kill the last of the communist government of Vietnam is a very severe action, a direct threat to people's lives can not be accepted and forgiven.

The threats and abuse directly to the lives of people from the Communist regime of Vietnam is now making people inherently insecure before the brutal crackdown, the government's bloody time through the more insecure and anxious. Action disregard people's lives by the government of Vietnam Communist International should be condemned and appropriate sanctions. Vietnam's communist government can not continue to commit acts of disregard people's lives and should immediately terminate all acts of provocation, violent repression, to divide among the people, religious discrimination and other hostile acts. In particular all acts of terrorist murder today to completely stop and the government will bear full responsibility for all the disgusting, if evil actions mentioned above recur. Society needs a common voice and strongly condemn the inhuman actions listed above. Today the chapel is, Con Cuong Vinh diocese was persecuted, and tomorrow who will be the next victim? or bad action will permanently lose depends on thinking and practical actions of every person in Vietnam in general and Catholics in particular.



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     SOS Diocese of Vinh: Chapel Church of Con Cuong was attacked by mines

    12/01/11 2:19 AM  S.O.S GP Vinh: Nhà nguyện Giáo điểm Con Cuông bị tấn công bằng mìn

    As new information is received, the Con Cuong Chapel Church was attacked by mines last night 30/11/2011.

    Following the organization of the besieged people, throwing stones at the Chapel at the Church of Con Cuong of more than 500 people. They were screaming, cursing attack of stone, brick chapel when the priest is offering Quang. Such behavior has not been condemned, prevented and even had been covered consequences today.

    As new information is received, the Con Cuong Chapel Church, Parish of Lang Quan, Bot Da Particles , the Diocese of Vinh has been attacked by mines thrown at Chapel suppress dawn on the night 30/11 1 / 12 / 2011 at 2 am.

    The result is a corner of the chapel collapsed, heavily damaged and no loss of information. When attacked, at the Chapel has two Nuns sleeping in the back.

    Quang Catholic priest in charge of Con Cuong

    Catholic parish of Con Cuong of Quan Lang, Bot Da particles, Vinh diocese. Here the government has done much of the repression, discrimination against Catholics divided Vinh GP. These practices systematically. most recently.

    Sunday at 14:00, on 13.11.2011 the past, over 500 people in Con Cuong district, Nghe An, with the support of most police and district authorities used the speakers, stones and tear gas attack priests, lay people are offered the Mass, prayer in the Chapel, almost prevented the celebration of Catholic Mass weekly at the Con Cuong.

    To do that, the authorities have blocked the car by police car, asked priests Quang right from outside when He come to service to people at this intersection and then surrounded the people, name calling and attacks the Church by speakers and by bricks.

    These actions of Nghe An authorities have increasingly escalated last night and they used mines to attack.

    Remarkably, as the events that so far, have not seen the voice of the Diocese of Vinh, headed by Bishop Chairman Justice - Peace Paul Nguyen Thai Hop. In particular, many sources said, after the video and pictures of the attacks on Catholic Con Cuong has been put online, then Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop was forced to remove (?)

    Is that attitude has given the government about spineless attitude of Vinh Diocese, so more and persecution, repression is increasing?

    Recently, in many cases emerge Diocese of Vinh lay public repression from the authorities to suppress religious, appropriating land attack places of worship, or parishioners. Typically the Ram bridge, Ngoc Long, My Loc and Con Cuong recently ...

    These criminal acts that have not been adequate and condemned enough, no concrete action has followed the Diocese Vinh spark for religious discrimination increasingly large development.

    It is known that a few days to Archbishop Girelli, the Vatican representative will visit the Diocese of Vinh, he will be welcomed with flowers and solemn forest the forest, he saw the flag to the prosperity and religious freedom in Vietnam, especially in the diocese of Vinh. It is not clear he has known persecution of Catholics as My Loc, Ngoc Long, Bridge Ram ... in GP and Con Cuong Vinh or not.

    Some photos attack on Church of Con Cuong Monday 13/11/2011:

      Police cars blocked traffic Quang priests working in pastoral Con Cuong

                        Authorities surrounded the Church of the organization, Chapel Con Cuong

      They are equipped with hand speaker, rock and other equipment, including tear gas

                             Shouting and name calling of the laity, priests during Mass is taking place

                                                             Stones thrown at Chapel

      Queen of Justice

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